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On January 7, 2017
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Mysimpleshow is a simple and free to use online explainer video making tool. Does it really work ? That's what I discussed in this review.

Note : This is a paid promotion for mysimpleshow. However, I’ve used the tool personally first and then wrote the review.

The reason I started posting infographics and started a youtube channel apart from a blog is because I know that the human mind learns more through sound and visuals. Also, learning through visual things like video or podcast is much more fun than reading the text.

If you’ve been blogging or youtube for a while, you might have noticed those whitish type videos that explain things with animation. These are known as explainer or whiteboard videos. They are known as a great tool to explain a topic or a set of topics.

Due to how effective they are, they are being used by educators all around the globe. I’ve been using several software for creating videos for my youtube channel, one of which I’ll introduce you today – Mysimpleshow !

All you need to do is to use it once to see how good it is. Once you use it for making or video ( or maybe two ), the name will pop up in your head every time you prepare to make an animated explainer video.

The interface of the tool is very easy and allows you to make heavy explanatory videos with audio and graphical elements. If you use it correctly, this can be a great hit on your blog and can also reduce your bounce rate.

The best part is that it allows you to use your pre-written script and turn into a great video. The illustrations convey your story in a great way. Once the video part is done, you can either add some audio or add your own voice-over to add the fifth star to the video.

If you have a script, but no voiceover, the text to speech feature would help you in creating an awesome final video. As for me, I use it to create youtube videos and in my digital marketing classes. Rest, it depends on you how you can use it.

One more thing that I loved about mysimpleshow is that it is an online tool, which makes it cross-platform with ease. My workstation has two mac’s and three PC’s and thereby cross-platform tool are always preferred by me.

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Here is how you can make a simple video with mysimpleshow.

1. First and for most, you have to select whether you want to write your own script or want to upload a powerpoint slideshow. ( I’ll choose to write my own script )mysimpleshow

2. Next, you would be presented with some pre-made templates. You can select them for a particular type of video you want to create. Select a template, or create your own custom video.


3. Then, it’s the “writing time” you are presented with placeholders and you have to enter text in them. You are also provided with appropriate examples to help you write better copy.
Once you are done writing, you can move to next section where you select visuals.

4. In the visual selecting part, what you have to do is to select visuals for the highlighted word. This part is the fun part because you get to shape your video the way you want it.
Once this done, you can preview it and then move on to select the audio for your video.

5. You can select their text to speech voices, they work great, or you can add your own voiceover.

6. DONE ! Your video would be rendered and you would be emailed once it’s ready.

Conclusion – The tool is great if you are just starting video creation. The tool is aimed at beginner and mid-level video makers or educators. I think that their target audience was mainly educators because the tool is made for nontechy persons.

It can do heavy work as well, but the GUI is made to be easy to understand and easy.

Overall it’s a great tool. I’ll be making more videos with it.

Mysimpleshow is a simple and free to use online explainer video making tool. Does it really work ? That's what I discussed in this review.
Rachit Singh

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rakesh kumar

Hi Rachit tried mysimpleshow to create a simple explainer video for my website but the result is not upto my expectation so left the tool. Hope in near future they will update the tool so that we can generate better videos for us.


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