Hacknovations Completes its First Year On The Web


First year on webApril 22nd 2014, this was the date when Hacknovations.org was born. Today right after 365 days I feel happy and proud to announce that Hacknovations has now completed its first year on the web now. Although small this journey had been a great time to me. Readers often ask me why I started blog, how much I earn with the blog and how hard is it to maintain a blog. In this article not only I would share my one year Blogging journey I would also answer the most asked questions on this blog by readers and co-bloggers.

Hacknovations first year on the Web

1-year-anniversaryI started this blog on April 22nd , 2014 . The idea behind was to create a website to provide full version softwares cracks , patches and keygens. The site worked fine for 4 – 6 months in starting but after this I felt I wasn’t making any brand on the web. I used Google’s blogger platform for blogging at that time. After I felt the need of creating a brand on the web, I moved on to WordPress self-hosted and created a blog. Now it was on me to decide what I will blog about. I realized that in the period of 6 months I’ve learned several things about blogging and I decided to write the same on the blog. My prime focus was to write on one subject and it was blogging i.e how to make your blog successful online. I started covering topics which revolved around this central topic.

Blogging Became my Passion

Overtime as the time advanced I realized that blogging somehow began my passion, writing and sharing what I learned was proving to be more exciting than it was expected to be.

I ditched my studies for blogging and started to learn more and more about the field. I met new bloggers and web entrepreneurs every other day. I talked and interviewed bloggers and was greatly influenced with several of them. At one point or the other I felt this was something I enjoy to do more than anything else.

Because I am a student , it had a great impact over my grades and reputation in the school. My performance and grades lowered gradually , although they never got too dull. But still I was devoting more time and complete attention to blogging.

With time I’ve developed a great passion for blogging , I read several books and Ebooks, both online and offline. I learned about several topics such as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , Affiliate marketing , CSS ( Cascading style sheets ) , WordPress , SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) , Online marketing and selling products and much more.

Turning Blog into Money Machine

After a few months of moving onto WordPress I observed that my passion was now costing some bucks per month. These costs included web-hosting costs, themes, plugins etc.

I then made up my mind to monetize my blog. I first tried Google Adsense , my application was rejected almost 14 times before it was accepted. Google adsense made me some bucks, then I moved to more money making options. I tried a combination of Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Direct ad selling, sponsered reviews and much more. All these options combined together made more than $300 – $450 per month.

Although this isn’t much , but for me it was fair amount as I was able to meet my blog expenses. Also my blog’s traffic wasn’t also too much to produce a lot of income.

But I am working over to increase my blog’s income , I try various services and products to make money online. With time I share these money making tips and tricks on my blog too.

Meeting Rakshit Joshi – Rakshit was the first person to become author at my blog. He is a tech geek and expertises in several topics. He wrote several posts when my blog was hosted on Google’s blogger platform . His posts remained in popular posts for quite several weeks. After I moved on to WordPress he is still a author at my blog and has contributed several articles. He mostly writes about Windows phone and smartphone.

We came in touch in a strange manner, he commented over one of my articles, we Started talking about comments and eventually become friends. He then started to write posts on blog and become a part of Team Hacknovations.

aloukikMeeting Aloukik Rathore aka Mojo Jojo – I was returning home after school night party when I found him floating on a lotus, just kidding. Aloukik is my classmate and we met in the school. Right after we met I realized we had similarity in likes, both were interested in web and tech related things hence he started writing at my blog.

Aloukik too prefers to right about Smartphones and new tech stuff being released over the web and the world. There is quite a lot of similarity between us, but not in studies ( He scores more marks than me 🙂 ).

I and Aloukik had a very very specific taste when it comes to themes and layouts of the blog. Most of the times when he recommends a theme I find it awful and same happens when I recommend a theme. Aloukik and me together built several websites and now looking to start another website and web-design company together in near future.

You might want to know why Aloukik got the name Mojo Jojo ? Well, I pinged him and he might be interested to tell this in the comments section.

quicksprout wordpress theme cloneMeeting Rakesh Kumar – Rakesh kumar is my senior , very senior WordPress theme developer and teacher. We came in touch after I commented on one of his articles and managed to get his number. We chatted on Facebook and then relation deepen a bit.

