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On August 9, 2015
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The All in one lead generation solution for WordPress users. The plugin for the purpose of lead generation and social share box integration. Used by pro's for its flexibility and possibilities.

Yesterday we discussed the anatomy of opt-in form. If you’ve been in the blogosphere, you must have heard the quote that “Money is in the list” , and it surely is in the list. The list being referred here is the list of your subscribers.

The longer the list, the big is your community and more chances you have to drive returning traffic.

Returning traffic is considered to be the most rich traffic for a website/blog. However it is also a bold truth that majority of the visitors who dive in to a blog, never return. And this is not a shocking fact. Readers come in search for information and leave the blog as soon as he/she finds it.

Introduction to OptinSkin

optin skin

OptinSkin is a lead generation plugin for wordpress which helps users in creating optin forms and social share forms. This plugin aims at helping bloggers and web-masters to engage more readers and increase subscribers and social shares.

This plugin was created by Graeme Boy, although it has now been acquired. Optin Skins allows handful of features which make the life easy. The list of features contain A/B testing, widget placement, pop-ups, pop-up on time basis, pop-up on exit intent, beautiful designs and easy integration.

OptinSkin is a smart plugin with intelligent features and capabilities. Handful of its features have been explained below.

OptinSkin Review- Creating a OptinForm

optin skin

Creating a optin form with optin is walk in park and gets easy as you progress. There are couple of pre-designed forms which you can configure to put into use.

To be able to unlock the dashboard and access all the features, you first need to verify your purchase. OptinSkin offers a verification key in order to make the purchase safe.

Creating an optin form could be broken down into following steps ~

  1. Enter “Skin name” and “Skin purpose” , these are not visible to users, they are meant to make you differentiate between your skins.
  2. Choose a template. You can slide between templates using > button. If you are not comfortable with available templates, you can also download some new designs.
  3. Configure the template as per your use. You can edit texts and colors such as titles, sub-title, text and images etc.
  4. Connect your Email marketing software. You can sync your list with any Email marketing tool such as mailchimp etc.
  5. Select where you need to place your optin.

Optin Skins offers couple of locations where you can place your opt-ins to increase your visibility and engagement.

couple of options

The above screenshot shows the locations where/when you can place/pop-up your optin. One thing you need to be cautious with is, don’t choose to pop up your optin if you’ve created a social share option or sidebar optin. These will look out of place and might irritate your readers as well.

Social share optins are best when placed below posts and pages. Sidebar optins are best when placed in a custom location using shortcode or in between posts ( only if they don’t create a problem in reading content ).

You can also place the optin in widget locations from the Appearance > Widgets itself. There is a default feature where you can drag the OptinSkin widget into a location and select the optin you wish to display.

Configuring the Pop-up

Configuring when your optin is going to pop is quite important. With Optinskin timing your pop-up is quite easy.

You can decide after you many px’s of scrolling, you want to pop-up your optin.

In this article, Christopher mentioned that pop-up’s generates more leads that usual subscriber optins.

One awesome thing this plugin allows is to configure on which devices this optin should be made visible. This is quite important after the google’s mobile friendliness update. You have the ability to choose from three options. You can make your optin visible on large screen devices, only on small devices or on all devices.

A/B Split testing to Boost your conversions

split testing

Experiments are essential in every field. Let it be lead generation or optin form making, you need to experiment before learning what works and what doesn’t.

A/B testing is simply experimenting with different forms to see which one works better than rest.

OptinSkin lets you do split testing to see which optin converts better than others. Doing this quite simple, while creating an option there is a default option to Split test it with another optin.

Additionally when you embed the optin in widgets, you can select another optin to split test along with it.

If you do so, either of these two optins will be displayed based on a random algorithm. The plugin will record performance stats and much more to determine which optin is converting better.

If you are a serious blogger, this feature would be quite useful for your blog.

Beautiful designs and Easy Integration

optin forms

Above are some of the awesome optin forms you can integrate within your blog These forms are fully customizable. You can customize each of these according to your need and to match with your blog. You can change headings, sub-headings, body text, background colors, button colors, images and much more.

Additionally you can also select a page where readers would be redirected once they sign-up your blog.

These forms aren’t only customizable,they are easy to integrate as well. As I mentioned above, they can be embedded through shortcodes, in posts, below posts, in sidebar or widget areas etc.


Conclusion – Looking at its features, I’d rate this plugin 4 out of 5.

The only reason this plugin scored 4 instead of 5 is because it doesn’t offer optin pop-up based on scroll percentage or button click.

But, apart from this, the plugin offers amazing features as I mentioned above. Some of its features are quite flexible and customizable. Some of the features I personally love in this plugin are ~ Easy integration, shortcode integration, pop-up, and beautiful designs and templates.

Overall this plugin works awesome with no errors or glitches. This plugin is used by some of the finest names in the blogosphere ( as promised by plugin website).

If you’ve used this plugin, let me know your experience in the comments below. SEO Guide.

So, Would you consider using OptinSkin ? Leave down your opinion, feedback and suggestions in the comments.

The All in one lead generation solution for WordPress users. The plugin for the purpose of lead generation and social share box integration. Used by pro's for its flexibility and possibilities.
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Theodore Nwangene

This is a wonderful review Rachit,
I first heard of Optin Skin about 2-3 years ago and i guess it was on Pat Flynn’s site as he was using it then. It was about $47 those days, never knew the price has increase this much.

I agree with you that the money is in the list but, its also when you have a responsive list that are not freebie seekers.

Thanks for sharing.
Theodore Nwangene Recently wrote an article 35 Inspirational Quotes to Boost your Motivation

    Rachit Singh

    Hello Theodore,

    I think OptinSkin’s price must have increase after the company acquired it, nevertheless, the features haven’t been compromised.

    I Agree with what you said, but to create a brand, you have to offer couple of things for free like Google did. They have a long list of free services and this is what makes it #1 website.
    But one shouldn’t get carried away with offering freebies.

    Thanks for commenting.


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