Buddy Parenting and Memories

The life is full of various types of experiences, happy incidents, problems, life lessons and much more. As far as a teen or small kid is concerned, he/she might not share all his feelings with parent, but for sure he shares them with his friends.

Their is a kind of emotion barrier between a kid and his parents. It is the barrier in the first place that holds back a kid from sharing all his emotions with his/her parents. Apart from the emotion barrier, there are many more reasons that sometimes prevent the interaction between a kid and his parents.

The barriers get there due to several circumstances ~

  • Working parents ~ We are living in a ever growing world, where anything earned never seems enough. Due to family needs parents often work to provide better facilities for their children. But somewhere in the rush of trains, and in the hurry of completing their task, they forget to interact with their kid. The unavailability of the parents has more than one impact over the kid. Due to their busy schedule, the parents aren’t able to talk with their kid. They return home half tired half irritated and usually aren’t in a mood of discussing. However some parents manage this thing with an ease. By spending more and more time with their young ones, they tackle down the time barrier standing between them.
  • Study ~ There is ton of pressure on the student to study, to achieve more marks. He/she might join more than one tuition. When parents are so much tensed about their ward’s academic performance, the only discussion held between is “How was your day at School ?” , “When are your exams going to get started ?” and similar questions. The kid doesn’t get a chance to speak about what may be troubling him over time.

-> I am not against parents. I agree that they are after our welfare.

The Buddy Bond Between Parents and Children

buddy parenting

There is a lot more in both sides to be shared (Kids and parents). For an instance my father taught me how to drive a bike, and I taught him using his i-phone. We usually exchange Books, experience, stories etc. My mom and dad even know about my girl-friend 🙂 about which they often tease me.

Buddy Parenting explains itself, it is when there is a buddy type of bond between parents and kids. This not only strengths the bond between them, but also helps parents know what’s going on in their kid’s life.

Below in this article I am sharing some Kellogg Chocos memories from my childhood :-

1. Learning bike ~ Halfway in 11th standard, I asked my dad to teach me how to drive a bike. Some days later I gifted him a smartphone with my payment. He was happy and quickly learn some basic functions like call picking, making call etc. Still there were thousands of feature he still wasn’t aware of. One day he took me to teach bike driving. After two weeks I learnt driving. Meanwhile he was still learning using smartphone. So, I installed dozens of applications on his smartphone for him to try. I also taught how to use Bluetooth and share photos and music.

That day when I returned from tuition, I saw my dad was sitting beside bed on a chair and was watching some progress bar going on his smartphone very curiously. I went near and saw he was transferring a song from bluetooth.

“With whom are you sharing this song ?” I asked

“With “no-devices-found” ” he said..

“Who is he ?” Again I asked

“I don’t know, he accepted my pairing request and I am sending him song” he said.

I checked bluetooth history and it said a total of 14 songs were shared with that device. This was an amazing way he learnt using bluetooth. I still smile when remember him sitting on sofa, with his phone lying on bed as he watched the progress bar very curiously.

2. Mom’s Mp3 player ~ My mom is a song lover and loves listening them when she is doing some kind of work. From several years she used the radio to listen music while working. One day all of a sudden the radio stopped working. Due to his busy schedule my dad wasn’t able to get it fixed.

I thought to tackle this myself. I gave her my Mp3 player and uploaded all the songs she loved listening to. I spent some time teaching her how to use the device. I taught all the things like changing tracks, volume, switching it off and on etc. She proved to be a fast learner and grabbed everything quickly.

The next day I gave her my headphones too. Now she loves listening music on her Mp3. Although she bought a smartphone only a month after this, but still she uses Mp3 player more than phone.

Final words – There are lot more than incidents to be shared. But whatever others say about it, buddy parenting is the most amazing thing ever happened. There is a quote “You are complete when your friends consider you family, and your family considers you friend.” This is basically what buddy parenting is based upon. You share your rich experience, and your kid will share his new ideas.

Let me know what do you think about buddy parenting in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

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