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On October 14, 2015
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Avast Mobile Security is a All in One Solution for Mobile Protection. The Anti-virus comes with couple of pre-loaded features to enhance your Smartphone's Speed and prolong its life.

Smartphones are taking the world by storm. Talking about smartphones, android is one of the most used OS. Google play store is filled with tons of applications. This is what which makes trusting an application hard.

Today’s Smartphones don’t only carry some songs and messages. It contains much more important data than it. More than this, nobody wants loose all his/her songs, images, messages, chats and conversations etc.

To enhance your mobile’s security and prolong its life, you can use an anti-virus or a protection app.

However there are thousands of applications “claiming” to be an “anti-virus”, which makes it pretty hard and confusing to select one.

In the past I’ve reviewed applications such as 360 security and Smart app lock. In this review, I’ll breakdown Avast Mobile Security’s main features.

Avast Mobile Security Review 2015

Avast-mobile-security-and-antivirus-e1421570757891avast-iconAvast has been a popular brand name in the anti-virus league. I’ve been using it on my laptop from about a year and half. The company has been a popular name across the anti-virus league for PC’s. Following the smartphone boom, Avast too joined the Smartphone-wagon. The Avast Mobile Security or better referred as AMS is a all-in-one solution kit for your enhancing your device’s security and prolonging its life.

AMS comes loaded with features such as Anti-theft, app locking, privacy adviser, app management, SMS and call filter, firewall, network meter, virus scanner, and WiFi security checker. Above all these features, the anti-virus is light weight and makes sure it doesn’t effect your phone performance.

Avast Mobile Security Features Explained

# Getting Started

avast mobile security

The avast mobile shield starts in seconds. Getting started with AMS is pretty simple. Once you download and install the application, you are taken to “continue” two screens and run a scan. The first screen shows that protection is malware is activated. The second screen shows App shield , web shield and Message shield are running properly or not. On the third screen, you can run a quick scan of your installed applications or if you feel, you can simply skip that scan and hop in the dashboard.

# Updating and Hunting Virus –

avast mobile security

There is not only a single virus or a specific number of malwares. The database of virus and list of malwares keeps increasing day by day. To tackle this problem, avast mobile security updates its virus definitions to detect any possible new threat.

The time taken in the virus definitions update can vary depending on connection speed. However, updating them is quite important, as you can’t predict which virus might mess with your phone.

# Hunting Viruses and Malwares –

Avast mobile security virus scanning

What is anti-virus that doesn’t scans ?

Avast mobile security scans your smartphone’s apps, web URL’s and files for possible threats and malwares. You can also configure the way scans take place.

Some of the possible options you can try are to scan apps, or files or both. If you don’t have a lot of time to manually scan your device every now and then, you can also set an automatic scan. After the scan has been configured, it will scan your device on its own and let you know of the results.

# WiFi Scanning

WiFi EncryptionYour Wireless network might be not secure. There can be couple of loop holes and encryption mistakes which let you get your WiFi hijacked !

This anti-virus comes in with a built-in WiFi scanner. This scanner scans your WiFi in multiple phases for possible loopholes and threats. The scan happens in multiple steps.

The first step is to check the router, then encryption, then comes WiFi and finally comes the connection.

Securing your WiFi is pretty important as well. Nobody would like to get his wireless connection being used by the neighbor’s kid. Not only a kid, if unsecured, your network could be hacked easily.

Using this tool is pretty easy and merely takes any time.

# Extra tools and Utilities – 

extra featuresAvast Mobile security comes packed with a few more handful set of tools and utilities to ensure optimum performance. These tools include Anti-theft, App locking, Privacy advisor, App management, SMS and call filter, firewall and the network meter.

Anti-theft – Although you need to install this anti theft system and configure it up a bit. But it works charm once done. The anti-virus protects your phone if it gets lost on a pin based system.

App-locking – Your privacy is a thing you should worry about. With the inbuilt app locking feature, you can lock certain applications to require a password for execution.

Privacy Advisor – Another amazing featured that comes bundled in this application in the privacy advisor. This tool basically tells you about the permissions which are allowed to certain apps. Such as access media , internet etc. Using this tool, you can decide whether your privacy is being compromised or not.

App management – Although this is a default system function too, but it is available as a utility inside the AMS too. The utility offers similar functions but better UI. It allows you to view running apps, downloaded apps and stop or disable them.

SMS and Call Filter – The list goes on with the SMS and Call filter. This is not an ordinary blacklist feature. It completely blocks the outgoing or incoming from a specific time to specific time once configured and activated. This can come pretty handy if you are going to hand over your smartphone to your kids.

Firewall – The firewall is a cool function if your device is rooted. The function will work only if your device allows AMS root access. The function however is  very useful. It allows you to block internet access to certain applications. For example you can easily block resource hungry applications that eat up chunks of your mobile data in background, you can disable them access to internet through the firewall.

Network Meter – The name itself defines what it does. It keeps track of data spent through your mobile. Unlike many applications, this tool manages and sorts data separately. For example data spent through 3G and WiFi are kept separately so you can keep track of them efficiently.

Conclusion ( Bag it or Grab it ) – The Application is worth trying and won’t hurt your phone performance either. All the tools and utilities packed inside the anti-virus are awesome and work without a glitch. However there is one thing which I don’t like. To use the Cleaner, you have to download and install a separate application. This might have been done to reduce application’s overall size, but it is troubling.

Based on the review above, I’d rate this anti-virus 4 out of a possible 5.

If you’ve used the application in the past, or if you are using the Avast Mobile Security currently, please leave your experience in the comments below.

Any kind of suggestion, opinion and feedback is welcomed in the comments section.


Avast Mobile Security is a All in One Solution for Mobile Protection. The Anti-virus comes with couple of pre-loaded features to enhance your Smartphone's Speed and prolong its life.
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I’ve been using this anti-virus on my android and pc both from more than an year now.
The scanning feature works good, however the privacy advisor tool has some issue with it.
The tool launches itself after you install a program.

However everything works awesome.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Avneet,

    Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you like using Avast Mobile Security.

Theodore Nwangene

A very wonderful review man,
I agree with you that Android is taken over the mobile market and We all know how important it is to ensure the security of our phones and one of the best ways of doing this is to employ the use of a good anti virus application.

Avast anti virus is one of the first virus protection applications i used when i started using smart phones and i really enjoyed it, I’m even running its windows application on my laptop right now.

Its really a very awesome and useful application that is very good at what it was created for and so, i will urge every android users to try it.

Thanks for sharing.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Theodore,

    I am really thankful that you shared your review for Avast mobile security as well.

    Thanks for commenting.

John Crook

Hi Men,

I am still using avast antivirus into my personal computer since last 3 year not facing any problem I think this is great antivirus which we can download into our PC free or paid.. but now I have paid version.. and working fine

John Crooks


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