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Hi, Welcome to Hacknovations, a continuously growing blog with fine toned articles which can help you make your blog better and smarter.

We cover topics revolving around blogging and how to make a better blog.

Categories we write articles on include SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), Blogging, Infographics, Make money online, reviews, android etc.

More About Hacknovations

Hacknovations was founded on 22nd April 2014.

We not only write articles about blogging, we also provide services to make a blog better and smarter. You can read about services provided on the services page. Hacknovations has worked with several bloggers and companies. Our work has been appreciated by a large audience and readers.

This blog has an Alexa rank of 80k ( Global ) – Checked on Friday July 31 ( 2015 ) – Click to check the current rank. We have readers coming from all around the world.

Rachit Singh – Founder of Hacknovations

rachitRachit singh is the founder of this blog, developer and contributor to several websites and blogs on the web. He helps bloggers and web-masters to make their website and blogs more profitable and smart. Rachit has worked with some of the finest names in the online marketing field. He is the author of Social network for dummies.

More about Rachit Singh

Hi, My name is Rachit Singh, and I am a 15, 16, 17 year old pro-blogger and freelance writer. I love writing about topics revolving around Blogging, I contribute articles on topics such as SEO ( Search engine Optimization ) , Online marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing, Make Money Online, Reviews, Android. I also love making info-graphics and podcasts.

In the initial phase of my blogging, I wrote about cracked full version softwares, and similar technical stuff. With the time being I came to know that it wasn’t much profitable niche, and so decided to change my niche and moved to blogging niche.

Rachit Singh – Work

The list of my work might not be so long as other pro-bloggers, but still I am working hard to make it long enough. Below are some websites I’ve contributed for –

  • Sanjivinifoundation.org : I don’t remember when the owner contacted me, as I wasn’t storing dates. But he contacted me to create a website for his NGO, he suggested me the design and content. With adequate data and design in hands I made the website online in 14 days. No one is perfect, probably not me ! After the first draft was ready, owner pointed me some mistakes, after correcting them the owner never complained.
  • Sangeetshikshakendra : This is actually a music school, whose owner contacted one of my friends and former author of Hacknovations to make a website for their school. It took us quite a hard work to make the website, the owner had a different taste from us. After several efforts, one of our team members ( Aloukik ) finally made the website and we both ( owner and us ) agreed.
  • MainInfoPoint.com : This site was experiencing problems , the first problem was in its page titles and the second was in theme, also site had a lot of plugins which were effecting its performance. The admin wasn’t satisfied with site’s performance and traffic, he hired us to solve all the problems. Within hours, I solved this problem and finally the admin was satisfied with site’s performance.

Guest Posts I wrote

I am quite interested in writing as well as accepting guest posts. I’ve written posts on following blogs. I still work hard to make this list as long as possible.

  • Bloggingshout.com : I wrote a guest post on blogging shout about optimizing database. I defined the plugins with which you can optimize your database. You can read this article on bloggingshout.

Rachit Singh – Services

I’ve always been trying to help bloggers and web-masters to make their blog more profitable and smarter. I provide services like –

WordPress Installation & Setup – I know how messy it can be to install wordpress and configure it for maximum output. I have installed wordpress on more than dozen of websites and I know how to get this thing done. I can fine tune your wordpress installation. This service is for bloggers who are about to start their website/blog.

Content Writing – Content is the king and the one who holds the power to make/break the blog. I can write quality content for your blog, which will be unique and free of mistakes. My articles are appreciated by readers and are engaging as well.

SEO Analysis – IF you are not much of a tech geek, this word can irritate you more than slow broadband connection. Get a SEO analysis by me and I will reveal your SEO Mistakes and provide you valuable suggestions and feedbacks as well.

Consultancy – Stuck in blogging ? I know it can be frustrating.. Well, I’ve been blogging from a long time and I know how to get things done. I can provide you consultancy in any matter regarding blogging.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can catch me at these places –

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  • Email(s) – rachit@hacknovations.org |  editor@hacknovations.org  |   beingrachitsk@gmail.com

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