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On August 30, 2015
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Peduga is a brand new blogging forum for bloggers where you can get your problems and questions sorted out for free. Peduga consists of Bloggers just like You and Me.

Once in a while, everyone of us get stuck in problems.

I’ve been blogging around for about an year and half now. As a blogger, I am always ready to learn new things and experiment. This is one of main reasons I often myself surrounded with a problem or two.

This problem could be anything, it can range from selecting the perfect logo, header, favicon up to creating new css codes or selecting the right web-hosting.

Blogging is a wide field, and so are its problems. These aren’t new either !

I started blogging when I was in 9th standard. At that time, I had no “teacher” who could clear my problems regarding my blog and blogging. Over time I learned a whole lot of things by failing and experimenting.

This can happen to any newbie as well !

Launching Peduga Forums – A Forum for Bloggers By Bloggers

pedugaIf you too find yourself stuck in a problem, visit the peduga forums.

I recently co-founded this blogging forum with my co-blogger and friend Aloukik rathore. This forum however have a lot of bloggers and web-masters to solve problems.

The forum follows its tagline. It is a forum for bloggers by blogger. We have handful of experts and dozens of bloggers waiting for you to share your problem and nail it. In fact, I’ll be there too.

Over the time I’ve gained expertise in couple of topics. These include SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , Affiliate marketing, Make Money online, WordPress themes, Blogging and couple of topics more.  I’ve been writing on these topics from quite some time as well. I’ve also provided consultancy and solved problems of several readers who emailed me.

Like me there will be many more bloggers and web-masters there to sort out your issues. The best part is, you too can help a blogger by helping him in his problem.

Peduga is more than a forum !

peduga more featuresWith peduga we took one additional step. Peduga is more than just a forum. At peduga, we have a forum, a knowledge base and a blog.

At peduga forums you can ask any question related to blogging. You can also answer other questions. The forum will consist of a group of like minded bloggers, like me and you.

In our Knowledge base we’ll compile a list of basic articles which would be handful of 101’s or Introductory articles for newbies to blogging. These post would be quite basic. These would be like – Introduction to blogging, what is affiliate marketing etc. Clearly these would be resources for newbies.

Peduga will also maintain a blog. Any blogger can contribute to this blog. We’ve made the registrations free for all. You can post articles on any topic under the blogging niche.The blog would also be maintained by team members to provide updates and behind the scenes info of the forums.

Help others, Gain Karma !

visitorsIf you answer anyone’s question, you’ll gain some points. On the basis of these points you’ll be ranked and provided badges for your profile.

Above points and badges, helping someone is a good action of course. You’ll gain ranks and badges as you answer and help others out. With your points and badge, you can gain attention and exposure of other bloggers in the community.

I’ll be personally looking for bloggers in the community to work with.

Peduga Needs You

Right now we are a fairly new forum with almost zero questions and conversations going on. I know that raising a forum isn’t easy. However I think it can be made easy if bloggers like you can come to rescue.

As a blogger you can help other bloggers by answering their questions. Additionally you can also share your posts on forum if you think that they can help in the question. ( but make sure that your post actually contributes to the conversation, else Aloukik is very strict with links. )

You can also contribute to our blog. You can write posts on every topic under blogging niche. Not only it will help you gain exposure, you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of guest blogging.

Apart from this you can simply spread the word across your community by writing a post about us or tweeting one of below mentioned tweets.

Peduga dot com – A Brand New blogging Forum    \\     Peduga – A Forum for Bloggers, By Bloggers . These are ready-to-click tweets. Click on the text to tweet and spread the word.

Conclusion – Both of us ( Aloukik and Me ) have been working hard to put together a platform which could as a complete resource for bloggers. A place where bloggers could get any question answered.

We realize that maintaining and raising is hard. It can take years and years before we get in spotlight. We’ll work hard over time to improve and grow this forum.

In the near future we’ll also embed a live chat feature in the forum to take the next step in achieving the dream of creating a actual community of bloggers and web-masters.

I would love to hear your suggestions below. If you have any suggestion or opinion which you think can improve the forum, drop it down in the comments below. And don’t forget to ask any problem or question at peduga forums.

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  • This is a very awesome idea Rachit,
    Having a platform where bloggers can always assemble and solve each others problem and difficulties is really a no brainer.

    There are so many forums out there of which some of them has been abused by its members and at the end of the day, the forum failed to deliver on its promises which made its users to loose interesting on them.

    However, I’m sure your own forum will be a huge success so, I’m wishing you guys good luck with it.

    Will certainly check it out.
    Theodore Nwangene Recently wrote an article Newsjacking – 21 Ways to Be Sure You’re Doing it Right

    • Thanks buddy for your kind words. We’ve faced quite a lot of problems in our initial times, hence created the forum to help other newbies out. I invite you over at the forums 🙂
      Anyway, thanks for your kind words once again.

  • Hi Rachit,

    this is very great news now only blogging related forum are available on internet, I will try your forum for my blogging related query.. hope this will proving very helpful for me… by the way congrate for this great forum

    Mohd Arif

  • Hi Rachit,

    I have one question your forum membership is free or paid, because these days mostly that type forum having only paid membership plans.. please reply me..


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