Kapil Dev Brings “Ek Nayi League”

From the past few days Kapil dev has been talking about his “Ek nayi league” which he is about to launch in the near future. No doubt kapil dev is a star, or a legend to be more specific. His contribution to Indian cricket can never be ignored. At time of his retirement , he holded the record of taking the maximum number of wickets in test series. He also has been nicknamed “Haryana Hurricane” as he played for haryana in domestic cricket. He is the only player in the history of cricket to have taken more than 400 wickets and scored more than 5,000 runs in Tests, making him one of the greatest all time all-rounders.

In the recent days Kapil dev uploaded several videos of him on youtube announcing about his new coming league, which he calls “Ek nayi league”. Like his bowling, there is a strong twist in his videos too. He hasn’t yet cleared exactly what is the coming league is all about. This suspense created a buzz among his fans. All of them trying to figure out what kapil is about to bring out. The basic guess I had was it would be something like IPL or something similar but after thinking a lot about it I landed to a different opinion , which I am posting in the article.

First Guess ~ A Honest League

Don’t get my words wrong, we all know a lot of stuff goes behind the fields too. Kapil dev has spent a great time playing the game and certainly knows how to make it better. His message that “If you play with heart, you’ll certainly loose” makes me think that the upcoming league should be played with mind and not by heart. Because at several times players get angry and make wrong decisions. The new league would be something where if you let your emotions ride you, you’ll surely loose the game. And if you played with devoting your total attention and mind, your chances of winning gradually increase.

Several times while playing a cricket match I’ve seen players getting so much connected to the game that they become irritated when they start loosing. This is certainly because they were playing the game by heart. Cricket should be played like a game. I’ve seen batsman getting out because of wrong shot selection. This happens because he was playing in aggressiveness and anger.

Kapil dev’s new league might be a step to overcome this way of playing cricket. He would have created a league where you would loose the game if your emotions like anger, happiness etc take over you. Or in other words If you play with heart not by mind.

Final words – Certainly the new league is going to amazing. Everyone and specially Kapil dev’s fans are waiting wildly for kapil to reveal the secret behind his new league on his twitter account. This was only my opinion, I would love to hear what do you think of Kapil dev’s “Ek Nayi League”.

Rachit Singh

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