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On November 10, 2014
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Hostinger is an web-hosting company that offers free web hosting, premium hosting , domain booking and much more. Rachit outlines its pros and cons

After Using Hostinger for the last 7 months, I moved to a new host Today. So, I though to write down my Experience. Hostinger is a Web host on which my blog was hosted for last 7 months. Right now I consider switching back to Hostinger and use their paid hosting as they provide everything I need and for a better priceThrough the Article I’ll be focusing on its “Web Hosting” services only. As Hostinger Provides a Wide Range of services Ranging From Web Hosting, Domain name, Server, SSL etc.

Hostinger got my Attention through a Google Adwords advertisement while I was Searching For Free Web Hosting. The First thing Which got my Attention was Its Sign Up ease. Within a Few clicks You can Register with Your Facebook/Google Account. After This You can Log-in Using the same Account From the Home Page. And You can’t miss the Auto-Installer Feature with which you can Install various Scripts Such as WordPress, Joomla, Online E-Store Etc in a Single Click. Some of Its Prime Feature Includes :

Updated September 2, 2016. Hostinger’s representatives contacted me telling that my review is outdated. They offered a premium hosting account to test their services. Thus, this review was updated with my personal experience about their paid hosting.

Hostinger #1 Adding Your Domain

To Enjoy the Benefits of Hosting Such as File Manager, FTP, Web Mail Etc You need to Add your Domain to Hostinger. If you Buy a domain from Hostinger there is no need of modifications. But As I used a Net4 Domain I Needed to Make some Modifications before Starting. To Register Your Domain With Hostinger, You need to change some NS Records (If you are Not Using Domain name From Hostinger). After Pointing Your Domain NS Records to Hostinger’s You’ll be Ready to Go.

Hostinger #2 Professional Email : Web Mail

If you are Using a Email Like : or Yahoo, Rediffmail or Any other, You can use a Professional Email of Your Domain name. For Example My Domain name was and I created a Web Mail : which was 500GB in Storage <Not Bad !> and ready to send, receive Emails. And With Email Forwarding Feature you can let your Emails sent to Professional Email to your Personal Email Box. I used a Email Forwarding service which forwarded all my Emails from to

Hostinger #3 Auto Installer : Install Whatever You Like !

With the Auto Installer Available in the Dashboard you can Install any scripts you like on Your Domain. You can install nearly anything or any script available online. You can Install Popular CMS <Content Management System> such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Website Baker, Moodle and much more. The list of these further contain Forum, SEO tools, Community building Tools, Survey Tools and Photo And Files Managers. All of these could be Installed within a Click ! In one of my Articles I provided a complete tutorial about Making a Free WordPress Self Hosted Blog, In the Article also I used Hostinger’s services.

Hostinger #4 Instant Support and Help

It is said that If you are working on a Big goal you will face big obstacles. While maintaining my Website, I encountered several problems. It is very easy to get support on Your Problem through a Ticket system, You Start a Ticket send them a Question and They would answer you. Now the Question arises, In How much time would they Help ? The answer lies which account you have. If you have a Free account you would be replied in 3-4 days While If you are using any Paid service you would be replied in 1-4 Hours. After Your Problem Solves you can close the Ticket. Also the Knowledge base Contains answers to some Questions users have already asked, Half of your problems would already be solved there.

Hostinger #5 Free Hosting VS Premium Hosting

Hostinger Offer Free As well as Premium hosting Options. The Difference is of course deducted and added in terms of Features. You can look in the Snapshot below, the difference in the features below <Fig 1.1>. It is always advisable to use Shared Hosting <Premium> or <business>.

Hostinger #6 Online Website Builder

If you not Interested in Building a Blog or such thing, then you can Build a Website online using zyro Website Builder. It is drag and Drop system and very easy to use. You can select from a vast range of services. And then Edit text, Add Images and Publish it when your are Ready. It is basically for Users who want to create a single business page of their choice.