Rakesh is always there to provide extremely valuable feedbacks regarding the blog. You might not know but he is indeed the developer of fastest WordPress theme. The best thing about Rakesh and his theme developing is, he names his theme wisely with Indian names.

Rakesh’s blog Binarynote is quite famous and his themes make quite a good business. Not looking at the age difference we’ve met several times at the MC donalds and had a great time laughing and talking about blogs and themes.

rahul guptaMeeting Rahul Gupta – I met Rahul on Facebook, both being bloggers we had a lot of things in common. Rahul runs a blog in the similar niche as mine. Rahul is also elder than me, he is college while I am still in school. Rahul and I also founded a facebook group for sharing funny photos and jokes etc.

I discussed several Ideas about coupon websites with him and it worked great. Both of us are bloggers in the same niche and hence have a lot of talk and discuss about. Our blogs are closely in competition still we have a great friendly chat.

sachin maininfopointMeeting Sachin saini – He is the blogger behind Maininfopoint.com , he met me on Facebook. We have discussed a lot on Facebook about various things.

When I met Sachin and his blog, his blog was in a terrible condition , there was problem in themes and SEO titles of the blog. Under a few minutes I helped him got that fixed. He always talks with respect and recently he also interviewed me on his blog. You can read my Interview with him at his blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions To me –

I receive several questions and lots of emails from readers, co-bloggers , friends and relatives asking about various things and aspects at this blog. So, I take this opportunity to answer the most asked questions –

Q1. Why did You started Blogging ?

Ans : I started blogging because all my friends whom I trusted ditched me for someone. No one in the class was eager to talk to me other than one friend. Broken and lost I started writing about my experiences on my personal blog. I started blogging with a personal blog, then moved to professional blogging.

Q2. Do You really make money with this blog ?

Ans : Take a look at my monthly reports and posts. I make $300 per month from this blog through Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Sponsored reviews, direct ad sales. It is a reality that this blog makes money and in near future on the next monthly report I would possibly share picture proofs too.

Q3. How hard is it to make money with a blog ?

Ans : I recently published a complete article on this topic. I wrote an article about making money with blog, how hard is it and how you can make money with your blog.

To put it short and simple, it is quite hard and tricky to earn with a blog. Earning from a blog is certainly not a walk in a park, although it also isn’t rocket science. With right tools and instructions you can make money through your blog.

Q4. How much money it took you to Start this blog ?

Ans : Thanks to Ipage everything fell in my budget, it took me only $30 for one year to start this blog. Along it I also got a free domain name and a handful of features and services. If you are planning to use Google’s blogger it would only cost you as much it costs for a domain name. But if you are planning to use WordPress self-hosted, you also need a web-hosting and set up your blog yourself.

Busting Critics and haters


Overtime , along with income and presence on the web I’ve also grown a list of haters and critics who speak about me, against me behind my back. There is not much I can speak or do about those clingy people other than saying that, whatever you do , whatever you say might make you happy and center of attraction at the time you are criticizing me behind my back but let me tell you straight, it doesn’t bother me neither does it affect my income or the rate at which I am moving towards success.

You can be happy talking about me behind my back, if you run out of  things to talk, come to me, I’ll tell you more.

The thing is just because you behave like friend and smile with me , doesn’t make you my friend . I know majority of the persons I meet talk rubbish about me when I am not there, but believe me, they are behind for a reason. There are thousands of people who love me and all I know is there praises are more powerful than your behind back talks.

Building Websites like houses

Under the shed of team Hacknovations , several websites took birth. The websites made by our contribution are :-

  • Sanjivinifoundation.org
  • Sangeetshikshakendra.in
  • Mobiletuffy.tk ( Offline now )
  • Maininfopoint.com ( Re-creation )
  • rachi.tk
  • Lolwapanti.ga
  • aloukik.tk

I am a 12th Standard Student Now

Just recently I gave my exams and now I am in 12th standard, which makes it damn hard for me to devote time to the blog. But Still I work on this blog for some hours to make it look young and let it stay alive. Over time I found that its only a year left to study so I should leave every thing else and concentrate full time on studies, so as a result I divert my full time and attention towards studies instead of the blog.

