Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme Review

Elegant wordpress wallpaper themeIn the Review today will be Binarynote’s Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme. The name Itself leaves no stones unturned to describe what it has been made for. It is made for Wallpaper, photography websites. The theme as I told comes from the house of Binarynote, The same house where PageSpeed, the theme which they promise to achieve 99/100 Page Score was born. But lets Stick to the Elegant Wallpaper theme.

If you hadn’t yet been to the Binarynote, It is a Blog which provides Tricks regarding SEO, Online money making and WP themes. There is one thing common in all their themes, Light code and fast speed. The same criteria applies to this theme also. The Salient features I’ll be telling you about the theme are : SEO optimization, Integrated Facebook Comments, Built-in Page views, Social share buttons, Pagination, Search Bar, Bulk Upload, Auto- Resolution. But Everything has its own weak points, the theme is not an exception to this. This Review won’t only Outline the pros but also tell you about those weak spots.


Pros : Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme

1. Bulk Upload : The theme unleashes the feature to upload 1000 Images at a time. This is Quite amazing as at times you might need to Upload hundreds of Images a day, As It is a Wallpapers Website.

2. Auto Resolution : You cannot spend hours Resizing the Images, Uploading them to your Library and then providing Download Links in Your Article. The theme take cares of you, It has the capability of Auto Resizing the Images. Download links Appear Below your Posts, in various sizes.

3. Built In View Counter : Look at the Image to the right. The theme features auto Built in View counter. Although I am not sure  It Updates real time views or Updates them at regular time. But Regardless of this, This feature is Quite friendly and saves your Space of a Plugin.

4. Random/Popular Button : The Random Button in the Navigation Bar above presents you Some Random and Popular wallpapers when Clicked Upon. It is pretty nice as sometimes you Might want to surf Wallpapers regardless of particular category. Or Browse the collection of Popular wallpapers.

5. Integrated Facebook Comments : Most of the users are usually signed in to Their favorite social networking all time. Let them comment easily with their Facebook account through Facebook comments. Though you need a plugin to do this job, But Guess what, the theme does this too, for you.

6. Built in Related Posts : You need not to Download a Related posts plugin, or Jetpack’s Related posts. The theme in Packed with this feature too. The Related posts section shows thumbnails of the Related wallpapers. The wallpaper Below are displayed on basis of Category.

7. Theme Options : The theme allows you to Upload your very own logo to your Wallpapers website. Like the site, the theme panel too, is quite weight. Logo is worth adding entity to your theme, This differentiates your Blog from others.

8. Ads, at the Right place : The Ads are placed at the very right place in your theme, front page as well as the posts page.  Ads are placed in Header 728 X 90 , Below Post Banner, Above Comments , Little above the Footer.

Cons : Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme

Nothing can be made perfect, some limitations always creep in. This theme does have, but only a few. They are negligible things which can be configured easily with a Plugin or two. Let’s have a look at few of thumbs down for this theme :

9. The Fonts : This is the main thing you will find out of picture in this Theme. The Font used in the theme are “RobotoSlab” Which is indeed a Google font, which reduces the Site load speed and also doesn’t look premium on Such an Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme. But this can be Fixed easily with a Font Plugin.

10. The Social Share Buttons : These Buttons increase the Social shares but the Social plugins used in this site are placed exactly below the Post Wallpaper Image. And do not Include the Social share counters with them. Although they work Fine. This too is a minor con which can be Fixed easily with a Social share Plugin.

Demo : Elegant Wallpaper WordPress Theme

Conclusion : The time for the conclusion of this theme, the theme has price for features. And is not priced too high. It is priced at $25. Considering the wide range of features, this isn’t a bad deal. Specially If you are planning to start a photography or Wallpapers Blog.

The theme has several features Built in, Cutting down your disk space and saving up to 5-6 Plugins. Considering the Cons, Loading time, SEO, Design, Pros I would Rate it with 4.5 Stars Out of 5. For me, It is worth to spend on Theme. Along with the theme You get Advanced support regarding the theme <as Promised by Theme author>.

If you liked the review please share it Social networks, If you have any Suggestions, Feedback and opinions do comment them Below. And If you buy the Elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme, Do Inform me about your experience Below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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rakesh kumar

Could you add some screenshot of this Wallpaper theme, Such review without thumbnails are useless all the way, since as a buyer we want to visualize the theme first of all and it must be here on your website. Am i right ?

    Rachit Singh

    I totally agree with you .. I had added several screenshots of this article. But as I migrated my web host the photos got erased I guess. But I will surely add screenshots soon


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