Sahifa WordPress Theme Review : Bag it or Grab it ?

sahifa wordpress themeWhen it comes to choose a theme for my blog, I am very selective. I look along several factors when approving a theme to my blog. I’ve used several themes, including the ever green genesis framework and thesis framework. In the recent days I’ve reviewed two themes, adsense optimized wordpress theme and Elegant wallpaper theme. The wordpress theme directory is filled with a lot of themes, most of them being free, rest offer paid services too. Though you can download cracked versions of premium themes, but they will likely to crash your site. Premium themes are supposed to offer clean code and wider customization options.

I Began my wordpress blog with faber, it is a free theme. Although it didn’t allowed much customizations by default, but I took a hands on approach directly through css. I succeeded in it, but not much. After faber I tested several themes as I mentioned above. I used the genesis theme framework, which has a long list of child themes, followed by thesis framework. After much wondering, I found sahifa. And have been using it since then, almost 6 months now.

What features I was looking for ?

  1. Customizable logo and favicon
  2. Built-in support to place ad codes
  3. Customizable headings and body fonts
  4. Customizable backgrounds and color schemes
  5. Clean CSS code and quick loading time
  6. Responsive Design

The features mentioned above were the thing I looked in a theme. Sahifa is a popular theme by . For a blog, I prefer a blog with content width around 600px. Sahifa is a theme which hit all my requirement with bull’s eye approach. According to sahifa is the second most popular and most used wordpress theme.Genesis being the top in the list. Sahifa offers as much as 24 features, all of them being perfect for a blog, magazine or newspaper. Sahifa is like water, can be mended into any shape, almost ! Below are some features which impressed me to a extent that I suggest it to every blogger.


Download Sahifa                                                                                        Sahifa Demo


Prime features of sahifa – WordPress theme

  • Responsive Design
  • 1Click – Data Import and Export
  • Changing Sidebars
  • Unlimited Colors
  • The vast typography
  • Sahifa Builder
  • 33 Built in Widgets
  • Search engine optimized
  • The post options list
  • Advertisments

These are the prime focus features, for better explanation I’ve defined them below :

Responsive Design : Among the set of tools which I recommend, if you have used pagespeed insights, you must know there is separate tab for mobile. The reason is obvious, the number of mobile phone users are increasing, and the graph is likely to grow a lot more in the near future, so you need your site to be accessible on all devices. This feature is called to be “Responsive“. Sahifa is responsive and works great on all devices including desktop, mobile phones, tablets, apple iphones and much more.

sahifa import export

1Click Data Import / Export : When you activate a theme on your blog, you customize it according to your taste, and probably won’t love to loose those customizations when you change / move / re-install your site from scratch. Importing and exporting your customizations is as easy as walk in park with sahifa. You just have to copy the data from “Export” and paste it in “Import” next time. With this feature in your hands, you can easily customize your blog like it was before in within few seconds.

Sidebars : To begin with , there are variety of page layouts to start with. With sidebar on either sides, left or right. The theme next offers something amazing, you can change / use different sidebars on different pages. It is quite handy if you want to differentiate widgets on home page / post page or any other page. Although you can hide / show widgets using jetpack too,  but the theme offers this feature built in.

unlimited colors - color choooserUnlimited colors : Ever ran short of colors in your favorite theme ? you wont so in sahifa ! There is a color picker in sahifa through which you can choose whatever color you want. I prefer this color chooser as it offers me to customize each and every color element. Be it blog title, post title, body font or any other thing you can pick whatever color you want. You can also select a color to be the prime color in color scheme in your theme, Ever noticed the color scheme at my blog ? It is blue !

Typography : People’s choice and taste vary, with blogger to blogger. Some blogs prefer system fonts, while some blogs such as uses Google font. No matter which font you like, the theme allows all the fonts to be selected. And if there is a font you think the theme missed, you can add it from the extra css within the theme builder.

Sahifa theme Builder : This is something you can stop falling in love with ! The theme builder allows to customize almost anything of your blog. Let it be your logo , favicon , login page logo, or the post title, post body , post meta or anything else, sahifa can help you customize all under one tab. The builder allows to add CSS within, which saves extra loading time by embedding the css in the theme itself. The is quite flexible and customizable, allowing to mend it any shape you want it to be. Let it be your news website , magazine or your blog. The theme builder also allows to place your own advertisements at the places which are likely to increase your CTR ( I’ve defined this later in this article )

33 Widgets : Yes you read it right, 33 awesome widgets inbuilt ! And almost all of them being adorable. The theme by allowing these save up your plugin space. Some of my favorite available widgets includes , tabbed popular/comments/tags widget, social counter, custom author content and bio and advertisments. Search for plugins for these widgets and you might end up in installing 25 widgets minimum.


Breadcrumbs in search : One of possible ways you can dress up your URL in Google search is by adding breadcrumbs. The theme allows to do add breadcrumbs in seconds, and it is just a few clicks away. The bread crumbs then would reflect in your search engine results, which would for sure make your site stand a bit apart and make it more beautiful and managed.

Extra post options : Are you tired off the usual post options present in your wordpress posts ? If yes, then sahifa has something new to offer. It offers a total of 17 new options to make your post beautiful. Instead of wasting time and money on heavy blog editors, you can opt for writing a beautiful post with these inbuilt options from within the theme.

Advertisments : You might be using a ad network such as google adsense, chitika or any other network. Sahifa is one of the adsense friendly theme which allows you to place your ads at the places which are likely to increase your CTR ( Click through rate ) and thus your earnings. And if you prefer to promote your own brand with advertisements, you can do that also quiet easily with theme builder, you can adsense or any other ad network ads, image ads, responsive ads. The best places it features to add a advertisements are Top banner , just in right of your logo in your header, in the beginning / ending of the post , and background ads.

Bag it or Grab it ?

buy nowStill in doubt ? The theme is value for money theme which supports bbpress and woocommerce too, what features more you would expect from a theme ? The theme comes at a minimum of $58 at and is by tielabs. You won’t need to buy a extended license for $2900 unless you are big company yourself.

Final words and ratings : The theme deserves 5 out of 5 ratings from my side. If you wish to use this awesome theme, you can do so by downloading it from themeforest.

If you have used or use the sahifa theme, do let me know your opinions in the comments below.

Rachit Singh

Rachit Singh is an Amazon best selling author, ghostwriter & marketer. The think tank behind this blog and contributor at many other blogs. In the past 3 years, Rachit has ghosted & written more than 500 blog posts for several businesses and individuals. As a marketer, worked with business in different sectors and helped them grow online.

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