Google’s April 21st Mobile Friendly Update

On April 21st, Google will roll out another update, this was announced officially on their webmasters blog. A lot of blogs published numerous posts on what this update is how it is going to affect your website. According to this update google would be focusing to rank high mobile friendly websites in search results more than those who aren’t. These days a major part of the Internet users are using it on their mobile phones and tablets, making it essential for webmasters to make their website responsive i.e the one which adjusts itself according to screen sizes in mobile phones, tablets etc.

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Google April 21st Algorithm Update

Starting from April 21st, Google will expand mobile friendliness as ranking signal. The change is said to affect mobile searches in all languages world wide and will have significant impact in its search results. Google took this update as to believe it would help people over mobile devices to get relevant , high quality searches.

In my opinion Google would have took this bold and strong update to make search better for mobile and tablet users too. Although the update might seem to not affect your site much, but according to Google it is believed that more number of websites will be affected by this algorithm update than the number of websites who were affected by panda algorithm.

How to Deal with this Update ?

Well, if you don’t want to get your website pissed off with this update you would require to follow a few simple steps to optimize yourself for the update.

To begin with first you should check if your website is Mobile friendly or not. To check so, go to Google’s official Mobile Friendly Test tool.

If your site is not mobile friendly, don’t get angry follow the simple steps and get yourself ready for the update.

1. Make Your Website Responsive

Its not a good idea to create a separate website for mobile visitors. The prime reason you should avoid this approach because updates made or done to your main website won’t reflect on your mobile site.

But if you have a responsive design, you need not to worry about this any more. A responsive design automatically adopts your website according to the viewers screen size.

If you are using WordPress, there are thousands of responsive themes you can apply to your website. My favorite responsive themes being sahifa [Review] , while you can also get awesome responsive wordpress themes at Mythemeshop.

2. Speed up your site


Before moving I recommend your first check how fast or how slow your website is loading. There are several web services which tell you the loading time and performance of your website. You can check your site’s loading time at and and then act accordingly.

There are thousands of articles on which help you decrease the load time of your website. While I believe you can use a fast theme , optimize your database ( if you are using wordpress ), decrease number of requests , optimize images, move scripts to footer , lazy load and use a Content delivery network to decrease your site loading time.

Final words – I hope that your site would be well optimized before google rolls out the update on April 21st. Although I personally know that my blog loads slow, for which I am planning to upgrade the servers to provide a better user experience.

Make sure you use good quality web-hosting to ensure your site loads quick enough. I would love if you leave down your opinions and suggestions about the google update and how to deal with it in the comments below.

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