Best 5 Free Social Media Share Plugins

Social media buttonsSocial media has now exerted a place as important as SEO for a blog. Several sites such as Quicksprout consider it while ranking or scoring for your blog. When social media getting so much attraction in the town, your probably need more people to share and consume your content. Social media buttons make it easier for the reader to share your articles, and in turn help you to attain a better rank for your blog.

Social Media’s importance for SEO

  1. Social media helps you to spread your online Reach Faster.
  2. Active social media profile drives high quality website traffic.
  3. Social media is the new signal for popularity of the site.
  4. Social media gives you a team of “Link builders”..
  5. Avoid Google penalties with less focus on links.

Best 5 Social Media share Button Plugins

To make it easier for the readers to share your content you’ll need some plugins, which would make your life easier. While choosing a plugin there are many things to take care of, such as the loading speed, Whether it is live or lite and many others. But you need not to worry about these, I’ve sorted our and compiled below the 5 Best social media plugins I’ve used (Ranked from 1 to 5 ).

Plugin#1 Floating Social Bar

floating social bar

A quick pingdom test would tell you that this bar takes hardly a half a second to load. It loads above post, and then slides down till the footer of the content. No glitches, clean plugin ! Plugin initially loads the lite version and when reader moves its mouse over it, the live version loads quickly. This reduces the page load time, and at the same time helps increase our social share. The only thumbs down for this plugin that it doesn’t slide down on mobile devices. Overall it is a great plugin and worth to be downloaded.

Plugin #2 Floating Share

floating social share bar

This one takes a bit more than the above to load, but still won’t hurt your page load time. Clean and fresh looks, looks as if it is inspired from the one’s neil patel uses at quicksprout blog. I use the combination of this and the above plugin at this blog and quite convinced. The plugin is not much responsive and loads in the middle of the page in mobile devices according the width you set in the settings. Unlike the above, which was horizontal share, this loads a vertical share bar to the left of your content. Another downside of this plugin is that it doesn’t have like button for Facebook. People are more likely to “Like” instead of “share” unless yours is a very famous blog.

Plugin #3 Digg Digg

floating share bar

The all-in-one solution solution for social media sharing. It has three options for sharing <Normal, Floating and manual>. The options leave no stone unturned to define what they do. The plugin works fine without glitches. Unlike many plugins, this plugin has built in support for “lazy load” to optimize your page for speed. This cuts down the need of any extra plugin, also you can select from a wide range of options about where social media buttons would show/hide. Overall a nice plugin with quite a lot of options.

Plugin #4 Jetpack Share Options

Another star option from the Jetpack plugin, the much needed thing for your wordpress blog. The sharing options include wide range of services. You can select whether to load lite, text, icon or live buttons. If you are already using the jetpack plugin this option won’t add any extra plugin in your directory. It is a worth to use option if you are using the plugin. Along this you also have the option to share your post automatically on social networks.

Plugin #5 Mobile Sharing Toolbar

mobile share bar

With the number of mobile readers increasing on the web, you need to optimize your site for mobile devices too. This plugin is custom made for this, It displays a sharing bar in the mobile devices only without affecting the desktop one. The list of plugins I use, includes this plugin too. It is light and won’t cause much load on the page. Users can share via Facebook, twitter, and the famous messenger Whatsapp too.

Did I miss anything ?

If you think I missed a plugin do comment it below and I’ll include it in the list soon.

Final Words : From the plugins above I use three of them at this blog, they are : the first 2 and the last one. Please let me know which share plugins are you using on your blogs. And if you liked the articles, give my share buttons a job.

Let me know your views, opinions and suggestions in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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