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On May 28, 2015
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360 Security is an Awesome security Android application.The application is much more than just a security suite. It includes features such as Speed Booster, Cleaner, Anti-virus etc.

Security is one of the prime concerns for me. Rather it is blog or my android smart-phone , I want it free of malwares. Quite some days back when I published a review about Bitstrips ( an android application to create comics and cartoons ) I mentioned that I’ll be introducing more android apps. Today I am Introducing 360 security ~ a complete security application.

360 Security comes for desktops as well as smart-phones. I haven’t still used the desktop version but I have been using the android version for several months. This application has more than sufficient features to be called a “complete security suite” . This app has features such as speed booster, anti-virus, junk cleaner, find lost phone, app manager, call and sms filter and data monitor.

Need for 360 Security

planningYou might wonder why you should install this app. There are couple of reasons why you should give this app a try. The main reasons I can figure out are ~ (1) Instead of installing a separate app for different purpose you can install 360 security to enjoy 7 amazing features in one application. (2) This application scans newly scanned apps for virus and notifies you instantly if a threat is found. (3) You don’t need to worry about data control, with this app you can set limit on daily data usage to control expenses. (4) With this app you can track down your lost smart-phone. (5) Don’t use a separate application for blacklisting annoying features. The app has this in-built feature for call and sms filtering.

For a proper explanation of this app, I’ve divided its features into following suites.

  1. Cleaning Suite
  2. Security Suite
  3. Privacy Suite

These suites have a number of features within them. The cleaning suite includes ~ smart-phone booster, junk data cleaner and anti-virus.

360 Security App ( Cleaning Suite )

360 security android app cleaning

Phone Booster – Is your smartphone running slow ? I know it can be damn frustrating to use a slow running phone that hangs and freezes every now and then. Most of the times it can be due to background processes and apps. You can stop apps manually but it isn’t possible to close each app that might be hurting your phone performance. The phone booster shows running processes. You can see how much memory is being used by background applications. By clicking on boost, you can instantly optimize your phone for performance.

Junk Data Cleaner – Over time your android saves a lot of junk data. This data includes application install cache , media player images and similar things. These thing starts at 4Kb but with time it grows to as much to 324MB ! The cleaner shows how much space can be cleared. Cleaner also shows how much space is used in Internal storage and external SD card.

Anti-virus – Your smart-phone contains sensitive data such as messages, contacts , images and much more. You would probably hate to loose all these data. Being a normal user, you never whats going on behind an application. The integrated anti-virus scans your android in real time. It also looks application for vulnerabilities in real time as they are being installed and reports you for any possible threat.

360 Security App ( Security Suite )

The security suite includes features such as ~ Find my phone, Privacy manager and Real time protection.

Find my phone – Nobody would like to loose his phone. A phone contains sensitive information and to let it go in stranger’s hand can be quite a mess. Using the find my phone you can track down your phone based upon its IMEI number. Although I recommend you keep the phone in safe hands.

Privacy manager – You install a number of apps, but do you know what those apps can do behind your back ? Well, it can be hard for an average user to know whats going behind the scenes, but the privacy manager makes it as easy as a walk in park. You can check the details of an app such as what permissions it has etc. Based on the details you can also uninstall the app if needed.

Real time protection – A malware won’t breakdown your phone after telling you ! These kind of things come all of a sudden and affect your smartphone performance slowly. Although several malware can be created to affect your phone instantly, but most of the malwares have a slow impact on your phone and degrade it gradually over the time. With the real time protection you will be notified of any possible threat instantly. The real time protection scans the app as soon as a new app is installed.

360 Security App ( Privacy Suite )

360 app security android

For a privacy minded person, this app has quite much to offer. The privacy suite offers features such as ~ Call and SMS filter, Data monitor and tracking and App manager.

Call and SMS filter – Stupids are everywhere. Let it be your creepy friends or the service provider, some calls are quite annoying. After installing 360 security you need not to install any separate application to block annoying calls. Additionally you  can block annoying SMS as well. The app also shows spam level based on the number of calls and SMS blocked.

App manager – The app manager is one stop destination for managing your apps. You can move your apps to SD card to save space in internal SD card. You can uninstall the apps you don’t need to save space and increase performance. It also shows how much space is left in your internal storage.

Data monitor and tracking – I know how fast data flows out when you are using 3g/4g on your smartphone. At times you can even forget about data limits. This can easily increase your data expenses. With the data limit you can set limits on daily data usage.

Apart from data usage limit, you can also track how much data is consumed by which app. A lot of times users are unaware what is causing their data expense to increase. You can easily check how much is being used by your applications.

If your phone is rooted, you can also get advantage of firewall.

Final words – 360 Security is must to install one-in-all security suite which I recommend and rate 5 out of 5 stars. The app is packed with a lot of features. Instead of installing 8 applications for different task, you can install this single app.

There is also an amazing feature known as the shake & Clean. In this you can clean your phone by shaking it. The sensitivity can be configured from the settings. You can also turn this feature on or off. After clean up the application also shows you stats about how much optimization you did.

This is a worth to be install app. It helps you make your phone more cleaner, faster and secure.

If you have used, or if you are using 360 security. Do let me know your experience and feedback in the comments below.

So, Are you going to install 360 Security on android ?

360 Security is an Awesome security Android application.The application is much more than just a security suite. It includes features such as Speed Booster, Cleaner, Anti-virus etc.
Rachit Singh

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Joy Healey

Hi Rashit,

Gosh! What a lot of things can possibly go wrong with security on an Android phone. I have to admit that although I have a smart phone, I’m not a very smart user and stick to the basics.

Sounds as if this is something I should install! Thanks for warning me.


    Rachit Singh

    Majority of the users use android but still stay at the basic level. My aim is to unhide the behind the scenes and help them find perfect app for their android smartphones.
    360 security is certainly worth installing plugin. Don’t forget to post your feedback after using the app. And once again thanks for commenting.


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