MilesWeb vs BigRock : Which Host is Best in India?

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Written by Rachit Singh


What is the backbone of your websites? The domain? Nope !! The domain is just the infrastructure, while the servers are the foundation.

I’ve been long enough in the industry to know that no matter what kind of awesome UI you have or speed or anything else, at the end of the day, all those things come down to the one thing, SERVERS!

So that’s the reason I took to writing this post. Well I don’t like telling: – This is the best server, go for it. Instead, I’ll just compare two of the industry leaders, and then at the end of this piece you can decide for yourself which fits your needs.

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll just take up the most important aspects that a server offers you, and then get you a clear picture of what you’ll get with both these companies and then you can make the final call.


Considering you didn’t just inherit a million dollars, the price is the most important part isn’t it?

See the below screenshot? That’s what the pricing at MilesWeb looks like!


So well, the Economy Plan from MilesWeb costs as low as Rs 1300 per year! While the Starter Pack from Bigrock costs you 1800Rs/year!
That’s like 500INR more every year! And the irony is that, with Milesweb, you’ll be getting 1024Mb=1GB of space, while the starter plan from Bigrock offers you only 500 mb space, that’s half the space at almost double the price!

So yeah as far as price and feature ratio is, I’m more than sure that Milesweb won’t hurt.

Unlimited Storage

Of course it goes without saying. If I’m talking about servers then it must be accompanied with unlimited space, right?

The Unlimited hosting plan from MilesWeb starts from as low as around Rs 292.50 INR, while you get the same plan for INR 249 from Bigrock!

No, wait don’t judge just yet. Let me tell you the twist, with Milesweb, you’ll also be getting SSD space, Free SSL , FREE spam Experts and lot more.

Now, SSL keeps your site safe and helps to boost the keyword rankings. Something that costs around $100/year. Guess what, they’re offering it for free! So not a big deal if they’re asking for an extra Rs 43.50, right?

Cpanel & Softaculous:-

hostingYou get a CPANEL to host your website with both the hosting providers. Well yeah doesn’t matter if you’re going for any plan, or any company.

Both of them have the CPanel to make hosting your files extremely easy for you. In addition to that, they also have the Softaculous one-click auto installers.

Meaning, want to install WordPress, Joomla, Magento or just about any other CMS? You can get that installed on your system in less than few minutes with just one click to go!

And yeah both of the companies support that.

Money Back:-

This is another feature which led me to write this review! I mean both the companies are great and awesome there’s no doubt about it.

But with Milesweb, I was offered Anytime Money-back guarantee! Which is a clear sign that no matter what happens, they’re confident of their powers and potential.

While Bigrock too has the moneyback thing, but it’s only 30-day thing. Meaning, you won’t get the moneyback if you’ve used the servers for more than a month.

Well ask me and I’d say that’s not the best “credibility” move they’ve made. But well it’s their choice.


And then we come down to the thing that rules it all, support! Support is the greatest trust factor as far as I’m concerned.

Servers aren’t gods, there might be malfunctions and errors, right? Or you might do something wrong and screw it up, that’s when you need to be sure about that someone has got your back.

Well, Bigrock offers you Phone Support no doubt! But I’ve tried their “Email” contact thing, and trust me the response wasn’t “great”! In fact even on the phone, I had to wait for a long time to get connected to the representative.

While, with Milesweb, you get support via Email-Phone &Live chat too! So guess what, it doesn’t matter if you’re deaf or blind or anything else. They aren’t just letting you have an excuse for not reaching out!
So yeah in case of any problem, you can reach them via just about any method you like. Infact I’ve found the live chat to be the best thing!
Over to you:-

So hey, that’s what the picture looks like with MilesWeb and BigRock.

Although it’s not the right thing for me to comment on anyone as the “better” server provider. Everyone has their own pro’s and cons.

So just go through the above piece and decide for yourself which godfather you want to stick with.

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  • Price and provided features are key for any web hosting seeker. With experiencing many web hosting services, I have found that MilesWeb having slight edge over other companies. There support is also highly proficient to solve any problem.

  • I love the service rendered by MilesWeb hosting and recommended by me. One year ago I was just a novice but looking at their performance now I am hosting 3 sites with MilesWeb. I like Milesweb because they gave me great offer which suits my pocket well. Joomla and WordPress, drupal were install for free along with templates, forums, blogs. And if have any query immediate response is given by help-desk. I.e I will stay long with MilesWeb.

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