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As I see myself taking blogging more serious, I see myself meeting more and more bloggers around, talking with them. It is a total makeover when you talk with a blogger of your niche, or any other niche. You stand a chance to share your experiences, you listen some of theirs. Some time back I talked with Tanishq sharma, founder of captive of thoughts. A Blog publishing articles about social aspects and stories. We had a nice interview session, the same I am sharing with you today.

tansihq sharma

 ME :  Tanishq, before we begin this session can you please introduce yourself to my readers

Tanishq Sharma : Hi there Guys, this is Tanishq Sharma from Mumbai, currently pursuing Science stream in standard 12th, a blogger by choice. A big workaholic, I love to work towards things which I am passionate about. Writing, is one such thing.

ME : So, how this journey of blogging started, when and how you started to write a blog

Tanishq Sharma : Ah, I fondly remember the afternoon of 15th August 2012, I was returning from one of the fests of Independence day. As my vehicle stopped on one of the signal, I sighted the common sights in India, a beggar girl. In all those mood, I started to recapitulate what exactly are we celebrating these fests for? Thus, becoming the first ever blog post on my blog, coming live on 18th of August 2012. It was appreciated, though I never did it for one. I followed the idea, by writing about many society issues, along with my natural love of writing stories, and poems which ultimately led to the formation of blog, and took it to a place where it stands now.

ME : Apparently, you seem to be a social blogger, is your blog’s main focus, social aspects or you cover several more.

Tanishq Sharma: Social blogging is just another aspect of my blog, the overall content is mainly spread over some appreciated stories, poems, web-series of short stories and again, issues concerning society. This, it spreads a uniform layer over all the topics which my blog covers.
Another aspect which I would like to add, is photography.

ME : Covering so much topics at once , don’t you think concentrating your focus niche to one, you can write much better

Tanishq Sharma: I believe, a blog represents it’s owner’s lifestyle, and considering mine, it surely does. I have always written for leisure, to express my thoughts, my views, my emotions. They were sometimes, conveyed through pictures, through my verses, though the characters in my stories, or through direct speeches.

ME : So, as a student what were the hardships you faced as a blogger when you had to manage between studies and blogging
Tanishq Sharma: None I would say, I never faced any hardships. Considering studies, I always studied when I felt that I wanted to know something more about the world, and not merely for the grades. So, it was quite myself all over the time, and I made apt time for writing stories and stuff!

ME : you know great things don’t come easy. people always de-motivate you more than motivating you. Did you ever felt like leaving blog
Tanishq Sharma: I felt low when I wasn’t getting any reads or reviews on the stories I had worked so hard, I often felt that I really wasn’t meant to convey messages through stories and felt like giving up, but then again, there were people close to me who always stood by my side to help me out. And, this is an appreciation to them, the path which they made me choose, that i have come this far.
ME : What is your specialization in blogging ?

Tanishq Sharma: As I already mentioned, this is a blend of stories, poems, social perspective, hence, the only specialization of my blog could be representing my personality. But, if i look at it from the professional point of view, its those emotions conveyed in my stories, that calls of people back to my blog

ME : It is nice to hear that you have your own audience to deal with, do you have any future plans about making carrier in pro-blogging

Tanishq Sharma: I have often thought about it, I want to make it a medium where people can choose to share their most prized stories with other people. In two and a half years of blogging, I have just posted 40 times, roughly a post per month. Hence, I believe, that the audience connected to us is habitual of seeing a quality content over quantity, I would like to carry on with this pattern and provide the best of others too.

ME : I am asking about If you see yourself as a whole time blogger in future and that too meant to be a carrier

Tanishq Sharma:  It is a fact that no one can deny, personal blogs of literature or short stories hardly have any of commercial outcome, but then too, I would consider my blog to be a side-linked profession to my jobs and other stuff.

ME : Have you been working tech blogs around ?
Tanishq Sharma: No I don’t, though I am big technology fan, geek but I haven’t much worked on a tech blog, apart from being consultant for one or two. I am aiming for something bigger than this, an industry which can encompass more than blogging.

ME : Lets wrap the things up. Today we had in the interview tanishq, founder of Tanishq how was your interview session here

Tanishq Sharma:  It was really good, got to know things about myself

Final words : The mate was really prepared for the questions and you should be, for an interview. Talking to a blogger from a niche completely different was a nice experience.

If you to want to be noticed and speak up, do contact me for an interview.

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