Good Bye, Facebook

good bye facebook

I recently deactivated my Facebook account due to some reasons, prime cause being it was full of people having too much free time and trying to drag me into matters which have nothing to do with me. Also, it was required to say good bye to Facebook for an year to stay focused on studies and complete my last school year with good marks.

 The Guy Who Made it Possible

hanumant chandNow, this one is a big point. There is only one person whom I devote the complete success of this blog, and he is non other than my Father – Hanumant Chand. I am extremely thankful that he devoted his time and effort on this blog. I would like to tell you a little story, when I started writing a blog, three of my friends too started a free blog. But when it came to upgrade their blog, their parents refused to pay while my father understood my interest and passion and paid for the blog.

He has always supported the blog in terms of finance and motivation, always told me to keep going with my passion and interest. When every single person including my mom was against me, he stood there as firm as stone to support me and let me do my work.

Whenever I received any single payment, he became more happy than I was, also when I was praised over the web, called in for interviews, and mentioned on some blog, he became extremely happy for me.

Although he is not from technical field , he always provides me with valuable feedbacks and suggestions related to blog and how to work better in the life. When I entered 12th , his first words were “I never stopped you from blogging, but its last year and your life will depend a lot on it, I want you to concentrate more on studies than your blog.” As a result I made up my mind to devote my time and concentration to studies more than Blogging.

My Lovely Maternal Uncle

ved prakash singhThere is one more person who is responsible for the widespread success of this blog, and he is my maternal uncle – Ved Prakash Singh. He was the one who taught me the difference between good and bad, he was the one who taught me what was the outer society and world was like. He taught me how selfish persons can be at sometimes. Personally he has suffered a lot and hence taught me a lot. He is in the list of persons to whom I trust and respect as well.

I love spending time with him when I visit his house in the summer vacations. He seems to look simple, but behind the cute face lies a lot of experiences, a lot of pain, a lot of lessons he learned over time from people. I am thankful that he taught me so much about life and how people work.

He is quick learner and expert teacher. He loves to learn several tech things from me and then implement them on his own. His wide and ever growing interest in things is what makes him unique. Recently he bought several flower plants and takes care of them. He also loves teaching and spending time with her niece Rishita.

Where does Hacknovations stand now ?


Started as a passion, Hacknovations has grown a lot over time. The worst thing I regret is that I spent 6 Major months on Blogger, if it had been with WordPress, Hacknovations would have grown much more than it had grown in the last 6 months or what is now 1 year.

It made me lot of bucks over the last 4 months when I started monetizing and turning it into a money machine. The best it had done for me is to teach me blogging. I know have a sound knowledge of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , Although the field is too big for me to learn it completely, because there are regular updates and algorithms, but I’ve learned a lot. There are lots of things I learned which include how to setup a WordPress self hosted blog, video editing, affiliate marketing and much more.

The Hacknovations giveaway

Its our first year on the web, to make it special for you readers as well, I thought to make it a little more. I am hosting an exclusive giveaway for our readers where 50 lucky readers can win Flipkart E-gift voucher worth 2,500. You can participate in the giveaway from the link below. Hurry, its a limited time giveaway.

   Hacknovations Giveaway

Final words – Finishing off, I would say it was a great year and I hope the coming years to be even greater. I would feel really happy if you comment down your wishes and suggestions in the comments below.

The persons mentioned in the text are specially invited to comment their opinions and wishes in the comments section.

In the coming months I’ll be publishing more Ebooks and hosting more giveaways for readers.


Rachit Singh.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Best wishes for your first b’day …………hackvonations

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Hurray, We turned 1 year. We now put more efforts to make this small part of web more awesome.

    Rachit Singh

    Yes, or we put efforts to make this site a big part of the web.

Sachin Saini

birthday of your blog
Keep Blogging

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Jim Anderson

Rachit , a very very happy birthday to your website. You are one of those bloggers I love to read and greatly affected with.
You are young and enthusiastic, keep going..

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks for your kind words jim, and thanks for coming by and commenting.

Happy New Year 2016

birthday of your blog
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