10 Blogging tips for Beginner bloggers 2014

I’ve Been providing several blogging tips and tutorials here for the welfare of beginners. My last two Articles in this category were 10 things to plan before starting a Blog and ways to craft a perfect blog post. Today I’ll be writing a few tips on Blogging mainly focused on Beginners or “Wanna Be Bloggers”. The Article comprises some Suggestions and Tips I’ve derived from my Personal Blogging Experience and From the WEB.

Blogging Tips : These Come From Experience

We all know Blogging is not walk in a park. Everyone might like to search about their problems on google but the same user may not want to Blog their experience, Reasons may vary why. Blogging is also at the same time not Rocket Science if done with appropriate knowledge and Instructions. The Sad part is mostly all of us, like me don’t have any Guidance when we Start Blogging. I Started Blogging as a passion with no prior knowledge of SEO, Affiliate marketing Etc. But with the time and mistakes I’ve learned a Few Blogging Tips. The Few things I learned were :

10 Blogging Tips You Should Follow :

1. Content is the King : You must have heard this phrase earlier too. And It is 100% True. The content is the main stream of Your Blog around which the rest of things revolve. With SEO changing its definition, Blog should be more “Reader Friendly” Rather than “SEO Friendly”. You should, at your best try to write original content. I understand the Fact that Fresh and Original Content is hard to find on the vast web, But Still you should try. If you cannot write one Article every Week for at least upcoming two years then you probably need to enrich yourself with more “Content” to Blog about.

2. Hard Work is the Key to Success : This is among the most used phrases. For any work, to be able to succeed you need to work hard. And Blogging is not out of this. Blogging needs hard work in various aspects of the Blog. The Biggest hard ship you would ever face is getting the Initial attraction. You need to produce fine Articles to drive readers towards your site, as there are many more blogger out there on Internet.

3. Patience : Patience is a must to have quality for a Blogger. The most successful Blogs on the web today are the result of several years of great hard work and patience. You have to remain calm and patient, mainly in the Initial times when your Blog would be lacking enough traffic and user response. This is a Blogging Tip which is easy to say but hard to follow. Some times you can’t be patient when you see fellow Bloggers ranking up more faster than you.

4. Consistent Learner : When the tech is changing day by day you need to be up to date with the latest updates. And this is not possible If you are not a good student/learner. The Blogs who Fail to adapt them according to the latest algorithm changes are most likely to be a part of history soon. So, Be a Consistent and a good Learner. Learn about new things, improvements in your niche, subject. Read the Other Bloggers, Comment on their Posts.

5. The Writing Style : According to QuickSprout If you write your articles in You and me, Like I do ! You are most likely to get visitor rates. The Reason explained behind is simple. We all love conversations but not lectures. Your writing style should be Inspiring, You should write in-depth and Detailed Articles and should encourage readers to read further.

6. Write What you love : If you are expert at playing games and begin a Blogging Blog then chances are rare that you could succeed. You should Blog about something you really enjoy to Do. Before starting a Blog, take time and think deeply. Exactly what you like and would love to write about.

7. Make It User Friendly : You should format the post in such a way that it is more user friendly than bot friendly. Organize your posts in Titles, Sub Titles, Use Images and Include List in your Articles If possible. Divide Long Articles into short ones and keep the language simple and Article straight to subject.

8. Research and analysis : The best thing to do, so that you are updated of what other bloggers of your niche are writing is to subscribe their newsletter. Sometimes just when you’re feeling excited about your blog, you decide to check out some other ones, and then you start to think, “Gosh. Mine stinks. I shouldn’t do this anymore.” That’s when you get off their blogs and focus on your own. But to stay in the Race you have to be aware of the other competitors.

9. BE Active on Social Networking Websites : Readers taste vary, some are on Facebook, Some are hardcore twitter lovers, some love to hangout on Google+, etc. You should be easily available to all of these. As soon as you start your Blog, Create page, profile regarding the blog on these websites.

10. Be Social : You have to make a Equal balance in your social as well as online life. Specially If you are Student(Like me) or do some other Job also. Observing the society would always give you new ideas  and experience. This may not be a blogging tip but it is Still very essential. As we all have heard of the phrase “a healthy mind rests in a healthy body”.

Final words : I Hope these Blogging Tips Help you to be a Better Blogger and Build a Better Blog. If you think I missed any thing, comment it I would surely include it in the Article. I would love to know your opinions and Feedback about these blogging tips in the Comments Below

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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