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How to Get 5000 friends on facebook in 7 days ?

Written by Rachit Singh

I hadn’t been posting tricks like these for a while. A lot of my friends messaged me, contacted me to write down a trick post. So Today I will be writing a Trick with which you can Get 5000 friends on Facebook in 7 Days. If you just thought why 5000 ? Why not more ? Then you need to know that 5k is the Friend limit on Facebook. And is kind of perfect for any average user. But Still, It is the human nature, we are never satisfied ! If the same thing is with you, then this Article would surely help you.

Building a 5000 friends, Friend list isn’t easy. It can be long, and a time taking process as you will be more often Being Blocked by Facebook to send Friend Requests. And If we look at the other perspective, People won’t send you Friend request until you are a Public Figure. So, the Question is How are you going to Build a Friend list with 5000 Friends on Facebook in 7 Days ? Read the Article further to Find out how.

Making 5000 Friends on Facebook in 7 Days

  1. To Begin with this Trick : Click and visit this link. The Page which will open up would a show a Button with text “Login With Facebook”. When you would click the Button, A Facebook page will open up asking for permissions. Click on “OK”
  2. As Soon as you click on OK you shall be carried back to the page with you Being “Added in the List”
  3. In the Box Below, From the Drop down menu select 5000 Friends > Select whatever Gender You are Interested In > Followed by Timezone, Locale and country. As Soon as you Make the Selections Click on the Green Button Saying, “Generate”
  4. From the Box Just Below it, Copy the List <Press Ctrl+C>
  5. Next go to the Facebook Invite Page, and Paste the List in the Emails Field. And Click on Invite. Next, All you have to do is wait while you Facebook gets crowded with thousands of Friend Requests.

Warning : 5000 Friends on Facebook Under 7 Days

Wait ! The Article has not Finished Yet. I Just want to Finish the Article with a Few warnings in case something happens with your Account. The Steps you Follow above would send Friend Requests on Behalf of Your Account to thousands of People. Also You would thousands of Requests in Return. Your Account might get suspended for suspicious activity <All though It never does> All I conclude from the Text above is that I will not be responsible for any Damage happening to your account.

Final Words : I’ve used this Trick of Getting 5000 Friends on Facebook mainly When I had to Build a Facebook page with Quick Likes. I made 5000 Friends and converted the Profile into page !. I Hope you Enjoyed Reading and this Article would have been of any use. If you do want such tricks let me know in the contact page or in the comments Below. If you encountered any problems following the steps below, Leave them below in the comments.

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