How to Make Money With the Flipkart Affiliate Program

Yes, Everybody wants to make money, some with Jobs some While some wish to earn from the Internet. Last time I talked about Affiliate programs in an Article and in which I listed the 5 Best Affiliate programs. Today I will take this initiative a bit further with this Article. In this article I will guide you how you can make money with Flipkart Affiliate program. From Creating an Account to Selling the product online. I will try to cover each of these aspects comprehensively.

People’s opinion about Earning Online vary from person to person. While some consider Blogging and Earning online is very hard. And on the other hand I have several friends of mine with the opinion that Making a Blog and earning online is very easy, many of them even promise techniques which could make them billionaire over night. But let me tell you earning online is not a walk in the park neither it is Rocket Science. With the right knowledge and techniques you can earn online. There are several ways of Yielding bucks online. One of them is Affiliate Program. In which you place advertiser’s Product on Your website and earn specified commission on sale of the Product. There are lots of Affiliate programs running and In this Article I will discuss about Flipkart Affiliate Program.

About Flipkart Affiliate Program is world’s 78th most popular website and India’s 5th most popular website. It was Founded in 2007, by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It operates exclusively in India, where it is headquartered in Bangalore. Flipkart Deals with a wide range of products ranging from clothes to mobiles from laptops to inner wear. It offers a home delivery system where your products are delivered straight to your Home. There is hardly any object you won’t find on Flipkart. After amazon the Only online shopping I use is Flipkart.

Things you will need :

  1. A Flipkart Affiliate Account <Click Here to Register>
  2. A Blog                                  <How to Make a Free Blog>

My Advice In Earning From Flipkart Affiliate Program

Not everyone gets success from Affiliate Program. If you make a Blog on personal thoughts and sell laptops on It, no one will buy. Because your audience and their interest are different. You need to Sell products that match with your niche. Consider this as Example : What If the next day you open Hacknovations and find me selling shampoo and beauty products ? It will look out of picture, Right ? Instead of Adding the products in sidebar, write down articles about them. For Example If you need to Sell mobile phones, write an Article like : Top 10 Smartphones under Rs 10,000. Addition to this You need to Hide your Affiliate links. You can Either use a plugin, like this or make use of URL shortners.

After you create your Affiliate account. Flipkart provides you with several options to Earn money with their Affiliate Program. Keeping my advice in mind create a blog such as : <To Sell mobile phones, Laptops etc> Or <You can sell Beauty products using this> or use your creativity. You can easily build a WordPress self hosted blog to start your online blog for selling these Products.

 Search Bar : The First Option you can use to earn from Flipkart Affiliate is through the Search Bar. It can be placed anywhere on the site through a simple i-frame code. After you place the i-frame code, anyone who searches and buys the product through the Search bar would add to your earnings.

Offers Zone : These widgets should be placed below posts as Banner. They show the latest best Offers of the Day. Like the Upper one It is also embedded through i-frame code. It is obvious that you will be profited If anyone buys the products. These are available in 90 X 728 <Banner> 250 X 300 <Medium Rectangle> 600 X 160 <Wide Skyscraper>

Best Sellers : Though Offers Zone and Best Sellers look same. But they are bit different. Offers zone contains the products which have max offers on them whereas Bestsellers contains the products which are sold the most. Like the above two this also makes use of i-frame.

Product Links And Banner : These Look cute and are very easy to Place. Suppose you wrote an Article about Best 10 Smartphones Under Rs 10,000. After writing small review about smartphone place these Small buttons below each of them. This can increase your chances of Reader buying that item. They are pretty much easy to create also. Search for a Product from Affiliate Tools and create a Button Quickly. You can select from Three available sizes.

Static And Multi Product Banner : Bored With selling the same product under one Banner ? You can also create multi product banner or the Static product Banner. With a multi product banner you can sell up to 3 products with a wide banner and skyscraper. And with Static Banner you can have up to 5 products in medium Rectangle.

Search Widget : Let your readers browse the whole Flipkart website under a go. With a simple widget triangle users can search whole flipkart. If you insert this widget in the sidebar it increases your chances of being profited. Readers can Scroll as much as they can and search for any product also. And If any readers buys the product after searching you will be profited.

Create as Much Links You Link : On Your Home Page paste any URL of product Click on Generate and Click Shorten. Then you can use these links anywhere on your Blog, Website and Get Profited.

Before You move on I would Like to tell you, You earn a Specified commission on Each products based on Its Category and Type. It is important to check out the commission rates for the products. To check out the commission rates visit their Official Page.

Final Words : I Hope this Article covers Every important aspect of Flipkart Affiliate Program. If you think I missed something do comment it Below. I am looking forward to publish more and more Articles under this category. Your feedback and comments motivate me a lot. Leave your Opinions below in comments.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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