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On May 25, 2015
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Bitstrips is a free android application with which you can create animated avatars, cartoons and comic strips. The app gets even amazing when you add your friends in comics too.

I’ve been posting reviews about wordpress themes, plugins and softwares for quite a while. Today I’ll introduce a free app “Bitstrips” which is widely used to create comics and cartoon avatars. With this review article I am introducing a new category where I’ll review some of the best android applications. It is 2015 and most of the people are using smart-phones, so the app store and play store are over-stuffed with applications. This makes it damn hard for an average user to know which applications one should download.

There are more than one aspect you should check before downloading and installing an application. One major aspect is security, you never know what might be going behind an application. Security is merely one issue followed by speed, battery juice usage etc. It might be a bit tricky for an average user to track all these things down. But you don’t have to worry about all these things. In my Android category I will sort out some best applications you can install and make your smart-phone experience much better.

Today I am introducing Bitstrips ~ an awesome app for comic and cartoon avtar creation on smart-phones.

bitstrips review

Bitstrips Review – A Closer Look

Everyone loves creating cartoons, and reading comics. But what if you can create your own comics as well ? With the bitstrips app you can easily create your own cartoon avtars, comic strips etc. Bitstrips is an application available for free download on Android, IOS, and kindle reader. The best part about the app is you can even include your friends in your comics and make it much more awesome.

The above art too has been made with bitstrips, although being a photoshop fan I’ve tweaked it a bit.

Bitstrips makes it easy to represent yourself as cartoon avatar, make customized messages, edit your pics with your avatars and a caption on it, create awesome comic strips and do much more exciting things.

Getting started with Bitstrips Android App

After you download and install this app from the app store or the play store, you’ll be welcomed with a bunch of options with which you create your comic avatar for creating cartoons and comics later. A very interesting fact about Bitstrips is that it allows logging in with Facebook only. If you’ve not been hiding under a rock, you would have probably heard about Facebook. Although the team says they are working on the login with Email .

The only reason I can think of that they have kept the Facebook login so that users can easily add their “friends” in their comic too. With the email only login it would be quite a mess to add every friend separately. Although the app can include a section inside the app to add friends from Facebook. But, for now the app supports login with Facebook only.

After you login with your Facebook account, you will be presented to edit your cartoon avatar. It would be fun for you to customize the character’s nose, eyes, face, eye color, hair, hair color , clothes and nearly every detail possible. Take your time here and design your character in the best way you can, and make sure it resembles you somewhat.

Creating a Comic With/out Friend

bitstrips create comic

You can create a still or a comic with or without your friend. There are more than a thousand of still scenes available inside the app. The stills have been sorted out into specific categories for more convenience.

Click on a category name to view the scenes inside. When you come across your favorite scene, Click on “Customize and share” written below it. You can add your own message in a speech bubble from the first tab and change your facial expressions from the second tab. After you are done customizing, you can post it on bitstrips and share it on Facebook too.

Although somewhere while using the app I felt that facial expressions are not adequate, quite a few are missing. But, the app has several facial expressions you can use inside stills or in the comics.

Creating your Own Quote

With bitstrips not only you can create stills and comics, you can also unleash the artist inside you by creating your own quotes. You might have seen photos of celebrities and their quote wallpaper, the same way you too can create your quote and share it among your friends. Among the things you can configure in your quote comes the background, your character’s body posture, facial expressions and the quote.

bitstrips quote

You can choose a photo from your gallery as the background or you can snap photo instantly to choose it as your background. In the second tab you can enter a speech bubble which is going to be your quote. And lastly from the third tab you can change your character’s body posture, its hand expressions and facial expressions too.

Your character’s body posture should match with your speech bubble. If you are giving a sweet quote , you can use a smiling face. But if want to use a angry quote, you better use a angry body posture to express yourself and the quote better.

The “Behind-the-scenes” Details

bitstripsBecause the app has got so much to do it sizes nearly 50 MB. Thats not quite a lot if you look at its productivity and performance. Also, the fact that it works with a facebook login translates that it needs an active INTERNET connection. Additionally to add your own photos in the comic backgrounds the app needs access to your SD-Card to access your gallery and its contents ( photos ). You’ll be glad to know that the app integrates with the default facebook application in order to login ,which makes it a necessity to get access to the “accounts”.

This application can be installed on your Android, IOS smartphones.

Bag it or Grab it – Overall this app is worth a download if you are a productive person. Using the app is fun, you can create comics with your friends, create amazing stills. Although the app can be used professionally too. I’ve been using the app from quite several months and found no glitch or virus alert from my anti-virus. Thus, the app can be considered safe to install.

