How to Keep Coming With New Ideas in Blogging

You open up your post editor to add yet another post, but you aren’t able to scribble down anything. You really want to publish a post, but nothing seems to be coming up.

Ever been caught in this situation ?

Once while in blogging, it happens with nearly every blogger. This strange condition when a blogger ( or a writer to be specific ) isn’t able to produce new content or experiences a creativity slowdown is termed as writer’s block. It usually happens when you’ve been writing about the same subject for quite some time. This block can prevent you from writing for some days, weeks and even years if you aren’t able to tackle it down.

In a creative and ever changing field like blogging, bloggers need to be active, imaginative and creative regarding their subject. We need to come up with fresh content and ideas on our blog every now and then.

Its not always writer’s block due to which you might not be able to come up with new content. The harsh truth about blogging is, there are thousands of bloggers writing the same exact thing as yours. In such a competitive industry, it gets harder to produce a content that makes us stand out. In this article I’ll share some amazing ways you can keep coming with fresh content for your blog.

How to Keep Coming With New Ideas in Blogging

How to Keep Coming With New Ideas in Blogging

-> Use Blog post Ideas generator ~ Most of times I am stuck in a situation like above, the first thing I try is Blog post ideas and headline generator tool. This awesome tool from contentforest suggests you post headlines based on the keyword you enter. Using the tool is quite easy ( and pretty amazing as well ).

You first need to open this tool. The tool is free and there is even no need of sign-up. Visit the contentforest website to get started. The website would show an input box as shown in the screen-shot below.


Enter any keyword or phrase of your niche, related to which you need to find post headlines. Be as short as possible while entering these keywords. After you enter you keywords, hit Enter or click on the search icon for tool to start working.

post headlines results

The burst of the search would be some post headlines based upon the keyword you mentioned. These headlines will give you an idea about which you can write a post. If you find more than one headline interesting, click on the >> button beside post headlines to shortlist them. Once you finish shortlisting, you can copy the headlines or select the perfect headline and write a complete post on it.

How does this help ?

This question might be bouncing in your brain. As far I’ve used this tool in tight situations where I was stuck and had no idea of what to come up with, this tool mostly worked. I think some times all you need is a post headline which punches you inside, and you are ready to write about it. I’ve written quite a number of posts inspired from headlines generated by this tool.

-> Refine your readers ~ One thing which you achieve if you’ve been blogging honestly for a while is a reader base. There must be lots of visitors who visit your blog daily. Among these readers, there are some readers that engage with your content. These readers often leave potential comments on your blog.

joy healey's original comment

To set a live example, I am sharing my own experience. In the beginning of this month, I published an article about On page SEO. In that article I mentioned the term “Breadcrumbs”, which might not have sounded tasty to Joy. So, Joy healey left a comment on that post asking me to elaborate the topic further. This was an amazing idea for my next post, so my next post was about breadcrumbs.

Same like this you too can refine your audience to find potential comments. If some of your readers have problem in understanding a term, you can aim your next about that term. Solving your reader’s doubt is always a wonderful way to keep coming with new ideas to write post about.

How does this help ?

This helps you in a two folded advantage, first you gain your reader’s trust and second you come with free idead to write your next post about. There is no end to how much posts you can write this way.

 -> Change the approach ~ If nothing seems to work, you better change the approach. I am talking about the work environment and mood.

  • Change your word processor. If you use Microsoft Word for writing posts, use wordpad, notepad or any other software. You can even write directly on the post editor of your blog.
  • Listen to a song. Try listening to your favorite tracks while writing a post. If that doesn’t seem to help, start listening something you aren’t familiar with.
  • Change your body posture. A change in body posture might work in some cases. If you write on a table, get your laptop on your bed and try writing while being comfortable.
  • Change the time. There is a time in a day when our mind is most productive and active. You need to find that time and shift your writing time to that period. Be sure to get rid of all obstacles so they might not ruin that quality time.
  • Change the place. If your laptop is in working room, take it any other room and try writing.

-> Read a lot ! ~ There is a popular quote that” The knowledge you have is equal to your fist, and the total knowledge is like the whole sky”.

The point here is, there is no end to what you can learn and what you can achieve. There is no age of learning as well. In a competitive field like blogging, you need to be very cautious about what trend is going on, how much deep you know about your subject to outrank your competition. Always be a student and keep learning more and more.

Reading more and more books will give you more information and therefore widen your knowledge heap. Read books and e-books related to your niche. You might find information worth sharing.

-> Get a change ~ It might be possible that you aren’t able to write about a subject on which you are writing from quite a while. For a slight change you can try writing about something slight different. Or you can try easier posts to get a bit break from tight situation.

For example if you have been writing about SEO from the last 4 months, you can try writing a review about a android app, or you can try writing a post such as 100 marketing quotes etc.

But don’t get carried away with that change. Stick to your main topic and try to return as soon as you can.

Final words – These were some quick tips which will help you in coming up with fresh content every now and then. I’ve practiced combination of these tricks on this blog.

If you have been in such a situation, I’d love to know how you tackled it, leave your comments below. You can also leave your opinions, suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section.

Before going, Suppose you picked up a topic for slight change, and it began giving you more profit, but you loose some visitors, Would you stick to the new topic or return to the old one ? [ Leave your answer in comments ]

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Enstine Muki

Hi Rachit,

You are touching a very crucial topic and an issue that faces everyone, including top bloggers. There are ideas everywhere but we seem not to get it.

I want to try out the tool you mentioned. Looks something that will get me results too so thanks for coming up with it

Do have a wonderful rest of the week
Enstine Muki Recently wrote an article The Shocking meaning of the word “NO” This will change your life!

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for visiting. Do try the tool mentioned for one time, and I promise, it won’t disappoint you.
    Thanks for your kind words.


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