SEOQuake Toolbar Review : Best Toolbar for SEO

seoquake-logoToday I’ll be reviewing SEOQuake toolbar, which is considered one of the best toolbars for browser SEO. I’ve been using since last two months and found it worth to be reviewed. It gives you a bird’s eye view of any site you open in your browser, these stats include the site’s Page rank ( page rank is dead now ), Google Indexed pages, Bing Index, alexa rank, whois, price, Internal and external links, keyword density and much more. It is easy and fun playing with this toolbar, which can be intergrated in your Mozilla firefox as an Add-on, which can be download mozilla’s official site. I’ll be marking out its features which can help you increase your site’s SEO score and over all in several aspects.

If you know what is keeping you at the backfoot, then you can mend it accordingly. If you look up information manually, it would take up time, quite much, to look several stats at different sites. SEOquake toolbar puts all these in one place, so that you can enjoy all these with one click, and this makes your work quite easier. Apart from the stats mentioned above there are several other figures too, which this toolbar would reveal you.


The first stats include page rank, google page index, SEMrush links, SEM linkdomain, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Webarchieve age, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes, Google+, Whois, Page source, SEMrush rank, SEMrush traffic price, Internal links, External links, Keyword density and SEOquake diagnosis.  These sums up to 18, imagine if you have to look them up individually, even if I assume you are a pro, it would take your one minute per service i.e 18 minutes total. The toolbar saves your time, so that you can focus on content, and compiles all things in one place.

google search

Look at the snapshot above, in the search itself, the toolbar figures out facts and figures of the websites in search results. This would help you choose your requried website better.  Not only Google, the toolbar has the options for search engines like yahoo, bing, Baidu etc too. Apart from the options above i.e the toolbar and search stats, the toolbar has much to which can be revealed from its icon seoquake icon placed besides search bar once it is installed.

seoquake all optionsThe features which reveal when you click on the icon besides search bar shows you like a menu to the right. Here you can quickly turn on/turn off several options Google search stats, yahoo, bing, baidu, yandex etc. You can aslo toggle between SEO bar or toolbar and clear cache easily.

If you wish to about the links on the page, check the nofollow and noindex option and it would show you the rest. Keyword density is still one of the important aspects of one page SEO, keyword desnsity is so important that once I got one comment deleted on the yoast blog, for the reason it was affecting their KW density.

When keyword density is so important , you can check the keyword density of your articles and posts/pages easily with this tool.

Final words : This is worth to be tested tool, and would be a great help in your blog SEO.

The SEOquake toolbar can be downloaded for mozilla firefox at their official website and for Google chrome on their store.

If you think I missed something, do leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below. If you liked reading the article do motivate me by sharing the article on social networks. I would also love to read your views on SEOquake toolbar.

Rachit Singh

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