4 Simple Tips to Easily Increase Site Conversion Rate

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Besides increasing traffic to your site and profit per unit, improving your conversion rates is one of the most powerful actions you can take to get better results from your marketing efforts.

Conversion rates refer to the proportion of visitors to your site who complete the desired transaction. Conversion goals differ with every site and the objective of the marketer. Some of the conversion goals you can pursue include getting people to sign up for your mailing list, having people register for an account or sign up for a trial or getting them to buy a particular product or service.

If you already have a considerable amount of traffic to your site, but revenues are still low, you should shift your energies to converting existing traffic.

There are lots of simple actions you can take to improve your conversion rates. Here are some tips:

Change to a Better Theme

The sad truth is that people make an opinion about us in the first few seconds of meeting us based on our appearance. How you present yourself will determine whether or not people trust you or not. This applies to websites as well.

A poorly designed website with a bad WordPress theme does not earn trust quickly. Your conversions will suffer as a result. A good theme should be straightforward and easy to navigate. It should not distract from the main content it is supposed to deliver.

Also, your theme is one of the factors that determine how fast your website loads. Make sure that your theme is excellent as far as loading speed is concerned. People hate slow loading sites and will quickly exit your site if it takes long to load.

There are lots of useful free and premium themes you can use on your site so don’t settle for a crappy theme.

Content Analytics

Increasing your conversions when you have scanty data about your visitors can be an uphill task. Tools and Analytics will allow you to gather the crucial information you need to come up with ideas to increase your site’s conversion rates.

Also, there are excellent tools that are designed specifically to help you have better conversion rates. A service like SumoMe provides a set of instruments to help you build a profitable WordPress site. SumoMe’s List Builder will help you build highly converting pop up boxes for email subscriptions. It is compatible with most of the email services including Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Aweber and Get Response.


You can also use SumoMe’s Welcome Mat tool to display a call to action covering the whole page when a visitor lands on your site. Another tool that can help you increase your email signups is Smart Bar. Smart Bar is a floating bar that you can place at the top or bottom of a webpage.

Conduct Heatmaps Campaign

Heat mapping is an interesting way to learn how people interact with your site as it tells you the spots that receive the most attention and the places and buttons that get the most clicks. When you can visualize this information, you will be better positioned to tweak your site for better user experience and to increase your site’s conversion rates.

The data gathered from heat mapping can help you increase conversions by optimizing your page and making it friendly to the way visitors interact with the page.

One of the tools you can use for heat mapping is TruConversion.


TruConversion also tracks surveys, micro surveys, and conversion funnels. Surveys will give you deeper insights into the wants and needs of your customers. When you understand these requirements, communicating to them your offers becomes more useful as you’ll accurately address the issues that matter to them.

Use Google Analytics

While TruConversion seems like an all-in-one analytics tool, it is still good to refer to Google Analytics to get a second opinion.

Google Analytics reports on several metrics that give you valuable insights into how users interact with your site.

One of the features of Google Analytics you should be using to improve conversions is ‘Goals.’ Goals allow you to list specific objectives you want visitors to achieve. Google will then report the visitors who meet the goals as conversions.


Higher conversions mean more profits for your business. It is in your best interest to increase the chances of visitors completing the desired transactions you’ve set up on your site.

Your site’s conversion rates can be easily improved by doing quick but informed tweaks. Tools like Google Analytics, SumoMe and TruConversion, make the process much easier. These resources are available to any marketer who wants to use them so you should take advantage of them.

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