How To Earn Money Online With URL Shortners 2015

Earning money online is a thing everybody seems crazy about. There are endless number of ways to make money online , a lot of them. I always suggest my readers who inquire about online money making to create their blog. I am not saying a blog or website is essential to make money online, but having one increases your chances to a greater extent. Earning money with URL Shortening services is easy, and the best thing is you don’t have to spend a single dollar to start ! Don’t worry if you haven’t tried this before , I’ll help you start from even the scratch. I’ve also used ( and still using ) methods such as affiliate marketing to earn profits from my Blog.

I’ve also done a couple of articles on earning online, which include earning from affiliate marketing , best affiliate programs and earning by selling photographs online. Now, lets stick to the subject i.e earning from URL shortening services. Let’s begin with the scratch :

What are URL Shortners  ?

url shortnerAlthough its not hard to guess from the name itself, that what are url shortening services. But let me define you ( in case you might not know ) . Suppose you come across a long – messy and confusing URL  ( you will certainly come across one ). Long URL’s are hard to remember and manage as well as keep record of. These services shorten your long URL into a short and sweet one, which are quite easier to remember. Their are mainly two types of url shortner services available on the web. First : which pay you to shorten urls and second which don’t pay.


So, where is the catch ?

Are you thinking why does the first service pay you to shorten your URLs ? Well, they actually pay for the advertisement they sell on your links. The advertisements are displayed for a small time ( mostly 5 – 10 seconds ) , adverts are displayed in the time period between the opening of short link and actual URL. And on the other hand, the second URL shortening service doesn’t sell advertisement on your links neither does it pay you.

After the explosion of advertising on the web, adverts can be found in almost anything, ranging from website banner ads to email marketing softwares, nearly every possible thing can be advertised. I am not sure, but if you have been surfing the web for a while and downloading softwares. You might have come across a website , on download of whose you clicked and landed on a page like screen shot below. ( advertisement has been replaced in the screenshot )

earn money from url shortners

This is how ( one of my favorite URL shortner ) serves adverts on shortened links. When you click on the shortened link a page like above will be presented and from the “SKIP AD” button you can easily go to your URL.  This is example of Interstitial banner, Interstitial banners offers more earnings although it might turn off your readers a bit.

adf ly

Above is screen shot of Adfly’s framed banner url Shortner. The only drawback of this option is that it earns you less money. Although it is likely not to turn your readers off. Remember don’t sacrifice user experience for the sake of earnings, if you look at the simple maths, it goes like this :- 10 Interstitial banner x 0 clicks = 0 $ Earnings , 1 Framed Banner x 10 Clicks = Earnings ! . Framed banner is always my favorite option as it doesn’t sacrifice user experience, however if you have something really precious behind the link , such as a serial key or a software, you might give a chance to Interstitial banners.

Till now I’ve been talking about , which is one of my favorite top 5 URL shortners. Although there are lots of URL shortners out there, but majority of them provide these same features , the only difference they have is in pay rate. I know , every body would love a high paying URL shortner , but before selecting one be sure to google about whether it is legit or a scam.

How to Earn Money by URL Shortening Links ?

The first thing you really need to learn is, how to shorten links. After you shorten your links, you can spread it among your friends and social network, and wait for earnings to then roll in. So, below is how to create a shorten link, I am using , but the process is almost same in all URL shortners.

1. Login to Your Url’s shortner’s dashboard

2. A similiar screen will be somewhere in the upper area.

adf ly url shortners

3. Fill in the information like in screenshot above, replace with your desirable URL.  Select between Interstitial and Framed advertisement. And Click on Shrink.

4. Once you have your Shortened URL , you are ready to share it all over. For example if you click this link it would take you to a Intertitial Advertisement and If you click on Skip Ad, my blog homepage would open up. Similarly clicking on this URL will open my blog with their Framed advert above it.

 Earn Online with URL Shortener Websites :-

options to earn money onlineAlthough all these options will only roam around shortening links, but some of these options can make your life much easier, and would help you earn better. There are a number of options you can try and experiment with.

Below is up to what extent can these options make your work easier :-

Mass Shrinker : If you need to shorten a lot of links quickly , like 39 links ( just for sake of example ) , you can shorten them manually one by one. It will waste quite a time of yours, at those times you can shorten multiple links through the Mass Shrinker.

Multiple links : Suppose you have a HTML website and you wish to turn all your links into paid links , for times like this multiple links can be useful. You just simply need to copy / paste your html and each link would be turned into shortened link.

