Importance of Catching Up Lost Growth

We are living in the 21st century and our life expectancy is more than it was ever.

People are living a better and comfortable life. But, amongst all this luxury, there do exist kids who aren’t well nourished.

The reason is not always eating habits !

Sometimes, the food they are consuming isn’t nutritious and delicious at the same time. It happens more times than expected.

Thereby, in a quest to find delicious food, kids don’t get proper nutrition and thereby lack in proper growth. In this blog post, I’ll explain why it is important for a kid to catch up on lost growth.

Now, there are many reasons why a child should catch up on lost growth.

  • To perform well in studies
  • To be good at sports
  • Maintain a good physical and mental health

and much more

but, the main reason is because when a child doesn’t get the growth he expects, or his age group has, he lacks in self-confidence.

I don’t need to mention how many times I’ve seen some kids teasing out one boy who is short or thin than the average.

Not only it is humiliating and irritating for that kid, but also it breaks down the self-esteem of that kid.

These kids then lack in self-confidence which results in low results in whatever they do.

Let it be studying or playing games, they always lag behind because of their self-esteem.

Main Reasons of Lost Growth

A lot of parents complain that their kids don’t eat properly.

When the same question is asked to kids, they reply that they don’t find the food delicious.

This is quite acceptable because I am also a teenager and I know how it is a let down to eat the food I don’t like.

Even if parents somehow force the kids to eat the food, kids won’t get benefited as they’d be consuming it in an unhappy mood.

And as per our culture, you need to be happy if you are eating food. ( There are scientific theories behind this statement as well ).

Understanding this problem, a lot of chef and brands have tried making food which is tasty as well as nutritious. These include the vegetable burger, the veggie sandwich, and similar things.

This is okay, but there is one more solution.


Yes, milk, we all have been reading the benefits of drinking milk all our life.

It contains all the things which are necessary for the growth of your kids.

But, there is one problem.

Kids don’t like milk !

There are some flavours in the market that can get kids to drink milk.

But, imagine how awesome it would be if you could get make your milk more nutritious and make it tasty at the same time.

I am talking about the new Growth+ from horlicks that lets you help your kid to catch up on lost growth. This health drink has proven benefits. It has been clinically tested and made to provide maximum growth to the child.

So, wait no more, get your child a Horlicks drink and make him/her fit.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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