[ Question ] Can one Really Make Money With a Blog ?

A few days before I received a question via the contact page, the question was “Hi Rachit, I’ve been reading your blog from several weeks. I read several articles on making money online on your blog as well as rest of the blogs. I wanted to ask if one can really make money with a blog ?”

This question has been asked me to me verbally by a lot of co-bloggers and friends who are still trying hard to earn online. I found that this question might be pondering several other readers too, So I thought to write an article to reply the question.

Answer : It completely depends on how you work on your blog and how you grow it. Majority of the blogs are earning nearly nothing, while some major blogs on the web like mashable, techcrunch, quicksprout, johnchow , zacjohnson etc are making huge money online.

My straight answer would be NO ! You can’t earn money online if you see blogging as a side-income and not as a business. Most of newbies think a blog is all they need to be rich, but this is not what happens. Most of those newbies end up in making a dollars if not pennies.

Its hard to earn money online, despite of how easy bloggers tell the readers it is. It takes time to build a blog as a brand. If you ask pro-bloggers I am damn sure you will receive the same answer, and if you receive an answer like earning from a blog is very easy, that I sure the pro – blogger is lying to push you in blogging.

make money with a blogEarning money online is hard, specially if you are just a blogger, not producing anything neither promoting anyone’s product ( affiliate marketing ).

To earn online as a blogger you either need to sell something of your own , such as products and services. Or if you aren’t capable of making your own products or offering services you can promote others products and services and earn a commission out of it.

What it takes to Make Money With a Blog ?

Alright I know Earning from blog isn’t walk in a park as wrote above, but it isn’t supposed to be rocket science either. Earning from blogging can be quite easy if right tools and instructions are used. Success of a blog also depends on how one produces and the quality of the content he/she produces. Following are a few things you can find pro-bloggers playing along with –

wordpressWordPress Self-hosted Platform : Majority of the Pro-bloggers use WordPress self-hosted as their blogging platform, because it is easy, customizable and you totally own and control your content. It is totally free and plugins and themes makes your blog look even more wonderful. The only problem with managing a WordPress blog is, with time it gets really slow and dull because of the ever increasing MySql database and several other elements, although it can be fixed by hiring a professional.

Ipage Web-Hosting : Ipage is now my official web hosting and all my blogs and company websiteipages are hosted on Ipage. I’ve been using Ipage from quite a time and I am totally satisfied from performance and customer support. Ipage offers best hosting for the price, Earlier Ipage costed around 9$ / month , after this they reduced the price to $ 2.25 to month , this translates to $30 per year. In addition to unlimited storage and bandwidth you also get a free domain name and much more. You should consider reading my review to know all its features. Also you can use my coupon to get Ipage at the lowest price i.e $ 1.99 per month.

Deciding the Perfect niche : A niche is what your blog is all about, it is what your blog runs around. Most of the newbies try the tech niche , and in most of the cases fail to succeed. It is true that you can make a successful blog in any niche, but prefer getting into a niche about which you have a sound knowledge as well as it should have nice number of advertisers as well.

Nowadays I’ve seen even travel and food bloggers getting success and money from their blog. If you know about a subject very , then create about that subject.

wordpress theme

Choosing the perfect theme : A good theme is hard to find, as hard as it is to find a true friend. The wordpress theme directory is filled with a lot of themes , which makes it hard to choose the perfect theme for your blog. There are several themes I personally recommend to my fellow bloggers. My favorite WordPress themes include sahifa , quicksprout , hueman . You can also take a look at my Review archives , I’ve reviewed several wordpress themes , plugins and services.

If you are finding it hard to select a perfect wordpress theme you can contact me and get a custom WordPress theme made for your blog. I’ve worked with several bloggers and know how to make fast and SEO friendly themes.

Final words – I Hope I answered your question reader. I have been asked this same question over a thousand times. Most of the newbies think blogging is a quick way to earn money online , but let me tell you this straight and clear, Its not that easy to earn with a blog.

But at the same time I am a money making blogger , so I suggest that making money isn’t rocket science too. You just need the right set of tools and instructions to get succeeded. There are several options to make money online with a blog, a few of which include making money with Google Adsense, URL shortners, selling photographs, Sharing photos on Facebook and the best through affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews. I share how I earn money online with this blog in my monthly reports. Although the blog is still growing and is low on traffic , it is still making some income and increasing my web reach.

This article was just an answer to a question asked my one of my readers through the contact page. If you have any doubts or problems , feel free to drop me your questions in comments below or through the contact page.

So, What are your views on Earning money online with a blog ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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It’s a real opportunity to make money with a blog, but it’s all about you. If you are an expert on a certain field, it easier to do this …

    Rachit Singh

    Yes, You are right. As a blogger I’ve been making money from several months now. Also If you are expert enough that you can provide your own services , it gets easier.


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