5 Killer Ways to Increase Sales on Fiverr

Ever heard of Fiverr ?

No, thats not a typo ! I am talking about that community where every thing starts from $5.

Fiverr is better defined as a market place where sellers and buyers gathers. Although everything starts at an affordable price of $5, you have a potential of earning more than $300 per sale. ( At least this is what fiverr says ).

This might sound absurd to those who’ve been on fiverr, however it is true.

I started generating profits from this market place from the last few weeks. I was introduced to fiverr by Rakesh, the founder of Binarynote.  Since then I’ve been successfully making profits out of it.

killer tips to increase sales in fiverr

Although I wasn’t able to generate profits from the day 1 itself.  Being a Internet geek, I was curious to look out  for methods that actually work.

In a few weeks, I was able to increase my profits dramatically. After making a couple of sales, I thought to publish an article explaining how you can increase sales and profits on fiverr.

-> Understanding the fiverr fever  ~ For the readers who are still new to fiverr, below is basically what it is.

Fiverr is the market place where buyers and sellers assemble. Buyers are in search of services, whereas sellers are the service providers. The price of every service starts from $5. The market place also provides option to add custom options in order to increase the price of the service.

For example if you deliver the product in 3 days, there is an option to earn $5 more and deliver it faster. Just like this more options can be added. These options gradually increase your sales and earnings.

Sellers ( service providers ) create “Gigs” which appear on fiverr website and the interested persons buy the service. You get ratings and responses according to your work, so don’t even think about cheating anyone in terms of quality.

Killer Ways to Increase Sales on Fiverr


1. Decide what you are going to offer ~ Isn’t it a bit obvious ?

Yes, it is !

However it is quite important to plan what you are going to offer before hitting the ice. The first time I went to fiverr, I just created a casual gig, uploaded some random photos and videos to fulfill the requirements. After waiting for a week or half, nothing came up.

So before my next approach I planned what should I offer.

Take a pen and blank paper and list some things you can do pretty easily. Before preparing your list, you can take a look at what others at providing / selling on fiverr. This will give you a more clear idea of what you should sell.

Once you decide what you are going to offer, calculate the prices involved ( If any ). Make sure your expenditure per sale is less than $5.

2. Decide the name with care ~ Let it be your blog post title or Gig title, the name is important.

how to increase sales in fiverr

Even before coming to the product description, the buyer will first read your gig title. You ought to name your gig appropriately.

You can add a maximum of 80 characters in the Gig title. The title has “I will” included by default, which cannot be removed. So, you need to add gig title after it.

There is no doubt that your Gig title should be tempting and attractive. Before naming your gig, do a little bit of research to know how others have named their respective gigs.

3. Add thumbnails with caution ~ There are only two things visible to the buyer when he/she is searching for some kind of services. These two things are – 1. Post title and 2. Thumbnails from Gig gallery.


It is the tendency of human eye that it goes to image first instead of text. Following this principal, make sure you pay extra attention to images and thumbnails. The images you upload in the Gig gallery are the ones that display as thumbnails to the buyers.

Prepare an image of 550px X 370px. It is minimum required size of an image you can upload in the gig gallery. You can design your images in any photo editing software with which you are comfortable. You can use Photoshop, gimp or photoscape.

4. Get a video that works ~ “An image is worth thousand words” .. you must have heard of this quote. If an image is worth thousand words, guess what wonders can a video do.

According to fiverr, gigs with video get far more sales than a gig without video.

The best advantage of adding a video is that you can explain your service quickly. Fiverr suggests that you should yourself be included in the video. Explain what you are offering. If your service is provided only on fiverr, make sure you included a “Exclusively on Fiverr” badge in your video.

Use recommended tips for better video production. Upload a high definition video.

I understand that making a video can be hard, messy and time taking. This is why I provide an $5 animated video service at fiverr. ( You can check its details on fiverr from this link ).

5. Choose tags, category wisely ~ All your hard work can fall into pit if you choose a wrong category. Suppose you are providing a logo making service and place it in “Fun” Section.

Additionally one should add tags with full care as well.

Tags are the keywords that help your gig show in search results.

There are dozens of categories and tags to choose from. Take some time to choose the perfect category and tags.

Additionally you can also create your own custom services too. For example if you provide content writing service for $60, you can create a custom service and share it on your website. Although fiverr charges some commission between what the buyer will pay and what you receive.

Final words – There are handful of tips and tricks you will learn with time.

Before moving on, you should understand that fiverr is not a place with tons of cash, just waiting for you to come and take it away to become a millionaire overnight.

Your earnings will increase gradually with time. Make sure you employ these tips correctly. Additionally try to provide your best while working for clients. The more quality you deliver, the more awesome reviews you will receive.

If you’ve been making money from fiverr, let me know your experience in the comments below.

Let me know your opinions, suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section.

So, Are you going to make profits from fiverr ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Rakesh kumar

Hi rachit, good to know that you start earning from fiverr and also share your experiences with fellow bloggers how to set their profile and other important points that are crucial to increase their chances. Keep it up and accept my orderalso for my wallpaper theme.
Rakesh kumar Recently wrote an article Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme

    Rachit Singh

    Hello sir,

    Thanks a lot for coming here and taking time out of your busy schedule to comment.

    Hope to see you around here soon, thanks for commenting.

Carol Amato

Hi, Rachit,

I REALLY appreciate this reminder, because I had been contemplating starting a gig on Fiverr myself, and now you’ve reminded me and shared some excellent points as well.

Must now brainstorm on what to offer…Thanks for all the wonderful tips!

Have a great day.
Take Care,
Carol Amato
Carol Amato Recently wrote an article Cell Phone Etiquette World Wide

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Carol,

    Welcome to my blog and I am glad you are here.

    I am happy to know that you liked the article. Choose carefully what you are about to offer..

    Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you around soon.

Theodore Nwangene

Hello Rachit,
I know some people that are making a living from Fiverr alone but they worked for years before seeing such result.

Like you said, Fiverr just like every other Internet business is not where you’ll come and start expecting loads of cash immediatly, it will take some time before you’ll be trusted.

However, you must also be able to satisfy your clients beyond their expectations if you really want to make it via Fiverr. My friend was telling me last time that most of the people he have worked for on Fiverr came by referral. And that’s the idea, over deliver and your clients will happily refer you to their friends which will mean more $$$$$ and more exposure too.

I’m happy to hear that you’ve started seeing a good outcome too now, you need to rinse and repeat :).

Great post Rachit, Thanks for sharing

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Theodore,

    Thanks for such a valuable advice. I totally with what you said about referral thing.

    From several weeks I experimented and now make a good profit with it.

    I am glad you found the post great. Thanks for commenting, hope to see you around soon.

Abhishek Jha

Hey Rachit,

Nice exp and good to know u started working. Can you please also depicts as how to get first sell. I mean you posted your gig now what?

Usually I have seen that people without positive review don’t get much attraction.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Abhishek,

    I published my first sale in usual way, 2 weeks after a buyer contacted me, I tried my level best to make him happy in order to achieve a 5 star rating. Once I got a positive rating, other buyers also started contacting me.

    Let me know if you want any detail information on this.

    Thanks for commenting.


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