Falling Alexa Rank and How to Fix it

reviewsFor the past many days, there has been a thing about this blog which has haunted me. That is its falling Alexa rank.

I wasn’t consistent on this blog for a month. The results were drop in traffic which then reflected on the Alexa.

My blog’s rank grew up to 80k global. Right after which I had exams and I left blogging for a complete month. Due to my absence on the blog, the traffic fell miserably and so did the Alexa rank.

In this post I’ll discuss about Alexa rank. Why mine is falling and how will I fix it.

If your Alexa rank is falling ( which I assume is falling because you are reading this ) , this post can turn charms for you too !

How Alexa Rank Works ?

To understand what is causing the Alexa rank to fall, I’ll first clarify how it actually works.

According to Alexa’s official website, The rank is based upon a comparison of the present traffic and user behavior of a website to the previous three months record.

Alexa doesn’t merely uses a toolbar to collect this data. According to them, there are several more extensions, plugins and other sort of tools that are used for this purpose.

To put in simple words, Alexa compares your current traffic to that you had in the previous three months.

So, If you had 3000 visitors in the last 3 months, and 9000 visitors this month, your metrics and rank will gradually increase.

Well, this is not all !

Experts and pro-bloggers also state that alexa’s algorithm also considers the freshness of the content of the website. I also believe that freshness of content has some effect on the alexa rankings.

Reasons behind the drop in Alexa rankings

When it comes to drop in alexa rankings, there can be handful of reasons. There is no sure-shot-hit trick to find it out.

Some of the reasons which cause the alexa rankings are as follows :-

planningRandom posting – Blogging can be busy, and schedules can get tight at times. This makes posting regularly a hard job.

I realized that due to the exams, I wasn’t consistent in posting on this blog. As a result traffic dropped, and so did rankings.

As a blogger I can understand that it is hard to post at regular intervals. I’d recommend to post at regular intervals. However, If you can’t do so, due to any reason, make sure that your traffic doesn’t fall.

This can be done by managing a content stock. You can also get traffic by sharing links on social media and commenting on other blogs.

Poor link building – Now when it comes to backlinks and link building, there are hundreds of tool online offering you “claiming-to-be-legit” backlinks.

Most of those tools suck ! Some even work.

But they build poor links towards your website. If your link building strategy is good, you’ll get backlinks from domains with a good alexa rankings. However if you have links from websites with low alexa count , it will likely to effect your own alexa rank.

My suggestion is to avoid any link generation tool. You can manually submit your post at directories that allow post submissions. That will be a more legit and clean way of building links.

Or else, you just focus on creating awesome content and links follow !

Low search engine traffic – One of my clients received 5000 visits a day but her alexa didn’t moved a bit from 459,980 !

Mine had fairly low traffic but was under 100k !

The reason was, I was getting traffic from search engines and she relied on Facebook advertising.

If your website has low search engine traffic, it might affect your alexa rank as well.  Try working on your website’s SEO to get more visits from search engines.

How to Fix your Decreasing Alexa Rank ?

Fixing alexa rank is hard, it gets even hard when it is dropping regardless of your efforts.

Some months ago, I wrote a post on “How you can increase your alexa rank ?”. If you missed it then, give it a good read.

However fixing or controlling your dropping alexa rank is bit different. Not much different although.

Below are some recommendations you can employ to make your blog a garden again :-

Claim ( or re-claim if you had done it already ) your website – Go to alexa.com and claim your website. If you have already verified your website, re-verify it.

There are chances that the verification code or file might have got deleted due to some reason.

Whatever be the reason, re-verifying won’t be bad. It would take some minutes and will definitely be worth it.

seoRepair your SEO – Chances are that you are lacking traffic from search results.

Now, SEO is a wide field and there is a lot to say about it. There can be a thousand reasons what is wrong.

Write quality stuffed posts. Target long-tail keywords. This will help you appear on search results more often and increase your CTR ( click through rate ).

If you aren’t sure what is wrong with your website, you can hire me for an SEO analysis of your blog/website.

Work of increasing your traffic – Alexa rank is directly proportional to traffic ( somehow ).

Although I won’t hide that I have seen websites with high traffic and high alexa rank. But the websites that have a good alexa rank have good traffic and reader engagement.

Increasing traffic and building audience is not a one folded step. It involves couple of things.

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) , Social media, Directory sub-mission and commenting are some of my recommended tricks you can use to increase your traffic.

Be Regular – Before writing this post, I sat down with a pen and paper to figure out what my routine is going to be.

I came with a timing which is convenient for me. From now on, I’ll post two times a week on fixed timings. This will bring more audience and hence reflect on Alexa rank as well.

If you can’t be regular due to some reason, here is what you can do.

Prepare about 15- 16 posts and use them as a “Content-stock”. This will let you pass through the times when you have writer’s block or if you are not able to post due to some reason.

This posts will be saved as drafts and you can publish them. Meanwhile make sure you add new posts regularly to this stock.

Practice neat link building – Hacknovations doesn’t has too much backlinks. If you analyze where my backlinks are from, you’ll realize that majority are from comments or mentions on other blogs.

Don’t use a spammy backlink generator tool. It is likely to decrease your rank further more rather than increasing it.

Produce good quality content and let the backlinks grow on its own.

Install alexa toolbar and the widget – A good way to let alexa analyze your stats better is by installing their toolbar. It is available free of cost on the official alexa website.

Also, ask your readers to install it as well.

Because installing the toolbar isn’t possible for every single reader of yours or mine, you can get a widget of your website and embed it in your website.

Yes, that’s the reason I have it on my blog !

Conclusion – When I look at my stats now on alexa, I feel terribly sad of letting go of blogging.  If I had been regular during that time, the rank would have been at much better place.

However, its never too late. Starting from today, I will post twice a week on this blog. One on Monday and other on Thursday.

If you aren’t yet subscribed, subscribe below to get notified first about that posts.

Majority of the readers of this blog are bloggers themselves. So, I’d would like to ask them to share their alexa rank in the comments below and their story of growing up to it.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Theodore Nwangene

Hello Rachit,
Good to see you back, hope your exams went well? Good luck.

One of the best ways I’ve seen to significantly bring down the alexa rank of any website is to be constant with posting, the more you publishes new articles, the more people visits your site and the more your alexa comes down.

I know how tedious and time consuming running a blog and also schooling at the same can be because I’ve also been there.

Good luck man.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Theodore,

    Exams went terrible =D.

    I will prepare well for the next. Good to know you’ve been here as well.

Mohd Arif

Hi Rachit,

Thanks for this inspiring post, I am also faced this condition on my website my Alexa rank still fall since last 3 month.. I don’t know how I can stop this.. I will try your given tips hope this will work for me.. thanks for this amazing stuff…

Mohd arif


I am searching and reading and I am doing really good for the keywords that my industry is in yet Alexa traffic rank gets higher and higher like is a balloon. I realized that from when my website can be found through https versus http- Alexa rank has dropped. And then I found out that Alexa has a disclaimer that it doesn’t record secure pages. Now you are a specialist do you think that https is the problem why my rank has fallen so bad? I also take your advice and post here in your blog – my website – to create at least one quality good link.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Regards Elena


i tried alot but didnt get success yet
wouldd you plz tell me deep about keywords and seo
thanks and regards


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