How to Stay Productive in Blogging during Holidays?

how to stay productive in holidaysFor me holidays have started and I have just finished packing my stuff as I’ve planned some exciting stuff for the holidays. It’s not just me, who doesn’t love holidays and vacations? Holidays are meant for fun, not for spending your day in front of the computer doing the same thing throughout the holidays.

For bloggers like me and you, it is hard decision to choose between the fun and blogging. Nobody wants to miss the vacations and neither can you afford to let your blog to be idle for a complete month. There are several risks involved in not updating your blog for a long time, it can include a drop in Alexa rank, instant or delayed traffic drops , reducing conversion rates and similar issues.

Consistency and Blogging

If you are a serious blogger or if you wish to become one, you need to regular. When it comes to posting frequency, posting one post per week is a lot more better than posting 30 posts on a random day in a month. If you are regular, your readers when a new article is going to be published. I’ve been trying to be regular from quite some months, but it is quite hard to do so while being a student.

Although small gaps like one week might not affect your blog, but leaving your blog non-updated throughout the holidays can be something you need to worry about.

There might come situations when you either want to enjoy your holidays or you are in a place where you don’t have access to Internet or similar accessories. It doesn’t matter what might be your problem ,it is not a good idea to leave your blog idle during your holiday/vacations.

 > My Situation now-a-days

planningBefore moving on, I’d like to share how I came up to write this article. If you are familiar with me, you might know that I am student. For me holidays are quite a relief , from the daily school schedule. A week ago my summer holidays started and I planned to visit my hometown for a month. So, after 4 days I’ll be leaving for my hometown and will be staying there for a month. Being a serious blogger I can’t leave my blog idle for a month !

And this happens with me quite a lot of times. This time while planning I also thought to plan something for the blog as well. There were a couple of options I had in my mind. After much thinking I thought to publish an article as this might be troubling some of the readers as well.

The Secret behind Being Productive

How to stay productive on your blog in holidays ? How to update your blog when you are away ? You must be curious to know the answers. The secret behind being productive is automation and scheduling. Yep, thats right. A combination of these two are sufficient to make you productive during holidays.

You must have read the story of the ant and grasshopper. You have to work in a similar way i.e First create a content heap and then schedule your content so that they get updated when you are away ( so that you can enjoy your holiday ).

Here is how it all goes. Suppose you have to go on a vacation after a month. During the month you work hard and draft 4-5 posts. And before going on vacation you schedule them on selected time intervals so that your posts are updated automatically even if you are away.

How to Schedule Posts ? [ WordPress/Blogger ]

If you aren’t sure how to schedule your posts, you need not to worry about it anymore. WordPress and blogger are two most used blogging tool around and below is how to schedule your posts in both these blogging platforms.

scheduling posts

  • Select the post(s) you want to schedule. If you are in blogger, you would clearly see a tab called schedule. Click on the tab and select day, date and time and click on Done. You can also configure your timezone for more perfection.
  • If you use wordpress, check the publish meta-box and click on “Edit” written beside publish immediately. Select day, date and time and click on OK. Likewise blogger you can configure the timezone in wordpress as well.

Schedule as many posts you want in appropriate time periods. It is suggested that you schedule your posts in equal intervals.

If you’ll be going on vacation in the next month, schedule posts in the dates of next month. You can schedule posts in a way that they get published one post per week.

Spread Your posts on Social Media

There is rarely a blogger who can ignore the importance of Social media in the success of a blog. If your blog is inactive for a while, you’ll loose readers. In the same way If you don’t update your social media profiles for quite a while, then you’ll loose social media reach and engagement.

In the above section I wrote how you can schedule your posts so that they get published on the required time. In the same way you can spread your posts on social media too.

Quite a few days ago, I reviewed SocialPilot, you should read the post for a more in detailed knowledge. Basically Socialpilot is a social media scheduling tool. With socialpilot you can integrate your blog’s feed and it will automatically spread your posts across connected social media profiles on selected time and date.

You can integrate Facebook page, Facebook profile, Linkedin profile and twitter account. Socialpilot is secure and I’ve been using it for a month now. Read this post to learn how to schedule your posts on social media using this tool.

Final words – Holidays have started and I’ll be off to my hometown in 4 days. Meanwhile the blog will be updated with posts. The whole concept is simple and sounds amazing. With a combination of two simple tricks your blog runs automatically. Posts get published and spread across your social media profiles without the need of you to be there physically.

Although one major thing you still need to worry is comments. If you are going to publish posts, your readers will comment on it. Unfortunately you can’t schedule comments. There are two solutions for this problem. You can either hire virtual assistant to look after and respond to those comments, or you can Download [WordPress/Blogger]’s mobile application and respond to comments when you have some free time.

If you have a better way to spend holidays and be productive on blog, tell me in the comments below.

So, Are you going to schedule your first post ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Rahul Senna

I am quite fond of traveling and this happens to me often. I go insane when I see the drop in rank after I return from trips. Thanks for the post. It looks like It will fix the trouble. And by the way Happy Holidays bro.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Yes, I schedule blog posts and social media when I go on holiday. I only blog once a week so it’s not too onerous a task.

I also cheat a little by making the posts shorter, or maybe using a motivational video!

Have a great holiday, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    I think posting once a week is enough, considering the quality of the content we offer to the readers. Making the posts shorter is quick fix and using motivational video is even quick one.

    Several times It has happened to me that I wasn’t able to carry my laptop on trips and missed blog for a month. Using the method above I ensure my blog stays updated while I am away.

    Thanks for wishing me, and for commenting too.


Hello Rachit,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice, i have not heard of SocialPilot before, i am happy i stopped by. I am going to give it a trial right away.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Emebu,

    Thanks for commenting. Social pilot is a nice tool, I’ve reviewed it earlier in one of my posts. Be sure to check out the review and don’t forget to use the tool as well.


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