Monthly Report : February 2015

Its the second month of the year, and the team hacknovations is busy figuring out new ideas for the blog. After writing my first monthly report, I saw a positive user response, so thought to continue writing about what happens behind the blog. This month I focused more on publishing quality articles, and appearance of this blog. I would like to tell you that, on this April 22nd, hacknovations is about to complete its first year on the web. On April 22nd, I’ll publish a detailed article on my one year journey. But, for now lets look at the facts and figures this month.

Monthly Traffic : Traffic stats

Although not much but we felt a little increase in monthly traffic this month. Last month we were on 2,590 and this month we moved a bit up. This month a total of 4,347 hits were received on blog. Unlike last month when I used google analytics only to measure the traffic, this month I used a combination of Google analytics and Jetpack stats to measure it. The figures were although similar quite a bit, While google analytics reported the monthly visits to be 4,347 , Jetpack stats tell that monthly views on 4,297.

monthly report

jetpack statsAlthough jetpack and google analytics stats are quite same, still google analytics cover a lot more than jetpack does. Last time it was one of my goals to increase the traffic, I was also able to do so, but not much. If we look at the bounce rates, they’ve increased somewhat in decimals. Also, the number of users has increased from the previous months.  If we leave the traffic alone, this month had several great things done in it. I’ll come to that later.

User trends : Countries


Most of my traffic came from the following ten countries :-


User Trends : Top Posts and Pages

top posts and pages

Last month I made a goal to increase my SEO traffic, and I worked hard for it. Following were the top posts which received most views from the search engines.

Alexa Rank Up

Last month Alexa rank of my blog was 148, 511 , now it has dropped to around 108,309. I am around crossing the mark of 100,000. Last month a total of 46 websites were properly linking to Hacknovations, now 55 websites are linking properly to my blog.

Talking with Michiel ,

This month If you’d have been with my blog for a while, you’d know I talked with Michiel, human resource manager of the most widely used SEO plugin. If you missed the interview with Michiel Heijmans , you can read it here. I am looking forward to talk with more and more bloggers in the coming months, if you are interested you can comment below.

Our Goals next month

This month I’ve setup a few goals, the first of which is increase the traffic and adsense earnings. Also I would like to tell you that I’ve introduced the advertise section where you can advertise on Hacknovations directly. My next goal includes increasing the social followers on Facebook and twitter. Also I look forward in publishing more and more podcasts. In addition to this, in this month I’ll work hard to increase subscribers as much as I can. So, if you come across subscription boxes and pop-ups, don’t feel annoyed or surprised 🙂

So, how had your month been ?

Now, its your turn, I would love if you share with me how had your month been. I love listening to my readers, its not essential that you must share your blog stats, just share me how had your month been. So, where is your monthly report ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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