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How to Boost Social Media Share by Rachit on Hacknovations

Much like almost anything in the SEO and blogosphere, there has been a ton of debate around whether social shares have any impact on SERPS or not.

Some days back, I wrote a post about boosting google plus shares. There is no argument to the fact that google plus signals matter a lot in search result positions. But, the other social signals play a vital role as well.

Even if there is no benefit in terms of SEO, you’ll still reach a new audience and get online exposure.

Also, we can’t deny the fact that a blog post with tons of shares looks cool #giggles

So, in this blog post, I’ll share some strategies that you can use to boost social shares on your blog post. These are the same strategies that I used on scribbify to get more shares.

Boost Social Shares with Fast Plugins

floating share barIf you want people to share your content, you ought to make it sharing a piece of cake for them.

I’ve seen several blogs whose share buttons are laggy or don’t work at all. Sometimes, it also occurs that sharing buttons overlap the content itself.

If your buttons are overlapping your content, it will definitely irritate your readers.

Use floating social media buttons

floating social share barWhen you use a static sharing button plugin, it won’t be available all the time to the reader. Like, it can either be shown on the top of a post or at the bottom.

On the other hand, if you use a floating share button plugin, sharing options would be visible all the time the reader is reading the post.

Quite a while back, I did a post on social share plugins. In that post, you can find some social media sharing plugins. I’ve mentioned 5 free social media plugins.

Use a Small Call to Action

I am not talking about writing “share” above your sharing buttons.

Call to action refers to something that sounds a bit human and asks the readers to share the blog post.

Some plugins provide a default option to add a CTA, but if you are using a plugin that doesn’t offer it as an option, you can manually ask your readers in the blog post itself.

Add Share options on Images

I used to do that with Sumome’s free image share add-on, but have removed it as of now.

Adding sharing options on images can also improve your shares if you have a fashion or similar blog. It won’t work much if you are into some other niche ( except for the fact if you make infographics ).

Because I publish infographics on this blog, I am thinking to add the image sharing options again.

There are a couple of plugins in the WordPress plugin store. You can also do it with sumo me.

Click to Tweet

I Learned some awesome ways of boosting social shares

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed that almost in every post, there are ready to tweet texts. This is done by a free plugin I use.

Mostly I do this with quotes, and sometimes with a piece of text that I think can be tweeted.

These ready to tweet things make it very easy tweet a piece of text.

Note: While this will work if you are in a tech or marketing niche ( because marketers are always logged-in on twitter ), this might not perform the same in other niches such as food or travel.

Get shared by other bloggers with wider reach

There are two ways you can this. ( I am the fan of first one)

Write a high-quality article, and link freely to authority websites if relevant. Once you are done publishing the post, make a list of websites you mentioned in your article, and then contact them asking them to share your blog post on their social media channels.

9 out of 10 times, they’ll do it.

The second method is by conducting an expert roundup.

10 Things A Blogger Won't Tell you !

In this, you make a list of experts on a particular topic and then ask their opinion on a particular topic. These posts are comparatively easy to do, the hardest part is getting experts to answer.

Once this is done, the experts are likely to share your blog post. If they do share it, it will also get liked by their followers.

Write on controversial topics or trending stuff

Buzzfeed doesn’t get so much share because their quality is good, it is because they write about topics which are very relatable to a specific group and thereby that group shares it

You can try writing on controversial topics or what is trending in your niche.

The only problem with this is authority sites break the news far before you will get to know it. But, it’s never too late to start. Write about the news from a different angle, add a personal touch and you’ll notice as it grows.

Use Content locker

boost social shares

I am not a big fan of this technique but I use it when I offer something of a good value for free.

For example, when I share an ebook or something similar, I lock it down with a content locker to get shares.

If you aren’t aware of what a content locker is.

Basically, they are the plugins with which you can “lock” your content and reader have to do something such as “enter their email” or “share your content” to access your content.

If you are writing long case studies or quality blog posts, you can give this one a try.

Share other’s post

When you start sharing other’s blog posts, too soon, you will realize that those bloggers too are sharing your blog posts.

This way, you’ll get some of his audience and he will get some of your audience. It is hence, a win-win for both.

Conclusion – It will take you some time to create an audience for your blog. But once you have a loyal audience, you’ll be sure to get some shares on your blog posts.

I’ve not used these techniques on this blog, I rather use them to boost social shares on scribbify blog.

So, what tricks do you use to boost your social shares?

Drop your suggestions and opinion in the comments below.

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