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C-Cleaner is an amazing software which helps you speed up your computer. C-Cleaner makes your pc fast and clean.

Whoever quoted “Patience is a great virtue…” must have never experienced a slow computer. There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than a slow computer that freezes/hangs every now and then.

A slow computer can hold you on the back foot too, especially if you are a blogger or a gamer. Slow computers can create a mess in offices and work places too.

On the other hand, everyone loves fast and clean computer. Let it be your desktop or laptop, you’d surely prefer it to work fast. It’s a long established fact that by upgrading your system’s hardware configuration, you can speed it up. But you can also speed up your computer by optimizing it.

There are thousands of softwares on web claiming to be the best for you. Some are paid, while others are free. With so many choices available, it gets hard to predict which one will work and which one won’t. In this review I am introducing C-Cleaner. I’ve been using this software on my laptop since I bought the laptop.

CCleaner Quick Introduction Review


This software comes from the home of C-Cleaner is a all in one tool for speeding up computers. C-Cleaner comes packed with awesome features to speed up a computer to its maximum potential.

As the time increases, a computer grows a heap of nearly useless data. These data contains temporary files, clipboard items, memory dumps, chkdsk file fragments, windows log files, recent documents, history, cookies, recent typed urls, multimedia cache, registry errors, duplicate files and a lot more. C-Cleaner lets you clean all of them in a single click.

C-Cleaner’s three suites ~

  • C-Cleaner
  • C-Registry cleaner
  • C-tools

C-Cleaner ~ As I mentioned above, over time your computer grows a large content heap. If you’d have to clean each of them manually, it would consume a lot of time. In the left box you will notice check-boxes. There are two tabs – windows and applications. You can check the things you wish to clear. In the same way you can un-check things you wish to save.

ccleaner review

There must be dozens of applications installed in your computer. These applications regularly save data and cache etc. Over time this data grows to be a content heap. Depending upon the number of applications, the content heap can extend over several GB’s.

C-Cleaner lets you clean this entire content heap within a few clicks.

All you need to do this > Click on the analyze button. Within a few minutes the software will scan your computer for problems which hold your computer’s speed back. After the scan is finished, click on Run cleaner button, and C-Cleaner will fix all issues to make your computer optimized for speed.

ccleaner registryC-Registry Cleaner ~ Just like database tables keep record of each activity and customization happened on the blog, in the same manner the registry too keeps record of every customization made in software.

Over the passage of time, we install/uninstall a lot of softwares. With so many activity going over in the computer, the registry keeps record of each of them.

The registry also gets problems such as non-used extensions, missing dlls, shortcuts without applications and much more.

Playing manually with the registry can create a mess in your computer. This feature of C-Cleaner lets you clean registry safely within a few clicks.

The software also lets you backup your registry, so if something messes up your pc, it could be restored back to previous version.

C-Cleaner tools ~ Apart from cleaning computer and registry, this software has much more to offer. In the tools section there are a few more features to be offered.

The features offered in the tools section are uninstaller, Startup programs, disk analyzer, duplicate finder, system restore and drive wiper.

Uninstaller ~ Uninstaller is quite like add or remove programs found within the control panel. It lets you watch over all the installed programs and uninstall them if you are not using them often.

My recommendation is you should uninstall programs which you don’t use. Also programs used once in a year should be better installed once needed. You’ll also be able to check how much disk space a program is accruing. It is better to wipe off big programs off the hard disk, if you are not using them quite often.

Startup ~ Do you hate when lazy and clingy programs start on their own when you start your windows? This makes startup take even more time than usual. The startup features lets you take full control of startup programs.

From here you can enable/disable/remove programs from starting with windows. Removing unnecessary programs from startup will let your pc boot faster than before.

Disk analyzer ~ Want to know what is wrong with your hard disks ? The disk analyzer scans your drives for junk data, duplicate files and similar things.

This keeps your hard drive clean and free of junk data. It is recommended to scan your hard disks with disk analyzer at least once every 15 days or less.

ccleaner duplicateDuplicate finder ~ Duplicate files can be spread all over your hard drives and its content. Duplicate files, no matter how small they are in size, consume hard drive space.

The duplicate file finder lets you scan your hard-disks for duplicate files. You can configure file size, the hard drive partition where you with the scan to be carried out.

After the results are displayed you can choose which file to delete and which one to keep safe. Although I highly recommend to delete files with extra caution, because some .dll files are common in more than one programs. If you delete one of them, may be the program stops working.

System restore ~ Every time you install a program, your pc creates a backup. Although backups are essential and are important from safety point of view, but as the time goes backups start becoming more and more and consume more hard drive space.

With system restore, you can view backups created and delete unnecessary backups.

->  Drive wiper ~ You never know how much junk data is behind your hard drive partitions. Drive wiper lets you clean junk data off the hard drives. Be careful while using this option, it can wipe out complete hard disk. While you use this option, make sure you choose clear junk data. If wipe complete hard disk is selected (it is selected by default) , your complete hard disk partition will be formatted.

Final words & Ratings – I would rate this software 3 out of 5 stars. C-Cleaner is one of those softwares I recommend to every reader. I’ve been using this amazing software since I bought my laptop.

Apart from installing this software, there are handful of advices which will surely keep your computer running smooth and fast. I’ll share some stunning tips and tricks to speed up your computer in one of my future articles.

If you use C-Cleaner, let me know your experience in the comments below.

Leave down your opinion, suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section.

C-Cleaner is an amazing software which helps you speed up your computer. C-Cleaner makes your pc fast and clean.
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Joy Healey

Hi Rachit

Thanks for the reminder about C-Cleaner. I’ve been trying to remember what it was as I’ve used it a few times in the past and been pleased with it, but I forgot its name!

I think I’m in need of it now, so will give it a try again.

Have a good weekend, Joy
Joy Healey Recently wrote an article Quotes About Dogs

    Rachit Singh

    Hey Joy,

    Your comment just left a smile on my face. Because most of my friends replied the same way 😉 ..

    Thanks for commenting.


Hi Rachit,
Thanks for the awesome review about C-Cleaner. This is really works great to clean PC and boost Speed.
Fakharuddin Recently wrote an article Top 5 YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android 2015

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Fakharuddin,

    I Agree, CCleaner is an amazing app I’ve been using to boost my pc’s speed and clean junk data off it.
    Thanks for commenting.


Hi Rachit,

I have used CCleaner in the past, it is good but i now use TuneUp Utility, it is far better than all.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Emebu,

    I have used tuneup utilities too. But Tuneup utilities has too many features, far more than an average reader would ever need. Although the software is good. Thanks for commenting.

Abhishek Jha

Nice review Rachit !!

    Rachit Singh

    Hello Abhishek,

    Thanks for commenting, try CCleaner and let me know how you felt about this software.


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