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Hueman is a fully featured, responsive high resolution magazine & blog theme without compromise. The WordPress theme directory is full of Free themes, making it really hard to select a Free WordPress theme which suits your blog’s appearance as well as loads fine , and is SEO optimized too,These are some of the key features I look when I select a theme for my Blog. Although most of us know that it is hard to find all these features in a free theme, but some Free WordPress themes are just proving this wrong ! Hueman is just one of them. The theme was made by Alexander Agnarson, and is available free of cost at the WordPress themes directory with an average rating of 4.9 !

About Hueman WordPress Theme

hueman free wordpress theme downloadHueman , although a free theme has been downloaded over 436,610 times. Also, it ranks in the top 25 WordPress themes. If you have been with me from quite a while, you would know that I’ve also reviewed sahifa wordpress theme, which is ranked 2 in the list of top WordPress themes. Hueman is ranked 17 in the top 25 wordpress themes. Hueman has a professional and premium feel and look, in addition to this, its built in theme options lets you customize your theme as per your taste.

Salient features of Hueman WordPress theme :-

  • 100% high resolution theme for blogs and magazines
  • Unique toggle sidebars
  • Unlimited topbar
  • footer and accent colors
  • unlimited widget areas and layouts
  • Logo Upload
  • SEO Optimized
  • Theme builder

These are some of the salient features which the theme offers. The theme is quite popular, is suited quite well for blog and magazines. This theme lies in the list of freebies I recommend and use at some of my blogs. Below I’ve mentioned the features and reason why I recommend this free wordpress theme :-

Hueman  WordPress theme Features

SEO Optimized – This theme is SEO optimized, the best part of the theme is, instead of treating logo or the site title in <H1> tag, it treats the post title in <H1> tag, and the rest headings can be treated as <H2> from the visual editor itself. H1 tag should be present only once on your page , this should contain keyword you wish to rank for.

Unlimited Sidebars and layouts – Although you might not, but I often feel the sidebars and sidebar layouts should be different on homepage and posts page. As you might have observed too, my homepage doesn’t show google ads, but ads are visible in sidebar on posts page ( on articles ). Earlier I wrote an article on how you can hide / show widgets on different pages in wordpress with jetpack plugin, but this theme has this feature built in.

hueman free wordpress theme downloadIn Hueman WordPress theme, you can select different layouts on Global , home , single , archive , search , Error 404 and default page. These options are accessible directly from the theme options panel.

Apart from layouts you can also customize sidebars , the same way you customize layouts, sidebars can be customized too. You can customize each type of page from the theme options panel.


Customizable Accent , Header , Footer colors – If you ever feel like your color scheme is somewhat different from what you need, you can customize the color of accent , header and footer. You can customize primary color , secondary color, header background and footer background too. This feature is usually observed in premium themes such as sahifa , textured , genesis etc.

This feature lets you create your own color scheme, customize your blog feel and appearance completely.

Logo Upload – Now, this is quite rare feature to be found in Free themes of wordpress theme directory. A logo is must to have thing which differentiates your blog from other blogs. Logo is also necessary to create your own unique brand. In Hueman wordpress theme you can easily upload your logo as well as favicon too.

Customizable fonts – You can customize your website fonts too, you have a variety of 15 fonts to select from. The fonts can be customized from the theme builder itself. You can also customize your blog header and description text from within the theme builder.

huemanBuilt in Related posts – If you install this theme, you need no more to install a plugin for showing related posts. Although there are thousands of plugins which can make your life easier, but the question is, why use a plugin if the feature is pre-installed in theme ? This theme saves your database space and need of a plugin. One special thing about this theme is it shows the comment count in thumbnails and related posts too.

hueman commentUnique Comment system – Although not much unique or feature stuffed, but the comment system is bit unique from the usual themes and their comment system. The comment system also shows pingbacks and author avatars in different ways. Number of comments are also shown in thumbnails and above article title in posts.

In addition to the features, there is also a built in “Go to top” Button, which helps your reader slide to page top without any glitch.

Theme options panel – This is indeed the best thing the theme offers, it makes your life very easy. You can customize your blog completely with this theme options panel. There are variety of options and settings you can customize from within the theme panel, the best of it being fonts, colors, sidebars, layouts and much more. In the theme options panel, you can also add your social links, logo , favicon.

The options panel of this theme is built with using OptionsTree, a free plugin available in the wordpress plugin directory. The plugin serves for time when you need to add a theme options panel for your theme, like the one in this theme. Having a theme options panel in your theme lets theme users and blog administrators easily customize and use the theme.

Final words and ratings : I rate this theme 4.5 out of a possible 5. This theme works blazing fast and awesomely good for blogs and magazine layouts. You can check out the theme demo from here, or download this theme free of cost from wordpress theme directory.

I would like to tell you that, with this article I started a new category about free wordpress themes. In future I’ll be reviewing more and more free wordpress themes which are worth using. If you’ve used Hueman wordpress theme, or will use the theme after reading the article, do tell me your views and suggestions on this theme in the comments below. So, What are your views on Hueman Free WordPress theme ?

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