4 Lies About Making Money Bloggers Believe

4 Lies About Making Money Bloggers Believe2

Blogging and Making money from it, these topics are like Christmas and Santa ( you can’t talk about one without another ). Blogosphere is a place that has no age restriction, which leads to tons of teenagers getting into it. Now, I am not saying that it’s bad, in fact, I started blogging when I was in school.

But, sometimes, newbies don’t understand the real behind the scenes.

They rather fall into believing the myths of making money online.  So, in this blog post, I’ll talk about 4 such lies that bloggers believe about making money online.

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It is Easy

I don’t know since when, why and how people started believing that making money online is easy.

Tons of people start blogging with the sole motto of making money. I have spoken about this in several workshops of mine “If you start anything with the only aim of making money, you won’t be there for long ” .

Making money online isn’t easy. In fact, you can fast returns in terms of money if you start a business offline. To make money online, one has to be a calm and smart worker.

I started blogging when I was in school, not to make money, but to escape all the shit that was going on in school at that time. After some time, I was making a few dollars from google Adsense, and little did I know that I’d make a career in it.

Blogging and making money online is like every other thing. If you want to be successful, you have to be patient, and it takes time.

Here, I am not saying that blogging is a hard job. But it is certainly not as easy as people consider it to be.

First Myth Busted

Traffic Requirement

traffic requirement

Depicting woman waiting for traffic

Another lie which is believed by a lot of bloggers is that one needs a lot of traffic before they can start making money with their blog.

If you google how to get accepted by google Adsense, almost every blog post would mention that you need this much traffic to get approved by google Adsense. All of which is nonsense.

I got accepted by Adsense when I was getting 10 t0 20 readers a day on my blog, and as I mentioned I was making a few dollars from it as well.

This is why I say that you don’t require a flood of readers to make money. When I turned to affiliate marketing, I was making money without even 100 daily visitors on my blog.

Monetizing your blog isn’t limited to blogs with a lot of traffic.

I think, when bloggers say that they are waiting for traffic in order to start making money, it is more of a mental block.

Second Myth Busted



Me, waiting for traffic 🙂

Nowadays, a lot of bloggers also believe that you need to wait for 6 months or a year in order to make money.

This depends on a blogger.

When I recommend this to someone, it is likely that I think that this person has learned a lot about blogging and it will take him some time to learn and finally implement it.

It really takes time for bloggers to learn about WordPress, algorithms and much more, and that’s what the time is for, not for sales to jump in.

You can create a sales page for your product, and advertise it effectively to get sales in mere days or weeks.

It took me 5 months to make my first blog profitable, and 2 months to make the second one profitable, and when I started my content marketing company, we got our first gig in 18 hours.

It takes time, but one has to wait in order to gain experience, not for anything else.

Third Myth Busted

Product requirement

Just like many experts, I agree that you need to have a product/service in order to be successful in the long run.

But it is not a necessity for making money.

For the whole year, and pretty much still, this blog makes money from affiliate marketing. It was after this blog that I started offering writing services over at Rachit Singh.

Basically, I had no product over at this blog. I was earning commissions by promoting and selling other’s products like WordPress themes and plugins.

So, you don’t essentially need a product to earn from the blog, but having one is always good.

Fourth Myth Busted

Conclusion – I have been blogging for a good time now. I talk with many bloggers on daily basis. I observed that a lot of them who ask me suggestions or tips to make their blog profitable believe in one of these myths.

The main reason this spread so much is because professionals recommend them without explaining why they said it.

For example, if a new blogger asks me when to run Google Adsense, I might say wait for 6 months. At that time, I’ll say him to wait so that he can learn a bit more about AdSense policies and more. But, the problem is, that when he grows a bit and someone else asks him about google Adsense, he will say him to wait for 6 months without explaining why.

And this is how they spread.

I hope this article helped you, if so, leave your suggestions in comments.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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