Hostinger Pros

  • You can get a free domain, free hosting and start a website completely free of cost.
  • You have access to awesome web-services like MySql database and much more.
  • The customer support replies within 4 hour if you’ve purchased a premium service.
  • The auto-installer makes it very easy to get your site started

Hostinger cons :

  • A lot of readers are not satisfied with hostinger , the majority of them report that they are poor in customer support. Over the time I’ve used their services and noticed that they are really poor in customer support and help.
  • Update : Their customer support improved a lot! It seems that they focus on paid hosting as I submitted several tickets and got replies within 1 hour. That’s awesome knowing how many clients they have. Probably they hired quite a few guys to keep up with growing user base. Support was helpful and answered all my technical questions in a timely manner.
  • With the time and server load the number of “Internal server error” keeps increasing. This is quite irritating and can demote your site reputation.
  • Update : Their paid hosting is better than the free one. That’s a fact. As support guy told me, in order to provide quality service, they keep paid and free clients on separate servers. I managed to run several CMS installations on a single hosting account and did not get any “Internal Server Errors” or other server side errors.
  • There is no malware scan, although they scan your website for phishing scripts. Still, I upload several nulled scripts but they weren’t able to find them out.
  • Update : I was proven wrong. They do have malware scanner. Although, it may be possible to upload nulled scripts, you cannot do the same with malware / infected files. Their virus scanner works 24/7 and if you upload anything fishy, files will be deleted in no time.
  • Site loading time is quite slow. Despite of my emails to support, they weren’t able to find out what was wrong.
  • Update : At first, I was not happy with their loading speed. I contacted support staff and they moved my account (it took 1 hour for them) to a different server which is closer to my location (it seems that hey have servers all around the world!). I can clearly see the difference as my web is now blazing fast. Combine that with CDN like CloudFlare and you have top notch hosting for a reasonable price.

Final Words (Updated) : I feel that their business model and attitude towards clients has changed and they now focus on providing the best hosting service for paid clients. If you liked reading the Article then You should sign up and give Hostinger a Try. Overall Hostinger is An Affordable yet Effective Web Host. If you Planning to Start a Blog and need a Web Host, You can use Hostinger. You can First try making a Free Website at Hostinger then Upgrade it to a better plan If you wish to. I used the Free plan in the First 3 Months when I moved to WordPress. Later on I Upgraded to the Shared Hosting Package. Right now I consider switching back to Hostinger and use their paid hosting as they provide everything I need and for a better price. I Would like to know your Opinions, Views about the Article. Your Comments motivate me a lot. You can Leave down your Precious views in the comments Below.

Hostinger is an web-hosting company that offers free web hosting, premium hosting , domain booking and much more. Rachit outlines its pros and cons
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Ishtiak Ahmed

Yes, I am using Hostinger too. But I am facing MySQL Server Error too much time now a days. But if anyone tell me to rate it, I will rate it 5 out of 5.

    Rachit Singh

    Nice Ishtiak. I also faced some problems and after then moved to a more professional hosting.

Rachit Singh

This Review is updated for 2015 as well


DO NOT use Hostinger’s free hosting option! Save yourself the grief, headache and aggravation! I have been using it for a few days. The customer service for the free aspect of their hosting has got to be the most dismal experience with a company as I have ever had. You have to point your own domain with out any way to do that on their hosting site. They won’t tell me how to do that because they don’t offer that in an email. I couldn’t believe I received that comment in their response. I will NEVER recommend this garbage company to anyone. As competitive as this business is, that’s the best these dope smoking numb sculls can offer? And yes, I do have more harsh words for such poor customer service!

    Rachit Singh

    This is only if you have the Free subscription, once you buy the premium or standard pack, your support is quite quick ! But I agree, the Free services is very poor !


      Free hosting is awful so far – less than 1 month and already suspended for 70% usage over a simple php script (not even CMS!) that captures last hit IP. I can’t believe that a simple “fopen/fputs/fclose” script would take that much for an unadvertised domain (theirs). Not happy so far.

        Rachit Singh

        So sad to hear about your situation. Try deleting your account and re-creating same account 😉
        But uploading a simple script again and again is time consuming.

Santosh Wagh

I will not recommend either their free service or paid service. I used free and paid service. Their server goes down multiple times, when you ask the support, why I could not open my website, they will tell you try after sometime.

