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Blogexpose is the ultimate place where bloggers and companies meet. Here bloggers can get opportunity to be hired by companies. Get paid to write articles, reviews and much more.

Earning money online gets easy if you know which way is right. Companies are always in the search of bloggers and blogs. However, contacting these companies manually can eat up a lot of your time. For making this process little painful there are several “Job boards” for bloggers.

One such place where you can get hired by companies is Blogexpose.

Blogexpose is a new job-board for bloggers which can help you get paid for blogging . It is a place where companies and bloggers interact. Companies post projects and interested bloggers apply for it in order to get hired and paid.

blogexpose review

Introduction to Blogexpose

blogexposeBlogexpose is yet another amazing job-board for bloggers. As I mentioned above too, blogexpose helps you come in the spotlight and get hired by companies and other brands.

Blogexpose helps you earn cash, freebies and opportunities in return of posts and reviews.

The platform is profitable for companies as well. Company owners can promote their brand on blogs and website on the internet and social media. There are handful of ways companies can pay to bloggers. Companies can distribute cash prize, freebies, blogging contests, hire freelancers and much more.

Salient features of Blogexpose :-

  1. Make Money Blogging
  2. Featuring profiles to maximize profits
  3. Chat with companies
  4. Check status of your application
  5. Easy registration
  6. Make Money Blogging

Build an Awesome Profile for Blogexpose

To maximize your chances of getting hired by companies, one should built a clean and awesome profile for blogexpose. Registration is easy and requires no additional mess. Click this link to create a free account on blogexpose in order to get started.

Make sure you create a good first impression.

rachitUse a good gravtar image. Gravtar images are displayed on the top of your profile in blogexpose. They are also the first thing a company person would notice after your name. Make sure you use a good profile picture. According to experts a photo of you smiling is considered best for such purposes.

While completing your profiles, blogexpose will ask you for your 3 reviews. You can link to your three best hot shots you’ve made in the past. When I registered, I had no problem as I’ve reviewed dozens of services, themes and plugins on this blog. Link your best three reviews, as these will be used by company persons to judge your quality.

Blogexpose also allows bloggers to add a bio. Make sure you fill it out in a professional and light way. Mention your name, your blog, your blog’s niche and formal stats. Don’t get carried away, only mention the details which you think would be useful.

Getting around and applying for Jobs


Applying for jobs is nearly a walk in park in blogexpose.

After you login to your blogger profile, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard section displaying various jobs being offered by companies. You can see which company is offering the job, how much profit you’ll make and what category does the job relate to.

If the list seems crowdy, you can use a drop down down to only display the jobs you wish to do. For example if want to participate in reviews only, you can select reviews from the drop down and hit search. Doing so will only display review jobs. I love reviews as they offer cash prize most of the time, however sometimes freebies and e-books can be provided too.

To apply for a Job, click on a title you think is appropriate.

blogexpose 2

On the next page, you’ll see the details of the job, who posted the job, amount you’ll get after completing it etc.

In the left side, you will see a text box and with a big Apply now button underneath it. Enter why you think you can get the job done and click apply now to send the message to company person.

This method is however a bit not usual, as majority of the bloggers ( including me ) look for such things under the description. I remember the first time I visited to apply for a job, it took me a while to realize where the message option was. Things would have been smooth if the box was placed below where the job is described.

Once you’ve sent the message, wait for the company person to respond. You can view the status of your application in the “applications” section.


You’ll be notified when a person from the company responds to your comment. You can later get in a “more-conversation” like environment with him/her. This is indeed the best time to tell him/her why you are perfect for the project. You can also mention your previous works ( if it relates to the project ).

Getting yourself Featured


One can get him/her-self featured on the platform to increase his/her visibility and chances of getting hired. Featured bloggers appear on every page of the website. The section provides link to their blog and social media accounts too.

Getting yourself featured is surely a paid featured. However this increases your visibility to companies and other users of the website.

One can get hired for 45 days for $30. Featured bloggers have a bit more chances of getting hired compared to the other bloggers.


Conclusion – Blogexpose is an amazing way bloggers can earn money online . Blogexpose is beneficial for both bloggers and companies.

I’ve been using this platform from couple of weeks. Although the site doesn’t have heap of jobs, but it is growing rapidly. The website is quite new and Enstine ( founder and developer ) is trying hard to grow this platform.

I rate this platform 4 out of 5 stars, based on various things and factors I judge a service or website.

If you already use this website, let me know your experience in the comments below. On the other hands if you are about to use blogexpose, sign-up from the link above and post your experience in the comments.

Tell me your opinions and feedbacks regarding blogexpose in the comments below.

Blogexpose is the ultimate place where bloggers and companies meet. Here bloggers can get opportunity to be hired by companies. Get paid to write articles, reviews and much more.
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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christopher Jan Benitez

Great call on this post! Haven’t heard of BlogExpose before. Registered for an account and we’ll see what happens next.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting your views and signing up for Blogexpose. An awesome content writer like you can surely get things rolling down there. I’ll be waiting for your next comment with update about what happened.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Christopher,
    Thanks for jumping on board. I just approved your profile
    Good luck to you sir
    Enstine Muki Recently wrote an article How to Get Professional Infographics for your Blog [FREE!]

      Rachit Singh

      Hi Christopher,

      I am sure you would be happy to know that your profile has been approved 🙂

      Best of luck for the days to come. Let me know your experience when you have time.


Hi Rachit,

A great revelational post! I have heard of BlogExpose before. but have not considered it as a major, maybe i will give it a trial now.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Emebu,

    Try the platform, I am sure you’ll love it. Let me know what you think once you use it. Thanks for commenting.

Enstine Muki

Thanks for this awesome review and for bringing the information to your audience bro. I’m sure they will find it useful 😉

I’ll be adding many more features in the weeks ahead
Enstine Muki Recently wrote an article MoboMarket ~ mobo market free download for Android & PC

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for taking your time to comment on this review. I hope my readers find it worth using as I did.

    I’ll be in touch with your platform to catch the future updates. Once again, thanks for commenting.

Theodore Nwangene

This is a wonderful review Rachit,
Blog Expose is really a cool place to be and i just created my own free account awhile ago and wonder why i didn’t do that sooner enough.

Whether you’re a blogger or an advertiser, there is certainly something for you in there and i encourage everyone to go create a free account now before Enstine start charging for it because, its well worth paying for.

Thanks for sharing.
Theodore Nwangene Recently wrote an article 17 Social Media Monitoring Tools – An Introduction

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Theodore,

    I Agree that Blogexpose is a wonderful platform for both bloggers and advertisements.
    Thanks for your comment, I hope you’ll like the platform.


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