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On January 7, 2017
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DiscoverLike is a content recommendation tool for websites and blogs. With this tool, you can make money by sending traffic from your blog. But, does this tool work ? We'll find out, in this review.

Note: – This is a paid promotion for Discoverlike. But this doesn’t mean I’ll not be biased, the review is my honest opinion.

Our blogosphere is a large place, with a vast diversity of blogs. In some of the niches, Google Adsense performs pretty well. But, there are some niches like technology, blogging, marketing and such where you can’t earn much with google’s display advertising.

There is a reason behind it.

You see, when you have a blog about blogging ( such as this one ), your readers are bloggers themselves and most of them know and use ad-blocker. Which means you are missing out in front of the majority of your audience.

This is indeed the reason why I don’t use Adsense on this blog.

But thanks to various other options like affiliate marketing, I am able to make a decent amount from this blog. If you too have a similar blog or blog in a similar niche, you can add one more income stream to your blog i.e – DiscoverLike.

What is DiscoverLike?

discoverlike review

I am sure you must have seen one of such websites/blogs that have a recommended list of articles ( below their post ) to read their blog post. Some of these articles point to the same blog ( the blog itself ), but some of these are outbound links, means they’ll take you to another blog.

The “another” blog is the one who is known as “advertiser” and the blog that sends them traffic is known as “publisher”.

This is content recommendation model of making money online. A lot of big websites are using this model ( not as their prime revenue model ) as their side revenue model to earn some extra bucks out of their blog.

Who should use this tool?

This model is quite an inclusive one i.e any blog or any niche blog can use it.

If you have a viral blog, use this model and you’ll be making a good amount from it. But, I think bloggers who write for a niche such as blogging, marketing, and technology should use this tool ( I explained why above ).

Also, if your application got rejected by Google Adsense, you too should use this tool.

Benefits of DiscoverLike for Bloggers ?

Apart from making money from it, there are much more benefits that this tool can offer to bloggers.

The tool can also drive traffic towards your blog via its Publishers page listing and recommended module.

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All the publishers are mentioned on their “publishers” page. This may be done for advertisers, but it works in your favor as well. Also, you can drive traffic towards your blog by their recommendation tool as well.

serve (1)

How to Earn with DiscoverLike?

From their website design, I guess the tool is still in the beta phase in terms of design. But still, the core functions work quite good.


1. First, you need to begin by registering on their website as a “publisher”.


2. Once you register, go to your Account Dashboard ( option located in the navigation bar on top ).

3. Then access the “Manage Ad code” > “Add new site”. You’d be asked to add your URL, description, and Alexa rank.


4. Once your site is added, it needs to be approved by the admin in order to get ad codes.

5. After your site gets approved, you need to access “Manage sites” under Manage Ad code and click on get ad code.


6. It would take you to a very simple and minimal ad builder with not many options to customize your ad widget.


7. Next, you get your code to place on your blog. Once you place the ad code on your blog, you’ll start seeing the stats in your dashboard change as per your traffic.

SIGN UP DISCOVERLIKE and add one more revenue stream

Where can this platform improve?

The platform’s concept is good.

But, while using their tool, I discovered several areas where the tool can be improved significantly.

Note:-  I am aware of the fact that this tool is still in beta phase. I am not mentioning these to criticize their tool, but laying down some points where the tool ( if improved ) would perform better in future. I sincerely hope that the developers take these in the positive spirit.

  • There is no WordPress plugin that can automate the whole thing. If there was a WordPress plugin that helped me ( or any other user ) create ad codes from within the dashboard and paste it below posts, it would be awesome.
  • The typography isn’t much attractive. It can be improved, much like the CSS of the website.

Why is the tool still good?

The current version of the tool is mere a skeleton and I know developers are working hard to improve it. In future, I’d love to see the tool with a better look and some added functions.

Conclusion – The only reason I am giving this tool 4 star and not 3 star is because it is in beta phase and I know how hard it is to get a tool developed. A lot of efforts and money goes into this. Other than this, the basic concept of the tool is quite good and can perform quite good in the market.

I’d be using this tool on one of my other blogs.

What do you guys think of this tool? Leave down your opinion in the comments below.

DiscoverLike is a content recommendation tool for websites and blogs. With this tool, you can make money by sending traffic from your blog. But, does this tool work ? We'll find out, in this review.
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