How to Increase Your Alexa Page Rank With Simple Hacks

Alexa page rank of any website is a rank given to that website in comparison to the rest of the websites on the web. Alexa rank is also considered one of the most important points that anyone uses to rank your website or define your website quality. Majority of web statistics testing tool such as Quicksprout tool has given alexa an special rank to define how good your website is. A good alexa rank also attracts advertisers and sponsors , hence increasing your earnings somehow. In my monthly report I shared that my site’s alexa rank is 103,534 and it is decreasing with every good quality post I publish. In this article I’ll share some of the time tested tricks to Increase your alexa rank with simple hacks.


Alexa hack 1 : Install the Tool bar

First, it is suggested to Install Alexa tool bar on your web browser. You might already know, Alexa rank is measured on basis of number of visitors who visit your website and have the tool bar installed.

As the web master point of view the first thing you should do is install toolbar in your web-browser , so that every time you visit your website you make a small contribution towards your website. The toolbar can be downloaded and installed into Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet explorer and are available free at their official website.

Alexa hack 2 : Ask your friends and readers to Install the toolbar

The more the users who open your website with the toolbar installed, the quickly your rank will decrease. Ask your friends and readers to install the toolbars. Several websites created their own toolbars to promote toolbar installation on their blog. Tell the benefits of the toolbar to your friends who might ask what the toolbar is about and get them to install the toolbar.

Alexa hack 3 : Install Alexa widget

You might have seen the small weird widget on several pro-blogs , and here is the answer why they do so. Because it is not possible that you can convince every single reader on your blog to get the toolbar installed. So, the easy way is you place the widget on your website itself. You can place the widget by embedding the following Html and replacing with your website’s URL.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Alexa Hack 4 : Write About

Write an article mentioning and giving a proper backlink too. After I started my second blog I wrote a blog post about alexa of 1900 words which increased my rank quickly in 4 days. I’ve worked on a lot of websites and blogs, on most of which I tried this simple hack and was able to increase the alexa rank quickly in a few days.

If your blog has a fairly good alexa rank you can write articles like how to increase Alexa page rank , but if you are low on alexa rankings you should write articles like “How to install alexa traffic widget” , “How to install alexa toolbar” etc.

Alexa Hack 5 : Visit Webmasters Forum
Fifth, you must have to travel to websites or forums where webmasters return to frequently and post the Link to your web page there. Most often, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. The more readers who visit your site with toolbar installed, the more your alexa decreases ! Write articles that attract webmaster traffic , prepare and maintain a category on your site / blog in which webmasters might be interested such as SEO, Make Money online etc.

Final words – I earlier wrote this article when my blog was quite new, but due to a database crash I lost 23 articles including this one too. I hope this article would help you increase your alexa page rank. The only I thing you should take care apart from the hacks above is, don’t click or trust on ads that say they will increase your alexa rank, the use the same above mentioned tricks and charge you for it.

You should also be consistent in blogging , with what I am facing quite a trouble as now I am in 12th standard, make sure you update your blog every 3 days or once in a week at least, this will help you decrease your alexa rank quite a lot.

Thanks for reading the article, I would to hear your hacks and tricks you use to increase your alexa page rank at your blogs. Leave down your comments, suggestions and opinions on the article below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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bro where to copy this html tag in our website?

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Mohit,

    To add this widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > Html/plain text and paste the tag.

    Be sure to replace the dummy with your actual site name.

    Thanks for commenting.


Simple and very informative post. There is no other shortcut to increasing Alexa rank. I think this is the best and legit way of doing it

    Rachit Singh


    Thanks for Commenting. Hope to see you around here soon.

Pradeep Singh

I follow all the rules and guideline to improve my Alexa rank, but day- by-day my alexa rank is performing so bad, I don’t know why? can any one guide me what is the actual problem with my site

    Rachit Singh

    Let me know via Email, I think I can sort out your problem..


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