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Outreach Pro is a theme by Studiopress for the Genesis Framework. Although meant for church websites, this theme can be used at any business website.

I’ve used outreach pro on several different sites. These include my own sites, and client websites as well. After being convinced by its performance, I thought I should write a review about it.

Ideally, Outreach pro by studiopress was made for church websites. Their sales page itself mentions that the theme is coded for church websites. But due to the widgetized homepage & creative human brain, you can use the theme on your business website too.

Outreach Pro Introduction

Outreach-Pro-Genesis-Theme Introduction

This theme has as many as 4 widget areas. This means that you can add any widget to any of these areas.

  • Header Right
  • Primary Sidebar
  • Secondary Sidebar
  • Home Top
  • Home Bottom
  • Sub Footer Left
  • Sub Footer Right
  • four Footer columns

Due to a large number of widget areas, it is very easy to mold the homepage for a business site. The homepage, in particular, is made using 4 of these widget areas: –  Home top, Footer columns, Sub-footer left & Right and Home bottom.

In the home top widget area, you should either add a big header of your brand or a slider. Sliders can be created easily using a large number of available plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

The theme comes in five flavors – Green, blue, orange, purple, and red. If you are comfortable in playing around with custom css, then you can modify the theme to a great extent.

Pros of Outreach Pro Child Theme

pros of outreach pro

#1. Works for several niches ( industries )

Although this theme was intended to be for churches and non-profit organization websites. It can be used on different variety of industry.

I have used this theme to build a website for a marketing agency and even a photographer’s portfolio.

The theme has small content blocks, and a large content block on top, which proves to be a great layout for any business website.

#2. SEO Friendly and FAST!

The theme has been coded on the rock-steady Genesis framework which is considered to be the best theme framework.

You need a clean theme and nothing else to built a simple and elegant website and outreach pro does exactly the same.

The loading time of this theme is also good, fast loading site means your user will not have any convience browsing your site and its content.

#3. Widgetized .. CLICK CLICK BOOM

Usually, the new wordpress themes provide a blank canvas from where you have to build the website out. This gives you full control of design, however setting such themes is a time-consuming task.Outreach pro takes a different approach, it has a homepage full of widget area. So, you can simply add widget to those areas and make your site live in short time.With this, building homepage gets as simple as building sidebars.

#4. Different Flavors

As mentioned above, it comes in 5 different color schemes – Red, Purple, Orange, Blue and Green ( default ).

#5. Responsive

After google’s update, you can’t really afford a website which is not mobile friendly. That is why you need to use a theme which loads well on mobile and tablet devices as well. Outreach pro has a sleek and responsive design, which means it loads well on both computer and portable devices.

Cons of Outreach Pro Theme

cons of outreach pro

To roll out an unbiased review, you need to talk about cons as well.

#1. Fewer customization options

The outreach pro has few options to customize.

Apart from the widgetized homepage and few options here and there, you can’t customize as much as on themes like Sahifa.

#2. No Built-in features

This theme has no built-in functions. For example, some themes come with a font manager or a similar thing.

There is no such thing in this theme. If you want to change fonts or add a contact form, you’d need to install a separate plugin.

Recommended Plugins

  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Responsive Slider
  • Genesis Simple Share
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Yoast SEO

Inside the theme settings Panel



#1. An information box is there to show you the current version of framework running on your website. I recommend to turn on enable automatic updates. If you don’t like automatic updates, you can also get notified when they roll out an update via your e-mail.

#2. As I mentioned above, the theme has five predefined color schemes: Green (default), Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red.

#3. If you use Feedburner, you can enter your custom feed URL in this place for new posts & comments.

#4. Like any other Genesis child theme, this theme features many layouts as well. The default layout is set to one column which means you will only see the content area ( full-width). Other options include two column and even a three column one. If you go with a two-column layout, you can have one sidebar ( either on the right side or the left side ) and the content area. If you choose a three column layout, you will have two sidebars, one on either side. You can choose a default layout and also change layouts on per post/page basis.

#5. Navigation area! This allows you to add your primary navigation menu. You get to pick from options like the date, None, RSS Feed links, Twitter link and Search form. They would be aligned in right side of your navigation menu.

#6. If you want search engines to decorate your site results with breadcrumbs, you can turn it on here. You can also configure where they will appear and where they won’t. I recommend you to add breadcrumbs and make them display on each page of your site, it makes navigation easy and website more easy to dig for search engine crawler.

#7. Here you can configure where you want comment forms and where you don’t want them. You can also turn on or off trackbacks.

#8. In the content archives, you can customize your blog page listings. You can either choose to display post content or post excerpt. You can also configure how much words you want to show in an excerpt. If you wish to show blog post content, you can set a limit and also decide the size of featured image.

#9. The last thing that you want to configure is Page navigation in your content archives box. You get two choices to select from “Previous/next” and “Numeric”. Don’t choose the first one, it sucks.

You can also configure if you want to exclude blog posts from a specific category by entering its Category ID. You can also set the how many posts you want to be displayed on the homepage. These settings, however, do not affect the widgetized homepage. You will also notice a header and footer script section. This comes when you need to add custom scripts in the header or footer. You might use it to add Google analytics or some tracking code.

Note : Studiopress declined my affiliate account creation. Which means I can’t get commissions on recommending people. But I am posting the article regardless.

Final words

The theme is good, there’s no doubt in it. If you are looking for a simple theme that gets the job done, get this theme.

But what I love about this theme is its ability to be flexible when you know how to use custom CSS. If you are familiar with terms such as custom CSS and inspect element, you’ll have a great time playing with this theme.

If you don’t know a lot about CSS, you’re stuck with fewer customization options. But the available ones are enough if you don’t want a heavy duty site.

Finishing up, I’d rate this theme 4 star because of the cons that I mentioned in the post.

Outreach Pro is a theme by Studiopress for the Genesis Framework. Although meant for church websites, this theme can be used at any business website.
Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

Hey Rachit,

Wow… Looks amazing perfect design of theme. Thanks for the complete information on OutreachPro theme, comes with wonderful features which is not found every theme we used. The best things is, it is SEO friendly, fast, comes with different flavors and important thing : it is responsive. It means can be viewed on portable mobile devices very well.

Yeah, you are right the theme is good for use and whenever someone ask me about it, I must suggest them OutreachPro theme because I read about it very well. If you don’t mind, I need a free responsive WordPress theme for my new upcoming technology website. So can you suggest me the best. I will be grateful to you for this great work.

Looking for your positive reply.
Thanks for sharing.
– Ravi.

    Rachit Singh

    Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your comment, try your hands on Iconic One, Free version. It is responsive, It is fast and gets the Job done !


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