How SEO Hits The Bottom Line of Your Blog


When it comes to the figures of online income, SEO is one of the prime elements that hits the bottom line.

Additionally, It is the one of the most ignored aspects as well. People assume that traffic would automatically come from “somewhere” if they continue writing posts.

When we work online, we don’t have a magic island that can send legit readers over at our blog. To get readers, bloggers and web-masters have to work hard and invest a lot of time.

To get traffic and acquire readers, pro-bloggers try nearly every traffic acquisition method. SEO surely holds the top spot in that list.

In this post, I’ll explain How important is SEO in driving traffic to your blog.

How SEO Hits the Bottom Line of Your Blog

Tremendous traffic – Everybody is aware of the huge amount of traffic the web giant receives. If you are still figuring, Google receives approximately 51,196 searches every second.

If anybody needs an information, he/she first hits Google !

If you manage to tangle up the first spot on the page one, you’ll surely receive traffic soon. According to studies, it is been observed that the first spot on page one gets a whooping 34% click through rate !

It might seem small at first, but get it this way. If you target the right keyword ( which is searched quite often ) , then your website will appear more often and get more clicks as well.

Google receives tons of traffic, all you have to do is target the right keyword and rank high.

By targeting the right keyword, you can surely open flood gates to your blog. Your site would then be receiving gallons of traffic. I’ve been using this technique to derive traffic towards my client’s website from quite a time.

Increased traffic = Increased profit !

When I put the “profit” on the table, a lot of bloggers might say they aren’t blogging for money. I get that a lot.

However, if you love blogging, it won’t hurt you to make some bucks out of your passion.

I started earning when I realized that my passion ( blogging ) was costing my dad some bucks every month.

Even if you want to make profits through blog, it isn’t simple ! You need to have a clear “revenue-system” or “monetization” plan. Let it be Google adsense or advertising, you need one key element for success of any revenue system. That key element is “Traffic”.

As I explained in the first step, SEO is capable of opening flood gates of traffic to your blog, once you have traffic, you can execute any revenue system.

If you look carefully and understand any money making system, you’d find that all of them require traffic.

Some money making techniques ask for high volume for traffic, some demand comparatively low amounts of traffic. But one thing is common i.e Traffic !

Building Authority online – Have you ever Googled “Huffington Post” , if not, Try it after reading this post.

huffington post

Saw the screenshot above ?

Well this is what appears when you Google for Huffington post. Won’t you like the same to be when someone googles your business name ?

With the clever use of schema and JSON ( will explain this in future posts ) , huffing has managed to charm the complete above fold of google search and its knowledge graph.

It would certainly maintain a broad impression in minds of your clients if your business website can do the same online. This won’t only increase readers and click through rates but would also increase your trust and brand awareness online.

Targeted audience – You can bring tons of traffic to your website through various means. But it won’t be profitable for your brand.

Take it this way, Suppose you have a website where you sell wordpress themes. The only audience you need would be those who are interested in buying wordpress themes. Readers interested in ghost stories, or shampoos won’t bring any benefit to you !

With SEO you have highly targeted audience. This is because people will come to your website searching for the keyword you want. People who search for “WordPress Themes” will surely be interested in wordpress themes and buying from your website.

This way your brand would have targeted audience. Targeted audience dramatically increases your profits and readership.

Bypass Competition – It doesn’t matter in which niche you are writing, there are going to be thousands of similar blogs and websites competing with you.

SEO lets you bypass that competition with ease.

With enough efforts you can capture more readers and audience for your blogs. Additionally you can also convert audience and readers of other blogs into your own.

Search engine optimization lets you increase your traffic and bypass competition at the same time.

The Irony About SEO !

The most ironical part about SEO is that despite being so important, it is one of the most neglected part of an online business.

A lot of website designers too claim to build SEO friendly websites, however majority of them don’t !

Before you make a purchase next time, be sure to consult a SEO specialist to make sure if its really SEO friendly or not. You can also contact me for this Job.

A lot of things hurt SEO, a lot of things contribute to it as well. There are lot of SEO norms and they continuously changing and improving as well.

Conclusion – If you are a blogger, I can bet SEO has been beneficial to you as well.

Below in the comments, please share how has search engine optimization helped you in the process of growing your blog.

One more thing I’d like to add to this post is that seo takes time to show its effect. Unlike PPC or traffic conversion tools, seo doesn’t give you traffic over nights. It takes time building links and exposure.

But once your blog is on the right track, you can expect high volumes of traffic to flow into your blog and get benefits mentioned in the post.

As a blogger, what are your little SEO hacks that you use to rank your blog posts high in search results ? ( Leave down your answers in the comments below ).

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Theodore Nwangene

Hello Rachit,
Search engine optimization is really one of the most important aspect of content marketing and like you said, its also one of the most neglected aspect of it.

I agree with you that most people have benefited from the search engines at one point or the other but the thing is that, most of us usually claim to be SEO experts whereas we do not know anything about it, i don’t even believe that anyone knows it all.

Its sometimes a hit and miss game.

    Rachit Singh

    I Agree, Theodore.

    We all miss and learn. SEO is no different.

Ajay Singh

Hello Rachit,
What Factors makes a blog comes at first place in Search Engine.
Ajay Singh Recently wrote an article 10 Executive Trainee Jobs in BHEL Recruitment 2015- Apply Online


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