How to Earn money online by Freelancing

Freelancing is the art of being a freelancer, the one who works freelance i.e self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. Now a days, Freelancing is proving to be a new trend spreading widely, the trend has been there from quite a time. It doesn’t matter if the company is small , medium sized or big, many companies do outsource their work for freelancers. The work outsourced the most is writers ( content writers ) , personal assistants, Tax preparers , Web programmers and designers , Drafters , Human resources , Call centers and IT professionals etc.

What is Freelancing ?


Freelancing is art of earning as a Freelancer. As I mentioned in para 1, Freelancer is a self-employed person who is hired to work for different companies on a pay-per-project basis. Freelance workers are often represented by company that resells their work. Although Freelancers have no certain monthly pay, still many freelancers earn a smart amount of money. Before moving on, I must tell you, throughout this article I’ll be referring to “Online Freelancing” or the “Outsourced work” from websites and companies online. Many individual work as freelancers , while some organization and teams also devote themselves to freelancing.

What are the Benefits of Freelancing ?

freelancingFreelancers never list out a single reason why they work as a Freelancer. Freelancing is also the last resort for  workers who cannot find full-time employment, or for industries such as journalism which are relying increasingly on Freelancing labor rather than full-time staff. Majority of Freelancers mention choice and flexibility as a benefit. As a freelancer you have complete flexibility and choice as on which project to work on and what to not. And who can forget, you can work on / for as many projects / companies as you want.

How to Earn Money Online By Freelancing ?

Freelancing is spreading widely as several big companies too are outsourcing work. In addition to the experience and income your would generate online through freelancing, your freelancing projects and profile would also add up to good resume.

1. Know what you are good at : Sit down, take pen and paper and figure out what work you are good at. To work as a freelancer is not a walk in a park. You need some skills in yourself to get started. Try to figure out what work you are capable of doing, think wide it can be anything ranging from content writing , logo designing , website designing , to theme making or anything you know really well. There is wide range of jobs available for right skills.

2. Time is important : Decide the time when you would work , this is one of the benefits you receive in freelancing. Once you decide the time, stick to it and be punctual. You should select the time of the day when you are most productive, it can be anytime like in the morning , noon, evening or the night. Select a time you are comfortable working at. Before you select the time, find out the time of deadlines given to the projects you’ll be going to work on.

3. Register on freelancing websites : You need not to wonder website to website on the Internet in the search of right projects , there are number of websites sorting this out for you. Freelancing websites such as Elance , Odesk, guru and Freelancer make searching projects and jobs online very easy . Register yourself on these websites and make sure your complete your profile, completely and correctly. In your profile mention your skills , and website ( if any ).

4. Bid the right way : As you are a freelancer, there are thousands of freelancers out there too. To get a project , you need to place a bid on the project, no matter which freelancing website you use. Place the bid correctly, it shouldn’t be too high or too low. After you bid, you might be asked to enter some additional messages to the company. In order to succeed, try to convey how you will work in the message through lists. In some freelance websites you might be proposed to take a skill exam to rank your bid high.

5. Get versatile : You don’t know how the company is about to pay you. You should register for paypal , payoneer and similar services. Also, you should ask about payment details before you submit your project. In several freelance websites , there are several projects in which companies pre-pay the project. The pre-paid posts are marked a bit differently. These project have assured payment, other projects also have assured payments.

6. Complete the Projects ON TIME : Majority of the companies are very strict regarding time and punctuality. There are thousands of freelancers for them to do the work, making it really hard for you to get a second chance. Make sure you complete your projects a bit before the time. While some companies are strict on time, some might reduce your pay as you get late in submitting your project.

7. Keep Learning : There is no limit to how much you can learn. Always remember the more skills you have, the more projects you can work on and more is amount of revenue you can generate out of freelancing. Start covering topics and skills one by one, learn the topics which are inter connected. For example if you know CSS , you should learn Php and other languages.

8. Make Relations with Advertiser : Its not necessary that every advertiser would pay you cash. Some advertisers might be interested in treating you with their premium services instead of payment. For example if you worked as a content writer for a website which sells wordpress themes and plugins, it might serve you with some premium themes and plugins, accept them. You should first concentrate on making relations with advertisers more than earning quickly. The science behind is, once you’ve relations with advertiser, it might hire you again directly.

9. Be patient : Freelancing won’t make you a millionaire overnight, at times it can be hard as a normal job. You need to understand that it would take some time for money to roll in. Sometimes you might feel you are bidding in vain on projects and nobody is getting attention of you. I suggest you should clear skill exams of the topics on projects of whose you bid on. Taking the exams places a mark in your profile , which tells the company that you cleared the exam and you know about the skill you claim to know.

10. Set of tools : Every freelancer has a set of tools, these tools make work easier and a lot quicker. You should also try maintaining a proper workplace and keep your tools organized. These tools don’t necessary contain physical tools , these can contain softwares too. My favorite softwares and recommended products include sticky reminders , proper chair , microsoft office etc.

Ready to Earn money with Freelancing ?

freelancer.comIf you are just about to start earning online with freelancing I’d like to recommend you a few products. There are several websites online which connect the people who want to outsource work and ones who are in search of work together. is one such website I work with, it has a large database of companies and wide range of projects too. You can sign-up for Freelancer here. Also , before you dive into freelancing you should once read this complete guide on Freelancing : Starting and Running a Successful Freelance Business.

Final words : If you think Freelancing is not your cup of tea, you can consider earning online by URL shortener, selling photographs online , earning with affiliate marketing , google adsense etc. There are several big brands which outsource work, apart from gaining experience and earning revenue you would also sharpen your skills.

I’d love to hear if you have some tips and tricks for increasing earnings online. Leave down your suggestions and opinions below in the comments. So, How much did money did you earn online by freelancing ?

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