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On March 28, 2015
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Clickbump is an seo plugin which is not worth using at all. The plugin has useless features and is not suggested for anyone who wishes to learn seo for long term.

3 Months ago I got a chance to use the Clickbump SEO plugin. Although the plugin might seem as a help to beginners of SEO, but I didn’t found the plugin worth to spend any money. With the passing time I’ve used more than 48 SEO plugins, this made me get to know the SEO plugins more clearly. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of the nightmares for Bloggers , websites, companies etc. The reason is because if you aren’t SEO friendly , you might not be appearing in Search engines, and if you are missing from the search engines ; no one would know that your site even exists. To make the site more SEO friendly, developers and bloggers work hard. The process of making the site friendly to search engines start from selecting the right theme, and then using an appropriate plugin , if you are using WordPress as your CMS ( Content management system ). The WordPress directory and the web is filled with thousands of SEO plugins , most of which promise to get your rankings increased. Today I’ll review ClickBump SEO plugin , this will reveal why Clickbump SEO plugin is not worth wasting money.

clickbump seo review

ClickBump SEO Review – What it Does ?

Clickbump SEO After you Install the plugin, a new meta box would be shown in your visual editor. This would be your SEO optimization panel, which would show you recommendations to optimize your content. The visual editor looks exactly like the one in the right side. Following are the suggestions the plugin shows –

Keyword Density – The keyword density is a percentage calculated on based on number of times the keyword appears compared to the total words in the page. SEO experts consider keyword density should be between 1-3 .

Keyword Phrase in Post title – This option detects whether your primary keyword phrase is present in your post title or not.

Next Three options check if the keyword is present in H1, H2 or H3 tags on your web page. A lot of themes already render post title in H1 tag, if your theme does so you’d have to check the option in the plugin settings. This proves that the plugin only checks content, and not the complete page !

Bold Keyword – The plugin shows whether the keyword is in bold in the starting of the content. To bold the keyword in the starting of the content is something you can do and check manually too.

Rest of the options – The plugin also checks your content for keyword to be placed in image alt tag, last line , first line and keywords to be bold and internally linked. The plugin also shows you your word count and shows if it is appropriate or not.

The plugin recommends you to add rel=’nofollow’ to the external links. On the other hand Quicksprout tool recommends that you should dofollow your internal as well as external links. In plugin settings page you can also check the option to nofollow all the links. In my backlinks creation article I defined what are backlinks, how many types of backlinks are there , which are beneficial and which are not.

ClickBump SEO Review – Why not to use ?

Final words & Ratings – You might be clear from the title itself, Clickbump seo plugin is worth a penny only. I’d rate the plugin only 1.5 out of 5 ! And remember I write articles on SEO and some of my posts also rank on the first page on Google and other search engines.

This plugin only does some kind of decoration through your visual editor. The one feature I rated this for was getting LSI. Consider this, If you just save the image in the right side you can optimize your post even without the plugin ! This is the worst part of the plugin. I tried to prepare a post with the help of the image snapshot only, and when I tested it with keyword I wished to ranked for, it showed 100 Score.

Also the plugin would only add extra plugin to your database. If you are a beginner this might attract you a bit, but if you are planning for long term writing in SEO, this SEO is not worth your time and money.

The plugin also optimizes the content for bots and not for humans. Consider this situation if you copy paste 4000 dummy words from dummy text generator. And use a word which is being repeated as a keyword, the score would instantly rise up, apart from this you only need to do a bit of editing through visual editor. And your SEO score would be 90 ! But this is not how google would see this, if you do this you would observe a great bounce rate and google also considers bounce rate as one of the major things to rank your blog in search results.

Finishing off I would just say that the plugin Clickbump SEO is not worth to be spent money on. If you’ve used this plugin I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

So, What do you think about the Clickbump SEO plugin ?

Clickbump is an seo plugin which is not worth using at all. The plugin has useless features and is not suggested for anyone who wishes to learn seo for long term.
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