Easy Link : You can’t always login to your account to shorten links, at times you need shorten links on the go. Take this way, you visited your friend’s house, and while browsing Internet, you turned all the links into paid links on the go ! It would take your Earnings chart quite high. To shorten your link, you need to paste the address to be shortened , for example for shortening URL like you need to create URL like this your publisher ID/ , by default it will create a interstitial advert , but if you need framed banner link you need to create URL like this

Bookmarklet : You can also drag a piece of text into your bookmarks so that you can create a link pretty easily while browsing. This proves quite useful at times when you need to suggest a URL, you can quickly create it into a short link and suggest the link to your friends.

Web-analytics : Want to keep record of your links ? Instead of using their default analytics tool, you can use Google analytics too. For doing so, you need to copy your Google analytics code, after you do so, you can view your analytics in google analytics official website.

Full page script : If you are using Google’s blogger for blogging, this might be the spot for you. With this script included within your <body> — </body> tags. And all the automatically converted to paid short links. But make sure you don’t disappoint away your lovely readers for the sake of just a few dollars. You should consider using the framed script instead of the Interstitial one.

Website entry script : Why not greet your readers with an advert, and then let them surf casually on your website ? By inserting this website entry script into your html code, you can add a website entry script. This way your readers would be greeted with an advert only the first time they open your website.

Domains : This is one of the best features provides you, you only need to add a cname record and then you can shorten your links with your own premium domain. To make it more clear, lets say previously your links were something like , after adding your own custom domain name, your links would become as beautiful and simple as It is quite handy at times because many people have started to be aware of the fact what is, so they might not open your links, also in some countries has been blocked too.

Pop-Up Ads : Pop-Up ads are the best, unless they are irritating your readers. Because pop-ups get to your reader’s face directly , and if it something not useful, you can’t afford to loose your readers just because of that irritating pop-up. Use the pop-up ads only if you are sure your readers aren’t affected by it.

WordPress plugin : If you are using WordPress as your CMS, you can use their official plugin to manage, shorten your links easily and efficiently. Having a plugin for this job would make your life much easier. You no longer need to get your hands dirty with links, pop-ups, entry scripts etc manually. The plugin can be downloaded Free from their tools section.

So, do you dare to make money Online With URL Shortners ?

earn online with url shortnersI am glad you came so far, If you’ve made up your mind to earn online with URL shortners, I would like to tell you that there are thousands of scam URL shortening services, making it quite hard to get the service which is legit as well as have a fine pay rate too. I’d like to tell you that I’ve been using and URL shortners for quite a time now, both are legit, and helped me improve my earnings online. So, if you are about to begin your session of earning online with URL shortners, I would recommend you and

I would have built a long list here , of 10 – 20 URL shortners which you can use. But I thought to put up only the two I use and trust. You can sign up for and to start earning online right away. You can sign up for from here. Or , if you wish to sign up with you can do so from here.

shorte st adf ly

Final words : I hope this article would help you to start earning from URL shortners. Once you sign up for these networks, you need to spread your links and maximize your earnings online. The best thing about URL shortners is, sometimes you even don’t need a website ! You can earn by sharing Facebook and Twitter or youtube videos.

I love using and , this might not be the same with you. If you too use a URL shortner, or know a URL shortner better than these two, comment them below. If you start earning from either of these networks, ping me in the comments below.

So, how much did you earn online from URL shortners ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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albin thomas

Did you got payment.
my personal experience had trouble in payout

    Rachit Singh

    I’ve got payments couple of times, Most of times payments have trouble when you use any kind of traffic exchange , did you use any ?

Brian (@bbrian017)

Hi Rachit,

URL shorteners are one of the easiest ways to earn money online without any hard work. The only thing that you need is high traffic. The link should also be in visible place which is easily noticed by the readers.

Thanks for sharing these tips.
Brian (@bbrian017) Recently wrote an article INTERACTIVE Infographic – Quality Content and Content Marketing 101

    Rachit Singh

    Yes, I completely agree with what you said. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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Terrific blog annd terrific design ɑnd style.
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In my experience, the best monetizing solution is counts more visits and all clicks have the same rate, not like with other shorteners, where the rate is going down with every click…
I use on my blog and on Facebook. The most of my traffic is from Spain, Latin America and United States. Last payment I received from

    Rachit Singh

    Hi sebs,

    Thanks for commenting your opinion. It shows is really worth using. And thanks a lot for sharing your payment proof as well. ( Hope you are not from team 😉 Kidding ..


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