This is the worst company I have ever hosted my website by paying my dollar

    Rachit Singh

    The worst part is support + Security ! They take as much as 4 hours to reply when you have a paid subscribtion, this was the moved, you can check out my new review.


DO NOT use: paid for a premium business account 1 year up front
In the 3 months with them my site is yet to make it online.
Best response time for the business support was 50 hours and at that point the whole team had to spam them for an hour to get a response. Domain registration took almost two months.
Server migration on a weekly basis (1 hour notice) = 24 hours down time (never on a weekend?) leaving us with constant maintenance and a service attitude of if and when it suits them.
Uploads almost always failed making it very time consuming
The List go’s on and as mentioned by Ben only Harsh words left for them
Currently in battle on daily basis for the past week trying to get a refund with the excuses and promises flowing thick at least these come within a day as supposed to the 50+ hours for support….

    Rachit Singh

    yes, I also do agree, they are quite poor in terms you mentioned.. Can you please provide your email so that I can help you


    I can’t believe that domain registration could possibly take two months. If you provide correct contact details the domain should be online the next day as it’s always been for me. If you know there is an ICANN policy which states that domain owner has to provide their real contact details otherwise the domain cannot be registered.

Khaled Saifullah Sadi

Hostinger Is the Best Hosting Provider Site. i make my all site by using hostinger

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks, there is rarely anyone who praises hostinger. Good to know things work well for you.


      I use Hostinger over a year and no problem at all..not even ssl msql or other function on hostinger…Rated 5/5

        Rachit Singh

        Great it worked fine for you. Although it seems you are from hostinger itself 🙂 kidding aside , thanks for commenting.

albin thomas

I too had same experience with hostinger.
Server is down most of the times & Worst costomer support
albin thomas Recently wrote an article who all died for love?Men and women valentine true love 2015

    Rachit Singh

    I Agree, their customer support is damn poor. They will reply you after hours and will still be unable to resolve the issue. I think they should install a live chat.


I have a free account and found it very easy to do it all yourself. However hostingers own website is slow as sometimes and I cannot even log in. But I have not paid for anything with hostinger and have a fully functional website for the total of £6 which I paid for the domain name. The website builder was terrible across platforms, but I will give it another go now it has been updated. Overall very good and easy for free!

    Rachit Singh

    Congratulations Ben for your free account. The problem seems to start basically when you start using MySql database, are you using it ?


i used hostinger the last 5 months.
And it works very good! One time server was down. In one hour back online. Maybe because i dont use mysql. Everything works perfect.

Ali Chammah

Thank you for your great article. I’m using Hostinger for my personal site and it works great. 5 stars for rating. Hostinger is the best.


Worst host i’ve ever encountered.
Would not recommend at all, used them for 3 months and the amount of stress was UNREAL. Stay away.

    Rachit Singh

    hehehe 🙂

    I am sorry you had this experience. Thanks for commenting.

Tuan Triet

I used Hostinger for 2 years and I found it’s a great web hosting services. Every tickets are answerred in 2-3 hours, that’s good enough. Their customer support team is very friendly. Thumb up for Hostinger.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Tuan, I won’t say that support team is friendly, I suffered a lot with their hostings, may be that was why I left hostinger. However I love that you received great support. Thanks for commenting.


They suspended my hosting account because they could not fixed the 503 error. My site is unstable when i am trying to update the script. But after uploading some updates my site is in accessible for more than 10hours and i keep complaining, send tickets they response once aftter 6hours downtime. So i just waited there response for another 4hours because i need to update the script ASAP but the next message i receive is “MY HOSTING ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”

“Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 371 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server (Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 371 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server)”

They suspended my account w/o prior notice TAKE NOTE i`m a PREMIUM HOSTING USER means i payed for it not FREE and they suspended it in an instant?.. Don`t waste your money my site is only running 1week or 2weeks only but i still have 2 website hosted by them and all of those is new and bought only this year.. 3 years hosting subscription if this remaining 2 is suspended also then BOOM i just donated my money to them.

