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A lot of controversy and debates have been going on the internet about sub-domains and whether one should use them or not. Majority of the bloggers claim that malicious and some specific domain extensions can hurt your search result rank. It is true as well.

Using a top level domain for your blog is always beneficial. It won’t only let you rank high, but also let you create authority and impression in your niche.

But all top level domains are equally beneficial. Dot com is of course the most used extension. However extensions such as .net , .org etc are used quite often as well. A new top level extension has joined this race as well. That brand new tld extension is .xyz.

The extension is also used by Google’s parent company “Alphabet”. This completely explains how special this extension is.


Because the extension is fairly new, Hostinger is giving away the domain extension for FREE !

Yes, you heard it right. You can now get a .xyz domain name free of cost. This is a very limited time giveaway and might end in a few days, weeks or may be in a few hours.

If you need one such domain, quickly visit and register one free extension now.

How to Get a Free .xyz Domain ?

  1. Visit and sign-up for a free account. The registration is very easy and takes a few seconds if registration is done with Facebook or Google.
  2. In the tab located above, Navigate to “New Domain Registration” under the “Domains” tab.
  3. .xyz domain
  4. Enter the domain name your desire to check if it is available.
  5. Once available, select the domain name and hit next.
  6. free domains
  7. Fill in your details such as name, email etc. Be careful as these will be your whois details too. Once you finish filling those details, hit next.
  8. On the final screen, you’ll be asked for a coupon code, since the registration is free, you won’t need any coupon. Leave everything as it is and hit Enter.
  9. Once done, you will need to setup the domain for usage.
  10. Go to the “Domains” tab and Click on the Domain name.
  11. Select “Enter Data” and Enter your details in the pop-up that pops out.
  12. Once done, Click Save ! And you are done.

Note : You would need for a complete one business day for the domain to be activated. It is acceptable since they are distributing it free of cost.

Also, the domain names that have dot com booked, might cost you some bucks. For example if you try to book, it will cost you some bucks as is already booked, so search for names that haven’t been booked in the dot com version as well.

Free .XYZ Domain Names

The internet is a wide space and once you have a domain name of your own, there is a lot you can do. There are a lot of stuff you can try out. You should put the domain into some good , creative use and try to make the best out of it.

I’d highly suggest that one shouldn’t misuse the .xyz extension. I recommend it because people often don’t value free things much. If you spam the domain or use it for a malicious purpose, very soon it might be demoted in google search results as well.

Get a Free Domain + Free Hosting !

This might sound as a charm to you, hostinger also gives you free hosting. This means you can park your newly booked domain and try several things out.

The hostinger hosting panel has several great features. One of the most interesting features it has is the “Auto Installer”. Using the auto installer you can install hundreds of scripts and CMS within a few clicks. The auto installer also has “WordPress”.

Which means you can setup a free. xyz blog of your own.

However the free hosting will have some limitations and boundaries. Such as limited disk space, database etc. Although it would be enough for you to play around with. You can also remove these boundaries by upgrading your hosting account.

So, if you need a free hosting, Go to and book a free hosting account. It is pretty simple and takes less than a minute to get started.

-> Get Free .xyz Domain + Free Hosting Now <-

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Final words – I started hacknovations from a free sub-domain and made it huge from a simple blogspot domain. You now have the ability to get a top level domain for free.

You can start a new blog with this free domain, grow a cool website, start a new business or do any thing amazing you want. Have fun ! And don’t forget to share it so that everyone can join the .xyz band wagon.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Joy Healey

Hi Rachit,

Thanks for telling us about this great free offer – it’s a good chance for someone to get started online free and see how they go.

I hadn’t come across Hostinger before , but this is certainly a great offer to raise their profile. I’ll share this post as there may be people who’ll be able to use it as a way to get started with a blog.

Thanks for finding it, Joy

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Joy,

    Saw your awesome comment after a long long time on my blog. I’ve been busy in the exams and they went good. I am glad to see you back here.

    I agree Joy, this might be useful for someone who might want to start a blog, but isn’t willing to pay much or has some problems to invest bucks.

    Thanks for commenting.

Arun Negi

Hey Rachit, Thanks for this Helpfull post.
I just wan’t to ask you when they will approve my
Free domain I registered there day before yesterday but no repply from them still showing pending at cpanel why ??

    Rachit Singh

    They will send you a Support ticket Where you need to provide some details Again. Thanks for commenting.

Akaahan Terungwa

Hi Rachit,

This is a super awesome offer…with a free domain, the sky is the starting point!

Like you, I started my blog on a blogpost extension before I finally bought my hosting and domain name. Sincerely, I appreciate what you are doing for newbies. Please, do keep it up.

Be sure to enjoy the day.

Akaahan Terungwa
Akaahan Terungwa Recently wrote an article August/September NTP Blog Hop: Taking Time Off And A Million Other Awesome Entries

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks Akaahan for taking your time to comment.

    I feel no newbie should have problem I had. Hope to see you here often.

Evan Stathem

Hey Rachit. I have also registered a new domain. this is truly awesome.


It will charge you 0.18$ ICANN fee!

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks for informing, One of my teammates got a free domain although ! … Thanks for commenting Phat.

Tebrej Alam


Thanks for sharing this great offer, I will try for my new domain hope this plan still working now…thanks for this share…

Tabrej Alam


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