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hide posts/widgetsSeveral times like me, you would have also felt the need of hiding some specific posts/widgets on homepage. The main reason of this could be, If you have a tech blog and you published an off-topic article ; mainly because you write sponsored article which doesn’t suite you niche. If you hide a specific post/widgets on home page not only it would maintain the quality of your blog, but it would also reduce the blog load time as well. Well, the reasons can vary behind this, but the procedure is same.

How to hide posts on homepage ?

hiding post

  1. Download and install wp hide post.
  2. After installation choose to edit the post and navigate to “post visibility” in screen boxes. If it is not showing up, check it in screen options.
  3. In the box check or uncheck the required options.

Note : Your post would be hidden from homepage only if you don’t check the other options as well. This means your post would be visible in the feed, until you don’t select to hide it there also. And also hiding the post in “search results” won’t hide your posts in search terms of Google or other search engines.

How to hide widgets on homepage ?

widget show hideBecause widgets are quite easy to add, several bloggers over laden their blog with them. Hiding or showing specific widgets on selected pages helps you make your blog beautiful and decrease the load time. You can easily hide/show widgets by :

  1. Download and install jetpack plugin, if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to jetpack > Jetpack , this will show you the available options by the plugin. Activate the widget visibility option.
  3. widget show hide2Go to appearance > widgets and expand a widget. In the tray just below click on visibility. Here you can customize on which page your widgets would hide/show.

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Rachit Singh

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