How to Earn Money From Facebook by Sharing Photos

Facebook is the most popular social network, making it one of the best ways to increase your online exposure and earn money. I strongly believe that if you are investing your time in Facebook and there is no potential output of it, then you are just wasting your time in sharing photos and gossiping with friends. I derive 40% of this blog’s traffic , which accounts for 30% total profit being derived from Facebook. Guess the problem here, even if you make up your mind to earn money from Facebook, you would be confused as from where to start. In this article I’ll guide you about earning money from Facebook by sharing photos !

A Data derived answer that it is Possible to Earn Money from Facebook

If you take a quick look at 9gag’s Facebook page, according to Facebook stats, they have as much as 5,000,000+ monthly users. 23,200,600 likes on their Facebook page, they derive a part of their traffic from their Facebook page too. In case you don’t know what 9gag does, below is the look of their website homepage.

9gag's homepage

9Gag is kind of online portal where users share “User generated” funny images, memes, jokes and similar stuff. If you look at their website, it is world’s 209th most popular website with an amazing page rank of 6 ! Now lets stick to the actual part, the question is how do they derive traffic from Facebook to their website. For understanding this, take a look at this post on their Facebook page.


As you can see, they’ve linked their posts from their Facebook page to their website, increasing their website popularity , traffic as well as their Facebook page reach.

There are lot of websites which are following the same trick and it works like charm. Thousands of blogs and websites derive traffic to their websites from their Facebook page. What the stuff goes behind is, they link an image with a URL shortner, and link/upload it to Facebook. This is what I am going to explain in the coming section of this article. Before starting you are supposed to take a look at what stuff you would require to earn money from Facebook.

Things Required to Earn money From Facebook

  • A Blog/website or a file hosting service
  • An image editor
  • A Facebook page with enough followers
  • URL Shortner

How to Begin Earning Money online from Facebook ?

1. Now comes the trick which will reveal you how you can start earning money online. To begin you would need a blog or a website ( to upload your photos ), if you don’t prefer to spend money on web-host and domain name you can use a file hosting or specifically an Image hosting service to host your images. If you are thinking to buy a web-hosting I would surely recommend Ipage, but if you prefer working with Free image hosting services, I’d recommend and Both these websites are free and provide you a direct link as well.

2. Second thing you would need is a Facebook page with enough likes on it, and also people interacting with it. Yes, I know its hard to get quick likes on a newly created Facebook page. But I’ll get it fixed for you too ! Earlier on this blog I published an article on How to get  5,000 friends on Facebook under 7 days. So what you need to do is, create a new account and using that article you would succeed to generate 5,000 friends under 7 days. After you have 5,000 friends move ahead and convert your profile with 5,000 friends into a page, after doing this you would have a newly created page with 5,000 likes ! If you still feel to increase your page’s likes, you can use a like exchange networks to increase your Facebook page likes.

funny image

3. An Image editor : The reason you need an image editor is to create / edit images to post/upload.  The thing is if you upload an image you just found from Google images, it is most likely that google would penalize your website ( if any ). If you can’t create an image yourself, download one and you can edit the image to change it. If you are wondering which photo editor to begin with, I suggest you should photoscape to edit your images.

How to Start Earning Money From Facebook ?

To get started earning money from Facebook, you need to follow these few simple steps.

  1. Create a Facebook page as instructed above, you will be ready with a Facebook page with 5,000 likes. Name your page wisely and choose something in which a lot of people are interested. For example create a Facebook page for sharing funny photos and jokes. Not only these get attraction , they also get a lot of social share too.
  2. Get a free blog, Its free , easy and doesn’t need any coding knowledge to get started. If you are going to use a blog, you would have all your images under one folder But if you are going to use a Free Image uploading service, make sure you are able to keep track of your images and link them properly. Throughout the procedure you would be using direct image links so select a image host wisely.
  3. Here is how it goes, You upload a image on your blog / image uploading service. Get a direct link to it, copy the URL to its direct link and shorten it using URL shortner. You can read this article on URL shortners and working with them. After you shorten the link you need to share it on Facebook page. The only obstacle is Facebook doesn’t allows some URL shortners such as , for posting your links , convert your shortened link into another shortened link with tinyURL. Now you would have your final shortened url ready to be shared on Facebook page. Share it on your Facebook and wait for people to click on shortened URL’s and view the image.

How to Upload your first Image ?

The instructions above might not make things very clear to you, so I decided to tell you how to upload your first image and get started earning money from Facebook. Below is step by step instructions on how to upload your first image. Follow the steps if you are using blogger , if you use Free image hosting, continue from step 4. You only need a direct link to the image.

blogger dashboard

1. Login to your , In your Dashboard, click on new post.

insert image

2. In your new post panel , Click on Insert Image. Click on Choose images and Upload them. Select the image and Click on the Add selected button. After inserting image, click on Publish post.

add images

3. Open your post , right click on your image and select view image. When your image is shown, copy the direct link to the image from the URL address bar.

image url

4. Shorten the image address with a URL shortner, Read this complete article on How to shorten and earn with URL shortners.

5. Copy the shortened link and shorten it again with

6.When you have the final URL , Share it on Facebook.

earn from facebook

Next you need to sit back and watch as people open shortened links and your money chart starts moving. Don’t limit yourself to one image ! Share a lot of images, in groups, conversations and on your Facebook page.

Personal recommendations – To get the best out of Facebook, I recommend the following things which are likely to boost your earnings.  For max earnings from Facebook, use the following resources.

Final words :- I don’t promise that you will earn thousands of bucks out of this, but always remember you will be earning from something on which you just wasted time earlier, remember the quote that something is better than nothing. You need to be calm to earn online, no one gets rich quick , it takes time and hard work.

I hope this article would have helped you show a new way to earn money from Facebook by sharing merely some photos. If you think article is missing something, drop a comment below. All your comments, suggestions, problems are too welcomed in the comments section.

So, how much did you earn from Facebook by sharing photos ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Jim Anderson

I must tell this to you , I’ve read so many posts on how to earn money through Facebook. But, the thing is most of them were fake. When I read your post, I now think that earning like you described in the article can really earn me some bucks.
You described the topic pretty well but I am thinking what image hosting website to choose ?

    Rachit Singh

    You can use TinyPic, as mentioned in the article too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, comment further if you have any other query.


I was wondering what the site is in step 6? Please email me so I can make sure I completely understand this. Thank you so much. Is it from Google where your making money from?


Yes, I facebook with link back to your site is there.
How to really make money from this? What should the visitors do?


how do i know if its free bc when i did it it asked for a credit card and how do i know if i did it right? and how do i find out how much im making


Why would anyone open the shorted url when they can see the post picture only when we post it?


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