Contribute at Hacknovations – Guest Posting

A good way of growing your blog is by publishing your best content on someone else’s blog.

Hacknovations is a blog about blogging. Topics published include blogging tips, guides, make money online and topics that surround these main topics. Mentioned on blogs like HuffingtonPost, the blog is growing since its launch.

On this page, you’ll find everything that you need to know if you want to be a contributor at Hacknovations.

Guidelines ( and I am quite strict regarding guidelines )

  1. No spin content. If you don’t know, I am a professional ghostwriter and I know what is spun content. I don’t need spun guest posts. I can differentiate between original work and spun content.
  2. Spinning is not only the one done with tools, but manual spinning is not allowed as well.
  3. Don’t guest post something that has been published like thousand times on the internet. I don’t need a guide on how to generate money with URL shortener. It’s already out there ! Try something which is less published on the internet. Or if you are writing about that has been already discussed a lot, try to add a unique angle to it.
  4. Don’t use copyrighted images. Every image submitted with the article goes through a google image reverse check. If I find you using someone else’s image, the post won’t be published. Either use your own images or don’t use any images, I will take care of that part.
  5. The blog post should be at least 600 words. However, the longer you write, the better it would be.
  6. Your blog post would be published with your name, however, you won’t have the rights to take a post down once I make a post live.
  7. Try your level best to submit the post without any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  8. Submit the posts in a well-formatted manner. Your post is more likely to get published if I don’t need to spend a lot of time on formatting it.
  9. You can’t contribute under some categories, these include: Theme of the month, reviews, monthly roundup and some more.
  10. After post submission, the post will be reviewed by me. During the review, I can remove parts or whole post. I will also remove links if I find them promotional or un-necessary.

Some benefits you’ll Get

The blog as of 28th March 2017 is in a terrible state. I have lost almost all of my reader base due to inactivity. Although these are some benefits you’ll get from guest posting.

One backlink from post body. The backlink would be from below the article and in your author bio. I place author bio of guest contributors in post body itself.

Your guest post will be shared in my email newsletter.

How to contribute at Hacknovations?

Send me an email to about your blog post outline. I will give you access to a contributor account.