How to Insert ads between posts in WordPress

In my previous article I mentioned that inserting ads between post, or in the post content increases your earnings. In this article I’ll tell how you can insert / embed ads perfectly between posts in wordpress. It doesn’t matter whether you are using google adsense, or any other ad network. All the major advertising platforms provide you with a piece of HTML, which you need to embed in your web-page in order to show the advertisement. Leave advertising networks alone, you can also promote your own product too. Promoting your own product or services is the more profitable, you can also consider selling your advertising space directly to advertisers.

Understanding the Sweet spots to Insert Ads

embed ads wordpressTo receive a high CTR ( Click through rate ) you need to place your advertisements in the right place. There are plenty of adsense optimized themes which can boost your adsense earnings. There are number of spots where placing ads could increase your CTR and thus increasing your earnings. There are several spots where you add your adverts and increase your earnings. Some of my favorite sweet spots are : Header ad ( 468 x 60 or 728 x 90 ) , below post title ( 300 x 250 or 336 x 280 ) , sidebar ( 300 x 250 or 300 x 600 ) and between the posts. If you wish to place an ad in the sidebar, you can do it pretty easily, and if you have a adsense optimized theme you can header ad pretty much easier too.

Now, here comes the question, How to insert ads between posts ? In WordPress, there are a plenty of plugins which can make your life easier. You can also add them without even using a plugin, by placing the code directly in theme template files. You can do so, but using a plugin has several advantages. You can easily manage your ad codes, you can create multiple groups, book your advertising space, and much more. So, if you don’t have much knowledge of coding, or wish to leave your theme files undisturbed , you can use a plugin.

Insert Ads Between posts in WordPress With plugin

When it comes to add advertisements , there are plenty of plugins out there in the wordpress directory. I’ve used a lot of plugins, but I love two plugins , they are : Google publisher plugin and advanced ads. Google publisher plugin is one of the best plugins when the only ads you need to place are google adsense ads. But I love advanced ads, it is much more customizable and versatile. With advanced ads plugin, you can add google adsense, your personal service promotion ad , or any other ad network you wish to add. The best thing is , it can be downloaded free from wordpress plugin directory.

Below I’ve mentioned detailed steps using which you can insert / embed google adsense ads perfectly in your post. Although you can place ads almost anywhere in your post, but I suggest you should embed your ads at “sweet spots” in your post body. The recommended spots where it is suggested to embed ads in posts are as follows :

  • Below post title > Horizontal banner
  • First paragraph ( right or left align ) > Medium rectangle
  • After last paragraph > Horizontal banner
  • After 2nd paragraph > Horizontal text ad
  • Before post > Horizontal text ad

So, have you decided where ads would look perfect on your blog ? Below is how to embed ads using the advanced ads plugin. Guess what is the first thing ? First , Download and install advanced ads from the wordpress plugin directory. Afterwards you can use the steps mentioned below :

1. After Installation there would be a new sub-menu in wordpress dashboard named as Advanced Ads, when you would hover above it, 5 more options would be revealed , as follows > Advanced ads, ads, placements, groups and settings.

2. First , hover on the advanced ads and go to Ads. Click on New Ad button. Below is a small info-graphic showing the options you need to know before you create your first amazing advertisement.

infographic advanced ads

In the insert ad code box you can ad any advertisement code, let it be Google adsense code, or any other html, you can place the code in the box. By default the plain text and html ad code is shown. Although you can reveal the wordpress’s visual editor ( the same screen in which you edit your posts ). In visual editor, you can configure ads properly, also it is quite helpful if you wish to promote your own brand.

ad options3. Next you need the ad to be placed somewhere on your blog ( obviously ! ). So, go to advanced ads > placements. To place a new ad, you need to create a placement. You can place the ads at the following places in the post, default, header, footer, before post, after post, and in the post content ( after a specified paragraph or characters ).

4. Select the placement which suits you, for example I’ve used post content and placed the ad in first paragraph. It is important to place the ad in the first fold , as it is visible to the reader without scrolling.

Place Google Adsense ( Drag and Drop )

google adsense

Prime features of Google publisher plugin ( which is now google adsense plugin ) :-

  • Easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising.
  • With one click, enable mobile-specific ad layouts with the new Automated Mobile Ads.
  • Manage your ads quickly and easily through a point-and-click interface.
  • Manually insert ads in locations that you determine yourself.
  • Exclude pages from having ads on them.
  • Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.

If the only advertisements you need to embed in your posts are Google adsense , then Google publisher plugin is the perfect solution for you. The only limitation of this plugin is, it doesn’t support third party adverts. And guess what is the best part of this plugin ? You can place advertisements even in the places where the default theme or widget doesn’t provide options to add a advertisements. Adding google adsense with this plugin is very easy, even a novice can manage ads easily. Below are some simple steps to get started :-

1. You first need to download and install the plugin, like the advanced ads plugins, this plugin is also free and can be downloaded from the wordpress plugin directory.

2. After installation a new menu would be created under settings tab. It would be named as adsense, click on the menu. The page which opens would show a button “Get started” as shown in the snapshot below. You first need to verify your website through webmasters tool. So, login with your google account to avoid login after clicking get started.


3. It would take a few seconds for the plugin to verify your blog. After this you need to check “automated ads”, and click on manage ads.


google publisher start

4. After you click on manage ads, a screen will show up with various red markers, they indicate a ad could be embedded. Click on the red marker, to insert a ad. After you insert a advertisement, two option buttons will appear on the ads. Through the button on the left, you can configure the ad. And if you need to remove the ad, click on the X button in the right of the embedded ad.

adsense insert ads

5. After configuring and playing around with your ads for some time. Click on Preview to check how will your ads look. After this click on save and activate.

Final words : Although you can place ads as much as you want, but don’t play with user experience. Just because adding advertisements is easy , its not expected that you over stuff your blog with them. Its happened with me several times, that a web-site had pop-ups, text links, sliders, banner ads, all at once. Although it might seem to increase your earnings, but trust me the reader would be likely to never return to your blog.

You need to place limited amount of advertisements on your blog. I hope this article would help you embed the ads in the right place. I feel you might have something interesting to speak, if you use any other plugin to insert ads in your wordpress blog, comment it below. You can also leave down your opinions, feedback and recommendations in the comments below. So, where are going to insert ads in your wordpress posts ?

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