    Rachit Singh

    Quite sad buddy. This is usual with the hostinger thing. THanks for posting your opinion.


    …Same here!
    They suspended my premium account on last saturday afternoon (Reason: HTML.Phishing.Bank-1259 detected on username ) I do not have any way of access anymore to check this!
    I opened a ticket, and wrote to their Forum on sunday, but by now (Monday 09:45 no reaction at all (opened ticket 24 hrs. ago)!
    I also have the 3 years subscription…

Rajit is a very interesting idea and a very helpful thing for webmasters who want to publish their websites for free. If you have a website and don’t want to invest money in it, but you want it online, I suggest you to use services. It is friendly use, their services have a good speed and I never heard it to be down.


Hostinger is super bad! There is an CPU limit and if you are skipping that you will be suspended! And that CPU limit is also REALLY small. 🙁 they used to be good until the new update…


Am Planning to host a magento site. but am not sure which hosting providers will be good. have registered ma domain with godaddy, but now for hosting according to price there are 2 options microhosting and hostinger but the reviews for microhosting are completely negative but hostinger has bit good reviews. now am completely confused which one to chose. is there any other better hosting providers for ecommerce sites? pls guide. pls help


I use Hostiger free web hosting for several days and I already have a problem.

Although the site was active for only 3 days, but I was suspended with the message “Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 44 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server “.

Just to mention that this is a wordpress site that has about 10 plugins .
I sent a ticket to customer service and do not correspond to more than 2 days ..
They are definitely the worst free hosting which I used until now.
The rating is -1.
Do not use Hostinger free hosting.


they scammed me, they say unlimited storage but we can use the premium hosting to store files. what the hell?
they refuse to refund but kept the payment cycle set to enable.

run away from them.

Gerry Blevins

I signed up for a paid account a while ago with these guys, it’s a huge waste of money and a scam. You pay for hosting and you get nothing but downtime and it’s constant, every day thing.


I did not prefer this for paid service. I used the free plan on hostinger and after 6 5 months my website is suspended by them without any warning. If you want to use free hosting then take your site fully backup because we don’t know when they suspend the account without any notification.


I am really upset. Hostinger is advertising nowadays ,they are giving away free XYZ domain names, but it has been 3 days and I didn’t get my domain name yet,I even filled my details correctly. they give false hopes and lie to people for getting more registrations to their host. so please don’t get caught ,never buy anything from them, they are liars and scammers.


Hostinger is the worst company I have ever seen.
I registered a .XYZ domain with them and after 10 days they said sorry the domain is not available.Somebody else registered the same domain when my order was still pending confirmation and I lost my domain.
Cust service is very poor.
So please don’t order anything from them.You ll suffer


I quite like Hostinger. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of errors and I know it’s bad. However, just recently, my site went down without me doing anything. Then in a few minutes after going up, it went down again. I contacted customer service (which is one guy for the Netherlands). He answered within half an hour (it was past 11pm, so that surprises me), he indeed noticed some major load on the server that hosted that domain. He also told me he had migrated the site to another server right away, and this solved the problem.

A nice thing I find about Hostinger: I’ve got a handful of domains, and I can all host them under 1 hosting package. This saves me quite some money.


it showing lke this .what can i do can u show me clear with images…i am new to this website

Your domain is not pointing to our nameservers at the moment, so services such as FTP, File Manager, E-mail (and others) will not work correctly. You can find our nameservers at the “Accounts -> Details” section. Please mind that DNS might take up to 24 hours to propagate when the change is submitted.


hstinger is too bad


I joined in March,2016, after reading all reviews. They proved to be the worst ever hosting services. Their coverage is only for 8 hrs every days and no coverage in the evening or night times. Without any notification and message they suspended my business website incurring me the losses of thousands. No one provide telephone number to talk. They usually reply messages one per day.
Overall experience is worst.
It would be my first option to quit.


I love hostinger


hostinger provider is not recommended, I have 6 domain name under provider and they dont say about hidden charges like annual fee. I give up all my site here because the longer I subscribe here the more they fuck me about hidden charges. Hostinger provider is NOT Recommended any more.


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