Quicksprout WordPress theme Clone Review

I recently came across a Quicksprout WordPress theme clone, about which I’ll be talking in this review article. I’ve been blogging for quite a while and there are several themes with whom I am quite impressed. I mostly review the themes which I find awesome. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’d know I’ve reviewed some premium themes such as sahifa , textured , video etc. While I’ve also been talking about free themes such as hueman, samridhi etc. One theme which I always loved is the theme used by Quicksprout Blog. The Blog has been founded and maintained by the ever green neil patel. I’ve been trying to find a theme which matches the Quicksprout WordPress theme from last few months, and after much wild searches on google, I was able to find out one awesome theme which resembles the quicksprout WordPress theme.

About Quicksprout WordPress theme

quicksprout wordpress theme cloneBefore I start talking about how good is the clone, and how cleanly it has been finished, Let us talk about the original quicksprout wordpress theme, which is used at the quicksprout blog. The Original theme was made by Brian Gardner and Rafal tomal , the theme is child theme of Genesis framework. The color template used in the theme is green-yellow , theme looks fresh and innovative. Theme also has its own plugin and has build with custom ads to boost profits and revenue.  Overall this simple and sober, lets you concentrate on reading posts, loads fast and works pretty well without any glitches or breakdowns. In addition to the information above I would like to add up that it is a custom theme build for neil patel – who is kind of a big deal.

About Quicksprout WordPress theme Clone

quicksprout wordpress theme cloneNow , lets talk about the identical twin of the theme discussed above. The theme called quicksport has been developed by Rakesh kumar, the good guy behind binarynote.com , if you’ve been here for a while you’d know that I’ve reviewed several of his themes, this one of probably among his best work I’ve caught on his blog. He’s been around the blogsphere for around 6 years, and has developed several fine wordpress themes. I’ve been talking with him for quite a while and I’m one of the guys who requested him this theme, which proves my love for the theme. Also, he is the guy behind Pagespeed wordpress theme , the theme which scores 99 out of 100 on Gtmetrix.com. The only difference he has left in Quicksport theme is, it doesn’t need genesis as a parent theme, which translates to the fact you won’t have to spend on parent theme as well as this child theme.

Quicksprout WordPress theme Clone

quicksprout wordpress theme

As you can observe from the snapshot above, both of the themes are quite alike. The only difference you ever are going to feel is the font. Although the font can be changed quickly through the appearance > editor , which translates to fact that you will have exact theme of quicksprout. The theme also has its own plugin to show tabbed widget of popular posts, etc in the sidebar. The theme is made by following all the recommendations from seo yoast, which makes the theme ultra SEO friendly. Salient features of the theme are :-

Built in Ad management : As I always say, using a plugin always makes the life useful but why use a plugin if theme has a built in system for ad management ? This theme has built in support for ads, which can be controlled from the theme options panel.  You can place ads after 2nd and 4th post on the homepage, the same you might have seen on Quicksprout.com too.

SEO Optimized : The theme is Ultra SEO Smart, which makes you concentrate on your content while the SEO falls in the right hands. The Title/logo is rendered in H1 tag on the homepage only, on the posts page, post title is rendered in H1 tag and logo or the title is rendered in H4 tag. Sidebar widgets are also rendered with H4 tag. Meanwhile you can control you H2 and H3 tags from the visual editor itself.

Clean Codes : Suppose you need to make some changes in theme after you buy it, which you would definitely need to. Majority of you will change the font to georgia 15px, like in quicksprout to match the theme completely. For making changes in the future, the theme has clean coding which would let you customize appearance according to your need.

Logo Upload : You can Upload your logo from the theme options , the default logo is 220 x 50 px with a transparent background. As I’ve always said, a logo is pretty essential element which helps you create a brand as well as differentiates your blog from other blogs.

Responsive : Nowadays majority of traffic on blogs comes from the mobile and tablet devices. When so much traffic is falling from mobile and tablet devices, you need your website to be responsive. A responsive website is one which works great on all devices, this theme is completely responsive. The original theme too, is responsive.

Blazing fast : The theme loads pretty quick, the theme has advanced features like lazy load built to load fast. And the theme scores pretty well on Gtmetrix too. Theme removes query string from the output, and loads Javascript and CSS in non blocking mode.

Nested comments : Rakesh gave a slight change in the comments, the comment field  boxes are slightly thin, also you have gravtar enabled. Although the theme has nested comments, as in the Quicksprout WordPress theme. The gravtars are enabled , but thanks to lazy load, they load without affecting the site load speed.

Built in pagination : Pagination is when your theme displays number of pages in numbered format , like 1, 2, 3 ….. with some specific number of posts per page. The theme has built in pagination which makes less database query and works blazing fast. Also, you need no plugin for pagination on your blog.

Want to make your Blog Look like Quicksprout.com ?


Download                                                                  Demo

You just read about the features of the Quicksport WordPress theme, if you wish to use the amazing theme and make your blog look like Neil patel’s quicksprout , If you need to see the theme in action , you can watch its demo from this link, or you can download the theme from this link.

The theme comes with complete documentation and instructions on uploading , installing , using and trouble shooting the theme. There are only two things which differ in original and the clone, one is the font which you can change quickly, second is it has gravtar. Also it saves your cost of buying genesis framework.

Final words & ratings : I rate this theme 4.5 out of a possible 5. I would like to tell you that I was one of the guys who asked rakesh kumar to build a theme similar to that of quicksprout theme. It took him quite a few days and lot of hard work to make this awesome theme. The hard work now shows, it works blazing fast and is Ultra SEO smart, and who can forget, it resembles the famous Quicksprout blog.

If you’ve used this wordpress theme , or if you love the original Quicksprout WordPress theme used by neil patel leave down your comments and suggestions in comments below about your experience. So, do you love the Quicksprout WordPress theme Clone ?

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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Piyush Dhiman

Wow Great work done by Rakesh Kumar, Quicksprout is the most influential blogs out there at present and its uniqueness and identity lies in the theme and Neil Patel himself. Its great if he has cloned 99% of it successfully. Its not free, and he might be earning a lot from it, Anyway congrats for the Achievement.

    Rachit Singh

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. I would like to tell that the theme is paid and worth the money.

Vishal Verma

very helpful article!
it clear my all question about quicksprout blog theme.

Wesley Cox

Neil Patel is my Idol — am I to understand that I can have a blog that looks like his? Fantastic news


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