How to Increase Your Subscribers Dramatically ?

newsletterIf you’ve been blogging around for a while, you might have heard this quote a lot of times ” Money is in the list “.

All of the pro-bloggers agree to this quote as well.

The “list” being referred here is the list of subscribers your blog has.

Every serious blogger always collects emails and builds an email list around his blog. The list is beneficial in more than one ways to be specific. It doesn’t only helps him gain quick boosts of traffic every now and then. It also helps him increase profits on a re-occurring basis.

The cycle goes in quite simple way. Majority of the readers who come to your blog, come their in search of some sort of information. Once they have the info, they’ll soon leave the blog. Out of these readers, only a negligible percent of readers would return to your blog. However if you manage to collect their Emails, you can make him/her visit your blog on a re-occurring basis by sending emails and news updates about the blog.

How to Increase Your Subscribers

Increasing subscribers is a tricky job. It might sound easy at first, however it isn’t !

There is no “sure-shot-hit” method you can use to gain subscribers over time. It works with a combination of methods. You have to use more than one trick or method to increase subscribers.

Some of my time tested methods I’ve tested over time are as follows :-

Offer something “FREE”

Freebies are loved world wide. If you want people to sign-up at your blog, you should offer them something free. Common example of these freebies are E-books, discounts codes, themes, plugins etc. You can offer anything you can produce without much additional cost.

optin form

A lot of bloggers use this method. You might have seen opt-in forms offering free ebooks or downloads across several blogs. The simple trick behind is simple. You enter your email and get the e-book, while the blogger gets your email. This way both of you are happy.

This trick is simple, however can get messy sometimes. Creating an optin-form isn’t easy, specially if you aren’t using a drag and drop builder or a CMS like WordPress.

Place Optin Form Carefully

Optin forms or the lead generation forms need to be placed with caution. You need to experiment with them too. If you leave the optin form at the same place for long time, it might go “blind“.

You need to change the optin form and experiment with them on a regular basis.

The most obvious places to include optin form are sidebars and below the post. However what works for any other blog, might not work for you.

Additionally make sure your optin form blends in with your blog. Choose its color scheme and styling with extra care. Even elements like font-size, font-style, and text color make a big change. All you can do is keep experimenting and “split-testing” to find what works for you.

optin form

Your optin form needs to be crafted carefully. A good way is to show your portfolio to get leads. A good example is Neil patel’sLearn How I increased TechCrunch’s traffic by 60%“. If you too have any such thing in your portfolio, make sure to put it in your optin form.

Place the Optin in Above Fold

Another good trick you can employ to increase engagement with your optin form is to place it in the above fold. The above fold refers to is the screen visible to user without scroll.

above fold

As in the screenshot above, you can drop an opt-in form just below the navigation bar. The above one is being used by kulwant at bloggingcage, and works like a charm for him.

Several websites have used this trick as well.

Lay a Welcome Mat

welcome mat

This is yet another interesting way to increase your conversions.

When employed, an optin form completely takes over the screen when a website is opened. The optin form slides the website and its content down.

I haven’t yet searched for a list of all websites that offer this feature. But, Hellobar and SumoMe provide this feature.

In one of my previous posts, I compared Hellobar and SumoMe. According to that article, SumoMe offers more customization that Hellobar.

Using a Welcome mat can be extremely useful and increase leads in an accelerated rate. However it might irritate your readers as well. Further more a reader might get confused as if where is the content ?

If you wish to use Welcome mat, make sure you time it carefully. You can make it visible after a specific time, or the best if you make it visible when user intends to exit.

Make Your Optin Pop-Up

pop upA few days back, Christopher, in his post, talked about Why You Should make your Optin pop-up. He mentioned several other aspects of creating an optin form as well. If you missed the post, you can read it here.

As I mentioned in the above point, an optin form sometimes goes “Blind” , and fails to grab attention. However Pop-ups work great in grabbing attention.

There are several great plugins for wordpress that help you create intelligent and beautiful pop-ups. However If you are not a wordpress user, you can always use online tools such as hellobar, sumo me etc.

Pop-ups are irritating as well, that is why you need to craft them carefully. The best time to make your optin pop-up is when reader has scrolled 60% of the page.

If the reader has scrolled 60% of the page, this shows he/she is interested in your content. However making your optin pop-up when the page has just loaded, is a bad idea. This is because when the page has just loaded, the reader would be busy in starting to read the content. At this stage, he/she will close any distractions i.e pop-ups.

Get a Landing Page

Another great way to increase your subscribers is by creating a Landing page.

For those who might not know, Landing pages, squeeze pages, or lead generation pages are the same thing. You might have seen these across several websites or blogs.

These pages are created with the primary purpose of generating leads. They present an idea in form of pitch and have a optin form placed to collect emails.

Although landing pages are one of the best lead generation methods, but still driving traffic to the landing page can be tricky. Call-to-action buttons are generally placed across websites and blogs to drive traffic towards these pages.

If you have a good knowledge of coding, you can create a landing page yourself, however to make things easy you can try one of the several online landing page builders. These builders offer ease of creation, efficiency and pre-configured ready made layouts.

One such tool is Instapage, I’ve been this tool on my client’s websites to increase their leads. Instapage worked great on those websites. However I still don’t use it on this blog. Instapage isn’t a completely free tool, the most obvious features are premium.

Conclusion – These are some of my time tested methods which I have deployed to increase subscribers. However I still feel I might have left several of them uncovered.

If you have your small hacks/tricks which you use to increase subscribers, I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Leave your opinions, feedbacks and suggestions in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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