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Iconic One is a Freemium Theme. The Theme has clean and neat looks along with Blazing Fast Speed and SEO capabilities.

Its hard to select a perfect wordpress theme right ?

Certainly, because there are more than one factor(s) to look for. In the last month, I started a new cateogry “Theme of the month“. Under this category I present some of the best themes you can pick up for your blog.

Last month’s theme of the month was : WP Premium from templatic. You can read about that theme from this blog post.

Following the category I started, today I am presenting the theme of the month for this month. So, the theme of the month of October is “Iconic One“.  In this blog post I’ll share some of the awesome features of this theme, and reveal why I love this theme.

Iconic One – Free Theme of the Month

iconic one

Demo                                              -> Free Download

Iconic one is a wonderful freepremium theme, i.e it comes both free and paid. The paid version of course has several advanced features compared to the lite one.

Iconic one is fast, responsive and seo friendly theme for beginners. I personally have used this theme for several months. It was during the time, when I had just begin using wordpress. I tested several themes and found Iconic one to be the best among them.

Some of the amazing features of this theme include : using custom logo, speed optimization, SEO optimization, responsiveness and high rankings on tools such as Gtmetrix and pingdom tools.

Salient features of Iconic One

  • Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Speed
  • Custom Logo
  • Typography
  • Custom Footer text

Iconic One, Features Explained –

Responsive ~ After google launched its mobile friendly update, it became essential for every blogger to have a mobile optimized or “responsive” theme.

Iconic one is responsive and works great across all the devices. The theme looks great across all devices such tablets, smartphones, high end devices etc

SEO Optimized ~ A Blogger can never ignore the role of SEO in building his brand. SEO can turn your blog’s brand upside down. It can increase your blog’s rankings and damage its rankings too. SEO is one of the prime concerns of mine when I make a theme or choose a theme for my clients.

There are several recommendations which can be followed to ensure that a theme is SEO friendly and won’t hurt your blog’s SEO.

Additionally you must note that a theme is not all you want for SEO. In fact, the most important thing is none other than the content itself. If you are one of those bloggers who can produce quality content, then this theme can back up your SEO part.

Speed ~ Nobody likes a slow and sluggish website !

This theme is built for speed and loads blazing fast across all devices. The theme not only loads in a less time, but it also scores a pretty awesome score on pingdom tools and Gtmetrix. It even scores well on Google page speed tests as well.

Speed is one of the most important aspects of a good wordpress theme. There are several studies that prove that how speed hits the bottom line of any website.

Custom logo ~ Logo is an important element of branding. When there thousands of websites publishing content just like you, it gets hard to set yourself apart from those sites.

However it is possible through small elements such as favicon, logo, headers etc. Logo is certainly one of the most important of them and most visible too.

A reader identifies your websites and relates it with your logo too.

Having a professional logo is important. However some themes don’t allow you to add a custom logo.

However with this theme, you are in luck. The theme allows you to add your own custom logo. The logo needs to be sized ideally although.

Typography ~ Typography is the styling of fonts and appearance of the fonts across the websites. This theme offers great typography.

It resembles the font on famous “Ubuntu” OS. It looks great on mobile and tablet devices as well.

Typography is important element of a theme. Comfortable fonts make it easier for readers to read texts for long time. However bad typography can also lead your readers to get irritated and close the site down.

The theme has amazing typography, and you can also change the typography with a few tweaks in the theme files.

Custom Footer font ~ The footer section allows two place holders for placing text. The one is placed on right side and other is one the left.

The footer text holders can be used to display copyright information. You can use the place for showcasing permissions for your content.

You can also use that place to showcase your services and text advertisements in the footer.

Editor’s Overall Conclusion – If you began blogging from a while, this theme is perfect solution for you. Alternatively you can also use this theme if you are running a popular blog. But, for that you will need to add a lot of tweaks to the theme files.

The theme is overall good, has clean codes and work seamlessly without glitches. I suggest to give it a hit once !

Conclusion – Taking a look at this theme’s features and the thing that it is free, I will rate this theme 5 out of a possible 5 !

I’ve been busy the whole month and skipped the theme of the month last month. However in the coming time, I’ll surely add more themes and follow the monthly routine.

If you know any good free wordpress theme, which you think would be good to fit the category, let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you have used the theme, or use it currently, let me know your experience in the comments below.

Iconic One is a Freemium Theme. The Theme has clean and neat looks along with Blazing Fast Speed and SEO capabilities.
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Theodore Nwangene

Most times in the blogging business,
The theme you chooses to run your blog on will certainly affects the blogs general performance and that is why its always very necessary to be mindful of the themes we go for.

I’ve never heard of Iconic one before now and will therefore not vouch for it but from your review, it seems to be a good theme for anyone just starting and do not have the money to go premium.

Thanks for sharing Rachit.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Theodore,

    Nice to see you back on this blog again. I agree with what you said.

    Hit on free themes unless you have some dollars to upgrade to premium themes.

    Thanks for commenting, hope to see you here more often.


nice article
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Dear Rachit,

Thank you for the informative review.
Do you know of other themes that have similar features to “Iconic One”?
I would like to start a blog, and see many use it, sort of like the design, but still want to be “special” 🙂
Many thanks,


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