Ipage Web Hosting Review 2015

Ipage web hosting reviewI’ve been now using Ipage‘s web hosting service for about a month or two, So I thought to write down my experience. When I left hostinger ( my previous web-host ) my blog was down for a week, meanwhile I was searching for the right home for my site. Letting the blog offline for a week caused several problems for me, the main and biggest was the quick drop down in traffic, second was drop in Alexa rank. Right after I migrated with Ipage, I was able to restore some of my traffic ( not much although ! ) and Increased my rank back, It is increasing still, day by day..

Why to Choose Ipage Web Hosting Review

  1. Quick (24 x 7 ) Support
  2. Affordable Services
  3. Free Marketing Services
  4. Easy Auto Installer
  5. FTP ( File manager Protocol )
  6. 1 GB Free Cloud Space
  7. Webmail

Ipage web hosting Review Features :

1. Quick ( 24 x 7 ) Support : No matter how expert you are, you are going to need this. Ipage features excellent and instant support over live chat, the support is also available on “ticket” system. In the two month time period I’ve contacted them more than 30 times and had a live chat more than 14 times. Each and every time, their support was friendly and quick.

2. Affordable Services : The Pricing of ipage was quite affordable and none of the features were compromised ! If you look at the maths, they cost you $2.25 for a month which translates to $27 per year, this was good when compared to other web hosting services. Although it would sound if some features were compromised, but none of the features were compromised.

3. Free Marketing services :

marketing services

I know, content is the king, but marketing can’t be ignored either ! Most of the great blogs/websites spend a part of their precious time and capital in content marketing. If you invest your money in Ipage’s web hosting you need not to worry about extra expenses for marketing services. Ipage offers several marketing services to upgrade your blog / website rank. The marketing services offered by Ipage’s web hosting are :

  • Bing Ad Credits : 90% of you would know Bing, Don’t you ? Bing is a search engine from microsoft. If you think spending time on Bing webmasters tool to rank up your blog is not worth, you can quickly get in their eyes with these ad credits.
  • Facebook Ad Credit : Don’t say “What is Facebook ?” Facebook is considered to be the #1 Social networking website. Facebook can provide your website/blog with traffic which would mostly consist of people who actually want to read your blog posts. If you have a long list of friends sharing your blog posts will also increase your traffic, but not everyone has a long list of friends, with facebook ad credits you can advertise directly on Facebook and get the much needed traffic.
  • Free Toll Free number ! Having a toll free number for your website/blog support is never a bad idea, your clients and readers can contact you directly and you can offer live assistance to them too. A large number of websites offer consulting over phone, several websites charge a fee, several are free too. It is important that your readers stick with you, offering consulting over toll free numbers, forums, and live chat can help you make them happy and stick with you.
  • Google Adwords : I’ve done an article on google indexing web pages, google is the most used search engine, and if you aren’t visible on google, you’ll certainly miss a lot of traffic. And on the opposite side if you invest on advertising on google by google adwords, you are sure to receive organic as well as referral traffic. Google products such as my buisness, adwords external tool are also worth using.
  • Site Lock : With the package you buy at Ipage’s web hosting you receive free 911 credits (12 months ) for site lock to protect your site from malware and spam attacks. The feature also offers CDN/Firewall support to maximize your security and performance.

4. Auto Installer ( Simple Script Installer ) : Ipage makes it easy to work, even if you don’t know how to install wordpress on your domain, let it be wordpress or any other CMS, you can select from a wide list of applications which can be installed easily on your domain within a few clicks. Script installer makes it easy to import/export your installations too , you can manage your installations, edit / remove your installations whenever you want. If you are planning to install wordpress’s self hosted on your domain, then Ipage pre -configures w3 total cache ( Best caching plugin recommended by most of the bloggers )

5. File transfer protocol : Wondering what goes behind your site ? Through a FTP ( File transfer protocol ) account and a FTP software, you can easily see what is going on your servers. Ipage comes with a pre-installed file manager which makes working even more easier.

6.  1Gb Free Cloud Space : The list of freebies include 1GB free cloud space too ! you can store your files, documents, images and many more things online. I save almost every article of mine on cloud to access them quickly as back up in case my blog meets with a crash.

7. Webmail : It is important to have a webmail when you have a website, so that you can tell your professional email to clients , readers if they wish to contact you. If you don’t know what it is , it looks like “yourname@yourblog.com” . Giving out your personal email address to everyone isn’t so good, at times your email box can receive tons of spam emails. For example the webmails I use for this blog are : editor@hacknovations.org and rachit@hacknovations.org.

The One Year Extension I Got !

I registered hacknovations.org on april 22, 2014, and it was going to expire on the same date this year, meanwhile I transfered my domain name to ipage ( It took 7 days , but it was hassle free ). After successful migration I got my domain renewed for another one year. The catch was, Ipage offers a free domain name in addition to the web hosting, I learned this later when I contacted them via support.

Final words and Ratings : I would rate Ipage 4.8 out of 5 stars. Ipage serves quite a lot of options to be specific. The support is also quite fast and friendly. You can sign up for Ipage’s web hosting at their official website for $27 / year.

Please down your opinions and ratings below in the comments if you have used Ipage web hosting.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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