Final words and ratings – I’ll rate this app 4 out of 5. The app stands firm when it comes to creativity and performance. But somewhere it lacks facial expressions. Also, if there was a feature to add your own photo and animate it, it would have been much more fun. Overall, the application works fine and is worth downloading.

If you have used the app or if you are currently using this app in your smartphone, leave your feedbacks in the comments below.

So, Have you downloaded Bitstrips yet ?

Bitstrips is a free android application with which you can create animated avatars, cartoons and comic strips. The app gets even amazing when you add your friends in comics too.
Rachit Singh

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Bilal Tahir Meo

Hi Bro,
Bitstrips is Really awesome application. Its helpful to say something to others with cartoon. You did a nice review .keep up it
Thanks for sharing with us.
Bilal Tahir Meo Recently wrote an article How to Be More Productive on Social Media {Infographics}

    Rachit Singh

    Yes, I agree its quite a fun to share what we think in form of cartoons. Thanks for commenting.

Vidisha Kaithal

It’s really a cool and an innovative medium of sharing thoughts. Good work done Team Hacknovations!!

    Rachit Singh

    Yep, Its an awesome app with which you can create awesome stills and wonderful comics as well. The best part is creating your own cartoon and adding your friends in it too. Thanks for commenting.

Jackson Nwachukwu

Hey Rachit,

It’s my first time on your blog and men you have an awesome blog! I can only imagine how hard you have worked to put such a good blog.

Hmmm, reading your post reminded me of a caricature I once used on my blog. I had it designed by DimpleArt and it was really awesome.

You are right, many of us like reading comic stories and watching cartoons, maybe it’s time to start creating ourselves and let others watch and read about us 🙂

Fine one Rachit, keep it coming…

Jackson Nwachukwu Recently wrote an article Attention NewBie Bloggers!!! Get Professional Looking Graphics (logos, eBook covers, plus more) Free on Fiverr

    Rachit Singh

    Hey Jackson,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I agree its been quite a time that I’ve been working on this blog to please readers.
    Although I have never checked dimpleart but bitstrips works quite fine.

    Yes, Jackson.. creating comics and cartoon of your own are quite a fun and is worth sharing.
    Thanks for coming Jackson.

Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Wow – I had no idea you could do things like that on Smart Phones – but I’m not that up-to-date on that kind of thing, and not very artistic either.

But for someone who likes doing it that sounds a really great App, and you’ve certainly increased my knowledge today.

Thanks, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Joy,

    I Have been playing with android since I was in 8th Standard. It is a bold fact that majority of the android users around aren’t aware of what goes behind the scenes after they install the applications.
    It has happened with a lot of my friends and readers that they installed an application that turned out to be Malware or virus instead. So, I started a new category to Review some of the best applications that I’ve used over the time on my smartphones.
    In future I’ll be posting more Information on Apps.

    Thanks for commenting.

rakesh kumar

Hi rachit
this is really a great review. I was totally unaware about such apps on app store. Though I am not a kind of designer but surely after reading this rreview would love to create something interesting for my child. Your reviews are great and help us a lot. Keep posting such good reviews for us.
rakesh kumar Recently wrote an article Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks a lot for your kind words Rakesh sir. Its my purpose to bring in the spotlight, several android apps that are useful for readers. Once again thanks for commenting.

Mohd Arif

Every Weekend I enjoy many article related to SEO for improve my SEO skills, Every time when I visit on your website.. I enjoyed lot’s of interesting article.. before this article I already enjoy mane SEO 101, and blogging related article.. this is very cool review hope if I need this type stuff. thanks for this article.

Mohd Arif
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    Rachit Singh

    Hi Arif,

    Thanks for your kind words. Its my aim to serve readers with valuable stuff worth reading. I am glad that you liked my article SEO 101. You can read more 101 articles in the 101 category.
    Bitstrips is an awesome app, you can use it to create your cartoon avatars on your blog too.

    Thanks for commenting.

John Crook

These days rich media is a good content for attract your audience on your blog or website, If you are looking any other good resource for make eye opening stuff then bitstrips id prove very helpful.. this is awesome article..Next time I will make my quote by help of bitstrips.


    Rachit Singh

    Hi John,

    Thanks for commenting your opinion. I am glad you found bitstrips worth using.
    Next time when you make your quote with bitstips, don’t forget to share it with me 😉

M Shehroz

Excellent list of blog posts, bookmarking it for future reference.

Keep up the good work.
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